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Thursday, September 21, 2017

In CHA opens a unique exhibition Shishkin

While all the crazy rush to the Tretyakov gallery for the exhibition of Aivazovsky, whose paintings more impressive in Feodosia gallery wizard and in General they can be seen in many places, behind the wall, Ivan Konstantinovich hung with rare etchings, graphics other of Ivan Shishkin. These work not to meet anywhere else! Them to month venerable collectors lent a small but very reputable gallery “office”, living in the CHA.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

Here, in two rooms inside the Garden are like in nature. Wildflowers peep out of the vases, and the walls with rustic expanse: sheaves of hay, ramshackle hut, a horse and cart in the midst of endless fields, forest with mushrooms, soaring over the lakes, birds, collecting berries among the flowers mother and stepmother, an old woman in a kerchief, All that Russian life was within 60 etchings Shishkin, who became the last and most complete album of printmaking master of landscape published by Adolph marks in 1894.

For this retrospective album of artist sick soul, so he prepared it himself (even his portrait made the cover). Collected preserved plaque with the engravings, I passed most of them with a special needle and with additional etching, some altered composition, as, for example, etching “Winter night”, which in the collection called “Winter moonlit night”.

By the way, in the same folder includes 19 new works previously unreleased. Another of the rare works – a view of the river Kama, which stands out among the black-and-white etchings of soft blue water. According to the curator of the exhibition Konstantin Juraskova, no account preserved Otomi why Shishkin decided to use this time to color.

– Konstantin, and you deliberately open your project in one day with the exhibition of Aivazovsky?

– Of course, because their names one national sound. In addition, in the last large-scale exhibitions Shishkin fully featured graphics. And to master the production of etchings was, if you will – of life outlet. He is not just himself technically manufactured boards, but he printed the etchings.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

– Just like Peter, who went down on the mint and coins were minted!

– Yes, the artist, like the king, it was a pleasure to work with technology, and it is a historical fact. There are etchings, which Shishkin himself laid out on the Board, rolled, always experimenting. But, unfortunately, in Soviet times, the folder with his works sold worse than the individual sheets. Therefore, the vast majority of albums sold one tile at a time. So gather 60 sheets in chronological order plus add to them the front page are unlikely under today even serious Museum.

– But you went further, adding the exhibition graphics.

– Shishkin – academic artist, so the creation of all his works is preceded by a figure. First he did a picture with a pencil (shows a textbook of “Juniper” and “the Transfiguration”), then it came to the oil or etching. Perhaps the most amazing of them – “the Oak tree”, created a few months before the artist’s death on cigarette paper. By the way, to create the etching is more difficult than painting, because it is impossible to correct a wrong touch. If you start to edit – it turns out different.

Is it me or a self-portrait of Shishkin differs from other etchings?

– This work is printed on Chinese silk, which is more receptive to the paint. It gives a glimpse, and it seems that the picture is made on the thinnest plate. However, it is important not only the technique, look at the portrait: it is amazingly written. There is a perception that Shishkin painted only the nature, although he was a brilliant portraitist. If often dabbled in this direction, it would have risen to the level of the Repin.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

There you can find the etchings?

– Ordinary people – anywhere. Collectors do not show them in museums, they are hidden in special classrooms and in the library collections of rare books, which also do not admit. The thing is that the paper with the etchings is very fragile: five times will get it broken off. So we first went to this exhibit!

Help “MK”: “Etching – a kind of engraving on metal, known since the beginning of the XVI century. For the manufacture of printing forms (the Board) of the metal plate is covered with acid resistant varnish, which scratched drawing prints. Then the plate is placed in acid etched metal in the open from the paint areas. The remaining lacquer is removed from the plate. Before printing on the Board applied paint, which penetrates into the grooves etched by the acid. From there the ink is transferred to paper. The main masters of etching – Durer, Rembrandt, Goya, Dali, and in Russia – of course, Shishkin.

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