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Monday, March 12, 2018

Experts assessed the news about a UFO over the United States

Recently, residents of the U.S. States Nevada, California and Utah saw in the night sky mysterious fireballs. The Americans who are scared of UFOs, began to put forward the most fantastic theories of its nature. However, the experts of the joint centre for space studies, USA stated that spectacle was not an alien invasion.

photo: pixabay.com

As explained by experts, in fact, “unidentified flying object” was just a smear from burning up in the atmosphere of the second stage of the Chinese rocket prod name “Changzheng-7”. During this stage revolved around the Earth, but finally entered her atmosphere, and then burning fragments and were visible from the planet’s surface. Experts emphasize that any threat these objects represent. Most likely, the rocket body is almost completely melted in the air, and the Earth could only reach very small pieces of metal.

American aerospace Agency NASA said that the phenomenon that was observed by residents of the United States, does not represent something unique — stage rockets regularly burn up in the atmosphere. However, not always it is accompanied by such a bright “special effects” that would be so well seen from different localities.

Full video of meteor-like event @BadAstronomer pic.twitter.com/q37UzRZKpa

— Matt Holt (@mholt6) 28 Jul 2016.

“Changzheng-7” — a Chinese two-stage booster that could orbit spacecraft weighing up to 13.5 tonnes. This is China’s first rocket, where absolutely at all stages, from design to production, comprehensively applied digital technology. The missile was successfully launched on 25 June 2016. Following the launch of similar rocket scheduled for next year.

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