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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Clinton has agreed to be the first woman candidate for U.S. President

Thursday, July 28 was a significant day in the destiny of the United States. For the first time in state history a woman has consented to become a candidate for President of the United States. This woman — Hillary Clinton — the wife of the Governor, the President’s wife for eight years, the Senator from new York for eight years, and finally, the Secretary of state for four years.

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The speech Hillary of consent was the most important speech of this woman for the rest of her full of adventures life. One can only marvel at her composure and skill, working on her beauticians. This 68-year-old woman worked on his speech all morning historical Thursday, and looked in Prime-time on television as a cucumber.

Clinton took the stage in a white pantsuit, but once women in the USA, who wore Trouser suits or just pants been arrested.

Hillary Clinton not only spoke on his own behalf. She spoke on behalf of those who paved her way to a possible presidency. Among them, sisters Sarah and Angelina Grimke, the daughter of a rich South Carolina slaveholder. These women, as children, felt the life around them doesn’t add up. For example, Sarah was just 4 years old when she came to the docks, asked one of the captains if he could take her to a place where the whipping is prohibited.

Growing up, sisters have become lecturers, devoid of humor but full of determination. They were investigating the case, which threatened them with death. Angelina was married to a opponent of slavery Theodore weld. People wondered how could get married and actually find the man this woman.

Among women who tried to break through the “glass ceiling”, that is an artificial barrier, not to mention Margaret chase Smith, whose husband Clyde was a member of the house representative from Maine. According to the book, Ellen Fitzpatrick, “the Highest glass ceiling, Clyde was a chronic womanizer and died of advanced syphilis.

Margaret soon became a Senator. In the Senate she fought against Communist hysteria, McCarthy and pumped for women’s rights. In 1964 Smith became the first woman challenged the men in the fight for the right to become the owner of the White house. In those years the newspaper “the Los Angeles times wrote that Smith “has crossed the optimum limit for the presidency” – she was 66 years. Now Clinton “only” 68 years old, and she won and Margaret chase Smith.

Yes, Hillary Clinton made history, and at the crucial moment, in a white pantsuit.

The main core of her speech was opposition of his “we” trunovskogo “I”. She talked about the fact that the country is in a moment of their fate. She called his listeners to reject the policy of the trump which leads to the disunity of the country. Instead of Republican it offered itself as a solid and Patriotic American that is able to unite the country against Islamic terrorists, economic hardship and chaos with armed violence. “Large forces threaten to divide us, our bond of trust, respect and friendship,” said Clinton. So, she acknowledged that not everyone in the US well as in the Danish Kingdom. Moreover, she talked about the fact that there are no guarantees, just as they were not at the time of the activities of the founding fathers of the nation in Philadelphia. “It’s actually in our hands and depends on us,” said Clinton. We must decide whether we agree to work together and move forward together”.

Listing difficulties, Clinton said that trump can not alone cope with them. That’s why she opposes his “I” its “we”.

Here, first, you have to remember Napoleon who said that “a herd of lions led by a sheep weaker of the herd of sheep led by a lion”. But, of course, not only in Napoleonic wisdom. When trump says that he alone is able to cope with the difficulties of America, he has in mind is not something that he personally can eliminate all these difficulties. He says that only he is able to lead US and lead them forward. The meaning trompowsky statements, this means that the President is one and he does not share power with anyone else. He is the only Supreme commander, receiving tips, but he gives orders.

However, a knockout punch Trump struck not Clinton. This made Khizr Khan, an American of Muslim origin, whose son joined the army after the famous tragedy of 9/11 2001. The Khan’s son was killed in the war in Iraq. In his speech, Khan denied trump’s words, trying to demonize Muslims as the main threat to the United States. Telling the story of his son, Khan drew from his pocket the text of the Constitution of the United States. “Mr. trump, have you ever read the Constitution? he said. — You haven’t sacrificed for their country.” A little speech Khan made a strong impression on the delegates, many just cried.

Will Hillary Clinton be the 45th President of the United States? Join it to that exclusive American club, where her husband, the 42nd President?

In her speech, she also remembered the words of Roosevelt: “the Only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. After that, she tried to develop this theme – again emphasizing the plural “we”. It turned out that Bernie Sanders, her opponent in the presidential primaries, is also included in this “we.”

Pointing to Sanders, who was sitting among the delegates, Clinton said that he and his supporters also included in the concept “we”. At this very moment the liberal supporters of Sanders was trying to drown out the words of Secretary Clinton outside the courtroom. And in the walls of the hall, they demonstrated a “protest of silence”.

The situation in which Hillary Clinton is very complex, As shown by public opinion polls conducted by the newspaper “new York times” and the TV channel CBS, 67% of all voters do not believe Clinton. Among independent this unbelief extends to 74%.

Speaking Thursday at the Democratic Convention, Hillary indirectly touched this patient for her string. She tried to prove that the personal attitude is one thing, but her ability to manage a successful government is quite another.

Remember how ten years ago, Clinton led the fight for the White house against Barack Obama. Then she played the role of “steel magnolias” Democrat hawk. She opposed gay marriage, supported free trade and the rights of the owners of firearms.

Since then, as he was defeated in the fight against Obama, she began to gradually move to the left position, as she says “progressives who are trying to do business”.

The speech, which said Thursday Hillary Clinton was the fruit of a collaboration with her advisors and speechwriters, among them the famous head of the Obama speechwriters Jon Favreau.

All the time while Clinton spoke, I carefully watched the expression on her face, especially eyes. Even in the most pathetic moments in those eyes didn’t flicker nor hatred, nor love. You looked the eyes of a politician who has seen a lot in order to given emotions.

Nevertheless, nothing can be done — the Clinton speech at the democratic Convention, in which it agreed to become the candidate of his party for President, this is a huge historic event.

“Standing here as my mother’s daughter and as the mother of his daughter, I am happy that this day has come,” said Mrs. Clinton. The happy day for grandparents and for little girls, and for everyone in between. But happy also for boys and men, because when the barrier falls in America, he falls for everyone. When there is no ceiling, then the limit of our forward movement is the sky. So let’s go before each of us — 161 million women and girls across America – do not get the opportunities that they deserve.”

Here to argue Ms. Clinton actually difficult.

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