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Monday, March 19, 2018

“Retired” has cleaned up the electoral lists and had no confidence in the leader

At an extraordinary Congress of the Russian party of pensioners for justice has had a distrust of their leader Eugene Etuhu and cleanse the electoral lists from “people with a dark reputation.” The CEC noted that all decisions of the Congress of legitimate. One of excluded from the party list – the former head of the Nenets Autonomous district Vladimir Butov – tried to prevent the Congress, but he failed.

On Friday at the extraordinary Congress of the Russian party of pensioners for justice (RPPS) most delegates dismissed the head of the party of Eugene Artyukh in connection with loss of trust. As reported TASS, voted 50 people, three against and two did not vote. Only the Congress was attended by 55 delegates from 47 regions.

“Such people have no place in politics and Congress today is to draw conclusions from what happened “

The Congress also unanimously excluded from the lists of candidates from the party of former governors of the Pskov region and the Nenets Autonomous area Yevgeny Mikhailov and Vladimir Butov, and Deputy Oleg Savchenko (Deputy Mikhail Yurevich, was excluded earlier).

He Artyukh after the vote left the Congress. It also will not be able to participate in the upcoming state Duma elections because the Congress was expelled from the electoral lists of candidates (Federal and single-mandate constituencies). Only two delegates were against this decision, one abstained and the rest voted “for”.

In accordance with the Charter party, the responsibilities of Chairman will be fulfilled by the head of the Central Council (CC) Vladimir Burakov. The new leader party members will choose at the next Congress. As reported by the newspaper OPINION in the party, to be held in October.

“Given the flawed evaluation of the activities of Mr Artyukh”

In conversation with the newspaper LOOK member of the Presidium of RPPS Nicholas Polinata said, now turn the page of discord, misunderstanding and conflict within the party associated with the position of Eugene Artyukh.

“The Congress was given a tough assessment of this flawed short-sighted activities of Mr Artyukh. The regional office is very actively supported the previous decision of the Presidium of the CA of the withdrawal from the list of single-seat districts and a Federal list of people whose reputation is tarnished. It Yurevich, Butov, Mikhailov, Savchenko… Regional offices have also supported us of no confidence in the Chairman of the party,” he said.

According to him, delegates to the Congress showed the strength of will and unity in decision-making. “The situation of the previous days and weeks, and drew us closer. For us there are tens of thousands of members of our party is the most vulnerable part of society: pensioners and the poor citizens. Following the Congress, we have grown and are ready to actively participate in the election of deputies of the state Duma”, – assured politician.

Fist the political struggle

Polinata also spoke about the incident during the Congress. According to him, in the hall where the event took place, “broke in Mr. Butov and his security”. “There was a small scuffle. We carefully and very culturally encouraged him to leave the room. After several minutes of verbal sparring he left it. And all the time, while there was a Congress, is somewhere nearby, because I saw his face at the end of the Congress,” – said the politician.

Nicholas Polinata did not rule out that this fight could be interested Artyukh. “Look Artyukh wandered around the room, as if he something was waiting to disrupt the Congress. He’s constantly spinning his phone was in correspondence — I think the appearance of Butovo agreed with him. But it was short-lived. Then we went to normal and all fruitfully spent”, – he concluded.

The Congress, unlike what was Friday, legitimate”

We will add that the Congress was held in accordance with the party Charter and legislation. This was reported present at the event the CEC member Yevgeny Shevchenko. “Today’s Congress, unlike what happened in last Friday, is legitimate, because the presence of delegates from 47 regional offices, was attended by 55 delegates. The decisions that took the Congress, was held in strict accordance with the party Charter and the law on elections of deputies of the State Duma”, – he said.

According to Shevchenko, “now the representatives of the party should prepare for the outcome of the Congress documents, submit them to the CEC”. “I think there will be problems with the legitimization of the decisions adopted by the Congress of the party”, he concluded.

“Put personal gain above party interests”

As pointed out by a member of the Presidium RPPS Nicholas Polinata immediately at the end of the Congress, “the party cleared today from crooks, corrupt officials and people with a dark reputation.” What claims have been made against these candidates, the VZGLYAD newspaper reported earlier.

“Artyukh put personal gain above party interests. In addition, the so-called leader has not been able to organize the work on preparation of documents for the nomination of candidates to the state Duma, from-for what a large number of members are unable to move. Such people have no place in politics and Congress today is to draw conclusions from what happened and to determine the future course of the party,” he told reporters.

We will remind, scandal in the party, which are exempted from collecting signatures for participation in Federal elections occurred in early July after the Congress, which some delegates had claims to a number of candidates included in the list. A member of the Presidium of the CA, the head of the Kaliningrad branch of the Vladimir Vukolov has stated that the actions Artyukh aimed at the collapse of the party. “The so-called leader of the party nobody hears, just work out, most likely, paid in full the commitments it took in front of a number of candidates with a dark reputation,” said Vukolov.

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