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Monday, March 12, 2018

Boar genocide hit “friends” of the President

During just made Vladimir Putin’s trip to the Tver region, among other hotly debated issues was a topic of total war with wild boars. Some of our statesmen, headed by the Minister of agriculture Alexander Tkachev urged Vladimir Putin to organize in Russia a real “boar genocide.”

We with the help of specialists and experts tried to understand, a war of total extermination of wild pigs and what are the likely consequences of trying to take such action.

photo: pixabay.com

Justification for such murderous plans of the leaders of the agricultural sector, the active fight against dangerous disease, the African swine fever (ASF).

This infection, spread by region, threatens to lead to a significant reduction of livestock beef pigs on livestock farms. A wild boar is trying to convince Putin to some participants of the current Tver “Breakfast machine” are the main culprits in the spread of this infection.

“Wild boars in the Central part of Russia should meet less frequently than elephants and leopards — hotly, said the head of national meat Association Sergey Yushin. — Need to develop a program maximum of depopulation of wild boars!” While he referred to the experience of Poland and some other European countries, where there are already state programs in this depopulation.

That’s just during this “conversation over Breakfast discussed the impact of such a radical measure. To fill such a gap, “MK” has addressed for comments to experts.

— In fact, the main reason for the spread of ASF in our pig farms are not wild boars, infected feed, — said the Deputy chief editor of the United editorial Board of “the Hunting book” Alexander Lisitsin. — A concrete example: the recent outbreak of the disease on several farms in the Arctic circle in the Murmansk region, where wild boars are not found. Therefore, to effectively combat the spread of ASF is the most important to ensure strict control over quality of feed mixes produced at our facilities.

— Is there any data about the overall population of wild pigs in Russia?

— According to information published several years ago in the official Gazette, in our country there are about 400 thousand wild boars.

— Are there any real ways to organize the total destruction of this species? And whether when somewhere in the world taken such extensive measures to depopulation?

– In memory comes only started at the time of the Chinese “war on sparrows”. But then the destruction of these birds has led to very sad consequences for the country: they began to rapidly multiply pests that were ruining the crops. So after some time I had the Chinese to deliver self Vorobiev bought abroad…

About killing wild boars will say this: do it on the Russian open spaces almost impossible. Actively shoot in one place, they will go to other, more remote…

How to “clean up” from the boars, for example, mountainous territory in the North Caucasus? The only effective way of the total destruction of wild pigs — spraying poisonous substances over the forests. However, I am not aware of the existence of any poisons acting selectively only on boars. So, have poison and other animals and birds! And people can be affected (especially since the genetic affinity of organisms humans and pigs has long been proven by scientists!).

But even if we assume that some “anticamente” special means will still be able to figure out the disappearance, or even a significant reduction in the number of wild pigs in nature will cause problems with other species of animals. For example, the much-loved and patronized by our President of the far Eastern tigers, leopards — after all, the main dish on the menu of these wild predators are wild boars.

Anyway, I should note that the Minister of Tkachev and his allies speakers “Breakfast” with Putin, tried to “persuade” our President in clear violation of the Russian legislation. After all, in Russia there is a law on the conservation of biological diversity, and attempt to start a mass destruction of wild boar clearly contradicts it.

In addition, we must not forget that boars are common in many neighbouring countries. We are here to destroy the wild pigs, but instead they will come boars Ukrainian, Polish, Belarusian…

“But the head of our national meat Association just referred to the experience of Poland in the fight for effective reduction in population of wild pigs… Yushin, referring to Putin, mentioned that there is even the army for that attracted.

– Actually we are talking about the localization of foci of ASF in nature. Upon detection of outbreaks of this disease among the boars, the area is securely locked to exclude the animals beyond. The quarantine lasts for a week or two, after this it remains only to collect all the dead boars and securely dispose of them… no One prevents us to use the same technique.

From the file “MK”: the reasons for the occurrence of ASF in wild pigs in 2008-2012, according to Rosselkhoznadzor):

Infected domestic pigs — 2%

The staff — 3%

Transport — 6%

Wild pigs — 6%

Food and food waste — 55%

The reason is not established — 28%

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