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Friday, February 23, 2018

Chaly commented on the resignation of the IMF: “the New Governor of Sevastopol got an unenviable legacy”

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday ahead of schedule stopped powers of the Governor of Sevastopol Sergey Menyailo, sending him Ambassador to Siberia. Acting Governor appointed Dmitry Ovsyannikov. The former “people’s mayor” of Sevastopol, now a Deputy of local legislative Assembly Alexey Chaly commented to us the resignation of Menyailo and naval problems which will have to face his mate.

photo: kremlin.ru

Sevastopol greeted the news of the resignation Menyailo glee. That the Governor does not cope with their responsibilities, no longer just whispered in urban kitchens, but said out loud from high tribunes. The conflict between the Governor and the former “people’s mayor” Alexey Chaly has moved into the public sphere…

– Alexis, how do you assess the sudden resignation of the Governor of Sevastopol Sergey Menyailo?

– Is positive. This resignation is long overdue. My position on this issue known. I have always said that the IMF is unable to control the region. And I support this decision. I hope that we have in connection with the appointment Ovsyannikova appear good prospects for development.

– You know Ovsyannikov personally?

– Yes, I personally know him, though I can’t say that close. I met him in April of 2015 at a visiting session of the Ministry of industry and trade in the town. After that we met several times, discussed the development of the instrument cluster in Sevastopol. I thought he was qualified in this question man.

– So you think that Ovsyannikov suitable for this position, you will work?

The first impression is positive. Age, education, experience… I am Afraid to be deceived again, but I hope that it will not happen.

– Do you intend to do in the new situation?

– My position is this. I am willing to help Supreme official of the region of interest in all its aspects. I understand that he will need the support, but the extent of this support will determine it. I am ready to help him to the extent he deems necessary.

– What are the main, in your opinion, the negative effects of the Board for Menyailo Sevastopol.

– The loss of people’s confidence in the government.

– Would it be possible in the future to overcome this mistrust, and how?

To tell the truth to people. To assume only those liabilities that are performed. To be consistent. It is clear that it will be difficult. Nevertheless, we must not shy away from side to side. .

– What are the problems of Sevastopol will have to decide the new Governor in the first place?

– A lot of problems. Starting with the fact that for two years, unfortunately, is not fundamentally solved the questions of the normalization of land and property relations. In fact, we have no understanding of what belongs to whom. This is a key point.

Practically, we have a dip in all major areas. I’m not just talking about it. The utilities generally in terrible condition. So much money was spent, but no effect. Unfortunately, the new Governor gets very unenviable legacy. Can guarantee that side of the legislative Assembly in the case of a normal constructive work will be full support. But he, unfortunately, have almost re-create my team. Because right now, working solid team.

– What would you like to wish the inhabitants of Siberia, where now Sergei Menyailo going? You congratulate them with this appointment or Express condolences?

– He’s headed there in the status of the Plenipotentiary representative. If taken literally from the point of view of the law, by the authorized representative of the limited terms of reference. As I understand it, is control over execution of decrees of the President and approval of the appointment of the security forces. Perhaps Sergei Ivanovich with these tasks will cope. Key figures in the Russian regions is still the governors, who have the most real authority in order to implement the development programme. The envoy according to their status on this particular should not influence. So I think that for the inhabitants of Siberia, nothing much will change.

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