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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Partner Hillary would not help her to return to the White house

Hillary Clinton became an official candidate for U.S. President, but not as a favorite. In the remaining before the election, 100 days, she will try to stop the pressure from trump, who is steadily moving to victory. Help Clinton to be her partner, candidate for Vice-President Senator Tim Kane, a Catholic and the son of a welder. For a number of reasons for his figure should perform very.

In Philadelphia ended with the Congress of the US Democratic party – nominated presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. After the surrender of her opponent Senator Bernie Sanders of delegates, his supporters left the Congress in protest against the nomination of the former first lady.

“He 58-year-old Senator Cain called himself boring – and his speech at the party Congress confirmed it”

The left part of the party, which is experiencing a big rise due to the unexpected success of the Senator-socialist in the primaries, Clinton was accused of fraud in early voting – and for good reason, given that Hillary worked the whole party machine. Published a few days before Congress the correspondence of the party nomenklatura confirmed anticancerous the mood of the party apparatus – but neither Sanders nor most other prominent left-wing began to fight Clinton.

The Senator from Vermont, supported the rival as another hope of the left Senator Elizabeth Warren – not having to exchange even a consolation prize in the form of left candidate for Vice-President. It is clear that Sanders and Warren have been achieved behind the scenes agreement that they pressured, frightening fact that a split party will inevitably lead to power trump – except, perhaps, the same Warren promised an important position in a future administration, and the idea of Sanders on free education at colleges, Clinton included in his election program.

But for many supporters of the Senator, a socialist that is absolutely not enough – they just don’t trust Clinton, rightly considering it the epitome of the “Washington machine”, against which were directed the “Sanders revolution”. And up to half of his supporters simply will not vote for “through false Hillary” – and a significant part even willing to give a voice to the Trump. What will Clinton do to keep them? Scare trump is portraying him as an enemy of democracy and all “progressive” while continuing to rely on the mobilization of various minority groups.

But the trouble is that Sanders was white and the youth – that is, representatives still the biggest part of American society. Votes of minorities and the relative advantages among women is not enough to win – so you need to try to poach from trump’s wavering and undecided white voters.

In that Clinton needs to help her partner, the candidate for Vice-President Senator Tim Kane – a fighter for the rights of minorities and people living in poverty, as called by the former first lady, adding that Kane such “unlike trump and Pence (Governor of Indiana, candidate for Vice-President from the Republicans).

While Kane very attractive to the General public. Even the 58-year-old Senator called yourself boring – and his speech at the party Congress confirmed it.

However, Clinton emphasizes that Kane has never lost an election. He was a mayor, Governor and Senator and is one of the most respected senators, whom I know.” It is noted that Kane is one of only 20 people in American history involved in all three mentioned post – and this is perhaps the most striking that can be said about it.

Kane really enjoys a reputation as a good negotiator and a prominent Senator, in addition, in their views, it is close to Clinton (and even more to the Vice-President Biden) – and in General, as it is a typical party establishment. It is not surprising therefore that he was a few years ago was Chairman of the National Committee of the Democrats, and even before that, as Governor of Virginia, was seen by Obama as a possible candidate for Vice-President.

Kane centrist, although some people say on its left slope, but compared to the Warren and Sanders unnoticed. As a Catholic, Kane actively supports all minorities and speaks Spanish (as a young man worked in the missionary Jesuit missionary in Honduras) that will help Clinton in working with Latin American voters.

Kane was born in Minnesota in the family of a welder, but he graduated from Harvard law school (it was his second higher education). At Harvard, he married classmate Anne bright Holton, the daughter of the former Governor of Virginia. Moved to the home of his wife, Kane was first engaged in legal practice, and then six years teaching at the University of Richmond is not interested in politics. But the family did the trick – and first in 1994, he was elected to the Metropolitan Council of Richmond, then became mayor, then Lieutenant-Governor and, finally, in 2006 was elected Governor of Virginia.

Although he was considered a successful Governor in 2010, Kane was not to be re-elected for a second term – he was also the head of the National Committee of the democratic party, which he held until the spring of 2011. After retiring from Governor’s chair, Kane taught part-time at the University, and then declared intention to be elected to the Senate in the upcoming 2012 elections – which he did, securing a place until 2018. And now became a candidate for Vice-President.

Donald trump immediately nailed Kane:

“This is the same Kane, who took gifts to the hundreds of thousands of dollars, as Governor of Virginia, and who is not charged in contrast to Bob?”

Bob M is the successor of Kane as Governor of Virginia, Republican Robert McDonnell, in January 2015, was sentenced to two years in prison for corruption (taking gifts and money from the heads of local pharmaceutical companies) – in contrast to Kane, who received gifts for 160 thousand dollars, but not prosecuted. “Immunity” Democrat Kane, trump explained that “the system is built on fraudulent principles.

Kane did not respond to Trump directly, but in his speech at the Congress strongly criticized the billionaire:

“Trump is Mr. “you’re fired” for freelancers, it inflates the contract, opposes raising the minimum wage, against equal pay for women and men, he’s Mr. “you’re fired” and if you want a President “you’re fired” – well, that’s your choice. But we will do another. We want the President, “you are accepted”. Honesty, equal rights with men, the increase in minimum wage – everything you need for a decent life. And because I am happy to present to you my beautiful friend and our next President – Hillary Clinton

No wonder the Democrats want to present themselves as defenders of the rights of ordinary white voters, hard workers. Clinton managed in his speech to mention his opponent 22 times, too much talk about “creation”:

“My main task as President is to create opportunities and good jobs with growing wages here in the USA. From the first day in the oval office to the last. This is especially true of places that have for too long been forgotten. From poor areas of the cities to small towns, Indian territory, and the coal-mining regions. From the industrial Midwest to the Delta of the Mississippi river, from the valley of the Rio Grande”

That’s just confidence in the ruling elite that the democratic Republic of the “simple laborers” just there – and the promises of the Clinton’s don’t believe. Trump, like Sanders, act as fighters against the establishment – and to their words the ordinary American voter is a much more serious. After Sanders betrayed his “revolution” and to stop fighting, likes angry white men will focus on trump. That is why Timothy Michael Caine so many chances for the first time in my life to lose the election.

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