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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Psychologists: older people love sex no less than young

A group of researchers representing Illinojsky University in Chicago, announced that the libido of older people, contrary to popular perceptions, reduced not always. In some cases, interest in sex pensioners even increases as time for personal lives are usually a lot, scientists say.

photo: pixabay.com

Scientists have studied the interests of the English-speaking visitors of the Internet sites for people over 50 years. The researchers watched the English-language online communities in the Australian, American, British and canadian segments of the Internet. As it turned out, some of the young Internet users leave on these websites message, admitted that with age they stopped having sex or because of ill health, or simply because of the decline in interest in leisure activities of this kind. However, the majority of older people, despite its age, is fully retained as a possibility, as a desire to remain sexually active.

Moreover, according to the researchers, often with the approach of old age people, by their own admission, became more prone to various sexual experiments — limitations that life put in front of him for modesty, began to seem superfluous against the backdrop of increasingly conscious of the transience of time.

The fact that old age, whatever it was, rarely adds man of physical strength, or sexual attractiveness, people do not want to keep the intimate life in the past, as the researchers report, were adjusted in different ways: started to appreciate foreplay, pay attention to the quality, not quantity, and so on.

According to experts, their study allows us to dispel the stereotype, makes you feel that older people are asexual, which in turn will help you better understand their psychology.

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