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Sunday, March 18, 2018

“Call the KGB of blood”: the appointment of security officers governors appreciated the scientists

Despite the fact that still none of the security forces has not proven itself to be an effective Manager, Vladimir Putin continues to adhere to the principles of its personnel policy, which started at the beginning of “zero” years. The next wave of assignments brought into power a new batch of people from law enforcement agencies: 16 out of 85 Russian governors have experience of working in the organs.

What it is: “the call of the blood” or the expectation that people in uniform will be able to better perform tasks and without shocks to go through the electoral cycle of 2016-2018? We asked the opinions of scientists and experts.

photo: kremlin.ru

The arrival of the security forces in government, including their involvement in the management of the regions is not something out of the ordinary. This practice began in the beginning of “zero” and since then has not stopped.

“As a result of recent personnel changes, their number increased slightly, but not explosively,” says political analyst Ekaterina Shulman. Four of the Governor’s three vacancies were occupied by natives of special services. Kaliningrad oblast was headed by the chief of the local FSB office Evgeni Senichev (according to some, he, as previously, appointed by the Governor of Tula Alexey Dyumin, served in the protection of Vladimir Putin), Yaroslavl, who came to MVD from the FSO, the Deputy Minister Dmitry Mironov. A is accused of receiving a bribe Nikita Belykh in Kirov oblast sent the head of Rosreestr Igor Vasiliev, who in 1985-1988 he served in the KGB Directorate of Leningrad and then to the early 90s — in the First chief Directorate of KGB (foreign intelligence).

This same logic is placed the appointment of the head of the FCS of the presidential envoy in the northwestern Federal district Viktor Bulavin, who is also a descendant of the KGB–FSB. Experts point out that the Embassy has almost become a decorative body with no real influence on the processes occurring in the regions, so Bulavin transition to the FCS is the absolute increase.

Conversely, for Nikolay Tsukanov (former head of the Kaliningrad region) and Sergei Menyailo (ex-Governor of Sevastopol) the appointment of the envoys is lowering because of all the previous functions they have left is that the control over execution of the economic programmes and election campaigns.

According to estimates by the media, after the latest reshuffle by natives of law enforcement agencies are 16 of 85 heads of Russian regions. However, this number included those who simply worked in the police rank and file positions.

“Why serve in the army not counted?”, — ironically, the political scientist Yevgeny Minchenko. However, even 16 people, in his opinion, are “a small percentage”. “If the complex view of the last three years, we will see that there are different sources and power structures, and local self-government and deputies. Actually used by a large range of human tanks. In addition, some of the security forces before being assigned to regions managed to work in commercial structures and the Executive authorities”, — said Minchenko.

A regional studies specialist Alexander Kynev, in turn, emphasizes that no special demands to dismiss the heads of regions that is now not there (except for the situation in Crimea, which demanded the resolution of conflict around the referendum on the direct election of the Governor of Sevastopol). “Influential groups kapitalisiert its influence in the form of specific posts. You can search for the head of the region, and can search the region for a particular person, which is what happened in this case,” — explains the meaning of the rotation expert.

In his opinion, any power structure is built on different principles than representative democracy. It is the execution of orders, a clear chain of command and not a search for compromise and the interests of different groups. “In this regard, the appointment of the security forces in public policy is a strange decision,” — said Kanev.

Other experts hold a different point of view. “The question of the priorities of the government. Now the main thing is not efficiency, and safety. And who better to provide it than the natives of special services?” — says Ekaterina Shulman.

The main task of the appointees is a worthy way to pass a large electoral cycle of 2016-2018. Their success, according to Shulman, is the absence of conflicts and social protests in the assigned regions, not too high and not too low turnout, ensuring the necessary percentage of the vote, and not attracting investment or creating new jobs.

Vladimir Putin balances the power group around him, not giving anyone preferences, — adds the political scientist Mikhail Vinogradov. — But there is a potential trap: the security forces are still more destroyers than builders. Will the new appointees to become managers? It’s the intrigue and challenge, in my opinion, partly conscious. Depending on how the situation will develop, Putin will either have to praise the security forces and continue to promote them through the ranks, or reproach: behold, they say, call themselves patriots, but we gave you a steer, and nothing happened.”

By the way, already have the Kremlin’s experience in the promotion of representatives of power structures in power can hardly be considered successful. Interviewed by “MK” experts are unable to name any effective Manager — a native of FSB, FSO, MVD…

“In a zero” governors of Voronezh and Smolensk regions became chiefs UFSB fists and Maslov — like Kanev. — Both unsuccessful. They quickly lost its popularity, and when he left, the local elite breathed a sigh of relief. General Shamanov, who led the Ulyanovsk oblast, didn’t even go for a second term. Alexander Lebed was a horrible Governor that gave rise to the personnel chaos and confusion. Of the appointees of recent years Andrey Shevelev has not even served time, it had to change. Bocharov in the Volgograd region at first seemed energetic Governor, but now no positive change is not in sight, in the region waiting for when it will be removed”.

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