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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Russia at Aleppo saves the face of the United States

One of the most important and severe battles of the Syrian war is finished. Now Eastern Aleppo are waiting for the sweep, but first the city must leave people, including militants, for various reasons not related to the terrorists in the negotiations in Vienna. Whatever it was, the image of the United States dealt a severe blow, but the “finish”, “American partners” Russia has no plans.

On Friday in Aleppo starts the first stage of a joint Syrian-Russian humanitarian operation, during which two special open corridor for civilians from controlled by jihadists and government forces surrounded the Eastern third of the city of Aleppo.

“Happy now igilovtsy photographed in the trophy room bullet-proof vests with stars and stripes on the chest”

The checkpoint is located in a semi-circle the front line in the Central part of town, there moved a variety of buses which will transport the refugees to temporary camps, there is organized distribution of food and necessities. Have a day as government helicopters dropping over the Eastern Aleppo humanitarian assistance as well as leaflets detailing the procedure of entering the Western part of the city and the exact coordinates of the checkpoint. Refugees have to feed right there at the checkpoint, as in “jihadist” part of the city there are disruptions in the supply – militants “an-Nusra” and other requisition food from the civilian population in their favor.

Third CAT and the corridor to exit is designed for those fighters who decide to leave Aleppo with weapons in their hands. According to representatives of the Russian Center for reconciliation, it will be ready on the day. His organization naturally requires more time and, in principle problematic: the fighters are subject to different structures, and they may have different “wishes” about their future relocation. In addition, given the proclivity of jihadists to breakthroughs through suicide, the corridor must be specifically secure. Not every bearded man approaching the checkpoint, has the natural impulse to withdraw from Eastern Aleppo to the direction of Idlib. Some just get to heaven I want, passing the examination and registration of temporary documents.

Anyway, the sweep of the Eastern third of Aleppo is now imminent. Battle for Syria’s largest city and around it came to an end. Active hostilities in the area in the past day continued only in rural areas in the North and North-East and was mostly ideological in nature, for example, were intended to demonstrate “irreconcilable”.

The protagonist of the new offensive was the Palestinian brigade of volunteers “Liwa and al-Quds, or the Jerusalem brigade, consisting of Palestinians, Sunnis, mostly residents of the refugee camp al-Nairab. With the support of parts of the government troops, she began the development of the Eastern part of the Palestinian camp Handarat – quarter Shaher on Wednesday and in the first phase were able to enter the building besieged several buildings, but by Thursday morning, retreated to their former positions. A new offensive was more successful: in the area of the mosque of the Palestinian Pro-government forces managed to destroy a large group of jihadists from among organizations “Noureddine al-Zenk, including the field commander, otlichajushegosja to the name Abu Abdo Sarah.

What extremist groups are recognized as terrorist in different countries (infographic)the Tenacity with which the Jerusalem brigade makes its way to the center of the camp Handarat, also has an ideological property. The Palestinians send their impact solely on the group “Noureddine al-Zenk, the militants who recently beheaded an 11-year-old Palestinian boy for “support for Assad” and posted a video of the execution online. Mercy jihadists in this area should not wait, while “speakers” of this group hastened to dissociate themselves from the brutal murder of the child, calling it “an isolated mistake”.

“Noureddine al-Zenk is one of those organizations, which have long enjoyed US support through Military operations center in Turkey in the framework of special programs of the CIA. Later, they several times changed allies (like its spiritual leader – Sheikh Tawfik Sabahuddin do not care who breed for money and weapons) until I joined the “Fatah Aleppo” – a hodgepodge of local groups. Under pressure from Jordan, they still included in the list of terrorist groups in November last year, but the U.S. has not yet determined their attitude to these cannibals, and the video of the decapitation of the child is still “considered” in the state Department.

The government army at the same time bear the brunt of the Aleppo in the extension of the buffer zone environment. The next goal becomes settlement Kafr Hamra, opening the way to the valley of Anadan Northwest of Aleppo, where the Turkish border, the Kurds and the province of Idlib. These, in Damascus believe that the surrounded in the Eastern third of the city, the jihadists will not be able to undertake attempts to break through their environment like those that they had set up in surrounded by Kurds and Pro-American parts Manbij. There ISIS militants* the rapid onset progressed 10 kilometers and took six settlements, almost knocking over the Syrian democratic forces – new coalition. put together USA from the local anti-Assad groups. The Pentagon two months, armed and equipped these people, assuming, apparently, to create a new analogue of the collapse of the Free Syrian army. In some cases, the transferred equipment did not even have time to remove the American stripes, and now a satisfied ISIS photographed in the trophy room bullet-proof vests with stars and stripes on the chest.

It is very sad not only from a military point of view but also from a political one. The General international background and in the context of the U.S. presidential election openly lose face at Aleppo. The victory of the government troops in practically the most important battle of this war by far gets Bashar al-Assad in the circle of main participants in the negotiations on the future of Syria. Not to take Damascus and to insist on the infernal slogan “Assad must go”, copying the prehistoric sweet demeanor Mark a Portion of Cato the Elder against Carthage, now simply impossible. A sweep of Eastern Aleppo from jihadists, and even put an end to all U.S. policy in the region – in the six years of the Obama administration that indirectly affect the electoral opportunities of Hillary Clinton.

This creates the impression that no one wants to drive a superpower into a corner. The organization of the corridor for militants who wish to leave Aleppo and go in the direction of Idlib, objectively works for the salvation of the US image. If our American partners are not pulling the cat’s tail, and in the fall decided to with a list of terrorist organizations, all of this would be necessary. But the vast majority of groups are members of the “Fatah Aleppo”, former “clients” of us military aid, including outright cannibals type “Noureddine al-Zenk”. To move all these baboons to where they belong – in the list of groups to be destroyed, Washington proud. Then have either half the CIA to disperse as incompetent, whether publicly admit the full irrationality of everything the Americans were doing in Syria for the last six years. But even in this seemingly stalemate makers in Washington decisions, can’t get rid of ideological clichés and to look at their former allies without rose-colored glasses through which the entire world can be seen only in the dichotomy of the Westminster democracy / culture apes.

An hour a day or two any “jihadis” or organized flock will be able to sit at the train station in Aleppo in the air-conditioned bus and you can visit all the cameras the middle finger and the machine, to serve in the Northern front. All the while knowing that those responsible for such evacuation of Syrian officials and employees of the Russian Center for reconciliation keep their word despite the surly response of the Syrian military (precedents already were). As a result, Eastern part of Aleppo will be able to leave precisely those groups that had previously enjoyed US support. By far the gate is closed only for the “an-Nusra”, which is already out of his pants to dye my hair from black to any shade of gray (this is no joke, they even flag officially repainted).

The only external factor that can stop or delay the sweep of Eastern Aleppo, may become a propaganda escalation of humanitarian problems. From the public rhetoric of American officials, meet as in the middle East, so for some reason, and Russia (the Celeste Wallander, for example), once disappeared the military language, and their place was taken by the care of the unfortunate civilians and refugees of all stripes. The Russian humanitarian convoys, as before, are ignored, and the number of residents of the Eastern districts of Aleppo deliberately overstated. The proposal of the Russian Minister of defence Sergei Shoigu to all humanitarian organizations to join the Russian and Syrian events until now, a clear response is not received. Human rights organizations, apparently waiting on a full sweep when under the “atrocities regime” can be adjusted to anything, and even just make them up.

In such circumstances, the Russian side was forced to connect to the events around Aleppo more actively than before. Statements Shoigu acquired partly political, not just military in nature, as the translation of the discussion in the “humanitarian” propaganda and the mainstream requires appropriate rhetoric.

In other parts of Syria, government forces also on the offensive, for example, near Damascus, where in Eastern ghouta are still considerable forces of the jihadists, who refused to give up or leave granted to them in the corridor. 105th brigade of the Republican army launched an operation to sweep the villages of Haouch Haouch Nasri and al-Farah, which entrenched the remnants of the terrorist group “Jaish al-Islam”, it is noted that government troops began the operation with a massive artillery and missile training, which was previously in East Huta was not. The fact is that civilians there are almost gone, and further filtering militants and jihadists “rukopozhatnyh” is no longer possible.

Sweep of Eastern ghouta could become a prototype for similar operations in East Aleppo. To hold her now there was no military necessity. Most likely, this is a demonstration of what can be. The first responded to the US allies – France, which the mouth of the Minister of foreign Affairs expressed concern at the humanitarian situation in Eastern ghouta and somehow in Deraa.

Against this background, almost no one paid any attention to the arrival at the base Hamim latest Russian spy plane TU-214Р, is intended for conducting electronic and optical-electronic reconnaissance. Tail number RF-64514 has already been used in Syria from February to March of this year, but after two weeks of work was returned to Russia. And now needed again.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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