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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

“Lords and princes living a double life”

Is it worth it to create anything (and spend time and effort on fixing the obvious) if all the necessary long-written and gathering dust in storage, on the shelves in pressebereich archives? Whether razzhevyvaya, “additional”, “load” created by a literary work, the essence of which is expressed, say, in the 66th sonnet by Shakespeare- after all, this short poem says philosophically generalized and ruthlessly — everything, to explain everything: the dignity that asks alms, lie, bully honesty, about the nobodies in luxurious robes…

photo: Alex geldings

But the 66th sonnet — too rehash derived from the Bible, its interpretation of parables and commandments. Amazing simplicity of the relations of God and man in this Book! Christ said to his disciples, “Go and throw the net!” “But we fished and caught nothing.” — “And once you throw”. The result: a full boat production.

“Oh, you don’t believe in my Annunciation? “says the Archangel Gabriel to a man. — Deprive you speechless — until the moment of fulfillment of what I predicted”. Note: do not permanently deprived of the gift of speech man, and yet the miracle is fulfilled. Humanism in the highest manifestation!

Long-Suffering job inspires his wife and friends: “Good will from God and the bad will not? You can’t!”…

It is amazing that the wise man knows from God can be bad. Why, why Lord succumbed to the blandishments of Satan and began to experience a flawless job?

Roll call

Sometimes it seems: in the quiet of the library echo-forgotten and half-forgotten authors of the immortal lines, they are trying to appeal to posterity, to remind myself. “Hey, you! What I once uttered, could not be more accurately explains the current situation, anatomicum it!”

If you are unable to shout, the artists, the thinkers, the seers begin to argue among themselves, to disagree and to agree to start a new discussion or arrogantly to remain silent, letting him know: small, disreputable debates — not their level, not their destiny. What they didn’t say thick or thin volume! About love, politics, art, and the immortality of the soul, diets for weight loss… Tell interesting stories, evidence of the contemporaries, gossip, scolding, blame, praise, blaspheme, are blatant nonsense.

Here stands, arms akimbo, a two-volume Cervantes and talks about the timeless travels of the noble Hidalgo. “Today, chivalry is weak?”

That takes a tiny voice Netochka Nezvanova from poignant novels of Dostoevsky.

Here the wise says Omar Khayyam (translated Rumer): “you better starve than eat horrible, and better be alone than with whoever”.

One poetic line corrects the other: “I loved you so sincerely so tenderly…” — But this is an anachronism, archaism! Last day! Today have to rhyme differently. That is not to rhyme — rhyme is also not in Vogue. A straight, blank verse: “I hate you so sincerely! So fervently!”

But it is, so to say, lyrics, diaries of feelings, chronicle experiences. But the specifics… Tangible evidence of a time and timeless considerations which inspired, dictated by the historical moment…

For example, thoughts about Russia and its future, expressed great poet, the true friend of Pushkin by Vasily Zhukovsky.


“Better those boundaries,” writes the poet, who is now Russia, and to invent it is impossible (though now have for her plight excess); but Woe if we want to spread!”

■ ■ ■

And again: “One strict order, due to whom everything in its place, does not constitute prosperity… public order must be life. The order is in the graveyard, and there it nothing breaks, but this is the order of the coffins. That was the state of prosperity, must need all that is life of the human soul, has bloomed without any oppression…”

■ ■ ■

“Life,” he says in a letter dated 28 October 1842, between the stillness and destruction. Stop motion or force to accelerate it the same ruinous. This is equally true in the life of a private man, and in the lives of the people. Sovereigns and princes living a double life: the people, and his. As ordinary people, they must understand the time, have to put ourselves in the height of your century, his comprehensive education, his nepodrajaemoi true based, on the one hand, the Holy loving truth of Christ, and on the other — on the strict truth of the civil law. As people’s representatives they should live his life, i.e. to respect history and to preserve that which is created for him by centuries, and not arbitrarily, but following the directions required, to change the fact that the same creative century have changed and that already itself can not stand… in a word, the traffic is quiet there is order and prosperity, the movement is violent revolution…”


A memoir of Peter Kropotkin, a graduate of the page corps, an outstanding researcher-geographer, thinker, socialist anarchist, was published many times — here and in other countries. Reading them, one is struck by the urgency displayed in his book the past. Is it really past or endlessly continuing Russian parable about the times and mores? “Throughout the ministries, and in particular in the construction of railroads and in all kinds of contracts robbery was at large. In this way was compiled huge status. The Navy, as he said himself, Alexander II, one of his sons, was “in the pockets of so-and-so.” The construction guaranteed by the government Railways cost a fortune. Everyone knew that it was impossible to obtain approval of joint enterprise, if different officials in different ministries will not be promised a certain percentage of the dividend. One of my friends wanted to start in St. Petersburg one place of business and asked for permission where I was supposed to. He just said, in the Ministry of the interior, 25% of net profit you need to give one official of this Ministry, 15% of one employee in the Ministry of Finance, 10% — another official of the same Ministry and 5% another. Such transactions were made openly, and Alexander II knew about them. Evidenced in his handwritten notes in the margins of the reports of the state Comptroller (they printed was for a few years in Berlin). But the king saw in these thieves of their defenders from the revolution and kept them until their robberies became too transparent”.


You might think that a “long-standing dispute among themselves Slavs” — this time the Russians and the Ukrainians — do not previously mentioned? As it is not so! Here are the thoughts of man’s unique destiny who took the act of abdication from the hands of Nicholas II, member of the State Duma who escaped after the revolution abroad, and then came to Russia as a spy. Vasily Vitalyevich Shulgin, that was nearing its end his days in exile in Vladimir (during the Second world war, he was captured by the Soviet army and received a prison sentence that is served in the camp):

“Of course, the word “Russian people” I do not mean alone the northerners, that is great. These latter have, of course, full right to be called Russian, because they are undoubtedly Russian, but still they have this right not as complete as the southerners. These latter have the right to “Russianness” is complete, for the word “Rus” is mainly connected with Kiev. Of course, I reject all “Ukrainian” stories as false nonsense, which will be liquidated awakened the pride of the South Russian population. It will not allow to be cheated, as a small child. The Russian people, I think of great Russians, little Russians and Belarusians, and all those other blood of Russian citizens who have undergone the process of assimilation and consider themselves Russian.”

■ ■ ■

“Self-love is awakened South of the Russian people will not allow him fooling the Polish-German fairy tales, taking him for a fool-Nepomniachtchi. Little Russia will remember what it is — Russian par excellence (highly (FR.) and send to the so-called mere de biss all Ukrainians lied. But… but “especially” the South and North-Russian, restored years of separation, will remain. South Russia, even taking his old name Low, that is native Russia, some time will be set separatistische; if not in the political sense, in the cultural sense. There will be attempts to build two parallel cultures (both purely Russian): one — North-the Russian, the other — the southern-Russian. Take place and may be some time until the two halves of Russia recognize their local culture and subordinates; then, rising over these local products, but taking them as a basis, they will continue yarn, initiated by the Petersburg — single yarn, Russian cloth”.

■ ■ ■

Conclusion Shulgin comprehensive:

“…we, Russian, have within ourselves some inner contradiction. We (especially sharply it is felt from the time of the revolution) are not devoid of patriotism; we love Russia and Russian identity. But we don’t love each other: in relation to the “neighbor” we carry in the soul a kind of repulsion. We suffer when he’s not hear Russian speech, we do not see the Russian people; we seem to seek each other; but we are joined as if only to start the endless debate, which immediately pass into strife. These last reveal some secret, but great reserves of anger…”.

Patriarch Tikhon

In one of his first appeals to the faithful — “New word” about the coming of 1918, Patriarch Tikhon, thinking about Affairs of the past in 1917, tells about the new ruler: “Wanting to make us rich and in no need, they actually make us unhappy, miserable, poor and naked…. Instead of the so recently great, mighty, terrible enemies and a strong Russia, they made her one pathetic name, empty space, breaking it to pieces, devouring in the civil war one another. When I read “Lamentations”, can not help mourn the words of the prophet and our dear Homeland.

Look, o Lord, and see how we are humbled, and whether there is a disease like ours, which befell us. All the people sigh, they seek bread; they barter their treasures for food, firewood gets a lot of money, and our inheritance is transferred to strangers. The young children ask bread, and no one takes them. Who ate sweet fail on the streets and brought up in scarlet huddle manure. And this in a country of the former breadbasket of all of Europe and famous for its wealth.”

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