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Saturday, February 17, 2018

In Russia on 20 grounds of the Grand Army will start the game

On Saturday, June 30, will start in Russia international Military games (Armi‑2016), which already called informal military Olympics. The scale of the event is really impressive. Three thousand troops from 20 countries, including Russia, “crossed arms”, in order to identify the best of the best. To have sports battles will be on 20 grounds in the waters of the two seas — the Caspian and Black.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Defense Ministry conducts these international competitions for the second year in a row. In 2015, Armi competed teams from 16 countries in 14 disciplines at 11 military sites. Now expanded as the geography of the participating countries and the territory of the competition. Sport fighting will go on 19 Russian and one Kazakh polygon “Guards”, as well as in the waters of the two seas.

Only in competitions will take part more than three thousand people. China has applied for 22 of the competition, Kazakhstan will bring 21 team, Venezuela — nine, Egypt — six, Iran — seven teams. In the competition “Sniper line” will engage even the representative of NATO — Greece.

photo: Ivan Skryplev

photo: Ivan Skryplev

At the suburban site “Alabino” military-Patriotic Park “Patriot” will be held the solemn opening and closing of the games. In addition, there will be three contest. Competitions of tank crews — “Tank biathlon crews of combat vehicles — “Suvorov onslaught”, and the military chefs — “Field kitchen”. The opening scenario of Armi‑2016 has been kept secret. It is known that the polygon will show “tank ballet” — demonstration performances of the crews on the figure driving tanks, and also show the pilots of aerobatic teams “Strizhi” and “Vityazi”.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Specially for the Russian team, Ministry of defense developed the suits that the soldiers will parade at the opening and closing events. Jackets, pants, baseball caps and t-shirts yellow-black and green-black color. Jackets bright red color with the logo of Armi‑2016 will be given to the referees of the competitions. Volunteers, who will help viewers to navigate the site “Alabino” will also receive “clothing” t-shirts, hoodies and cap orange and green color. Uniform is provided for the journalists who will be covering these games.

The most popular remains the competition “Tank biathlon”, which became a “business card” of the international Army games. For participation in it applied 16 countries. Specially for Russian tankers involved in biathlon, the defense Ministry had developed a form of: overalls black in color, are marked “print” depicting the symbols of the army in 2016 and the words “Russian Army”. Teams from China and Belarus brought to Russia his technique. Chinese team seriously determined this year to win tank biathlon, so specially for the contest upgraded my tank “Type‑96”, which puts high hopes. The Belarusian team also wants to show the class and brought the T‑72 tank, which was also prepared specifically for these competitions.

Hot air battles are expected at the competition “Aviadarts” which will be held at the site “Dobrovice” near Ryazan. In addition to the Russian national team will take part Azerbaijan, Belarus, China and Kazakhstan. Competing pilots will be on 13 types of aircraft, including long-range bombers Tu‑22M3 bombers, military transport Il‑76, helicopters Mi‑24, Mi‑8, Ka‑52 and MiG‑29, su‑27, su‑30CM, su‑25, su‑24M bombers and su‑34. And pilots of Kazakhstan and Belarus to participate in the competition will provide our military machine of the Russian VCS, but their Chinese counterparts have decided to act on their own bombers, so-called “Leopard JH-7 Flying Leopard. The finals of the tank biathlon and the closing ceremony Armi‑2016 will be broadcast live. To enhance the entertainment this year the organizers of the games have increased the number of obstacles and circles. The audience will want to come tank biathlon, will be glad enough democratic prices — the maximum price per ticket is 500 rubles.

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