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Saturday, March 24, 2018

After leaving Gagloeva elections to the Russian state circus company would be better supervised by the government

After all of our articles about the crisis in the Russian state circus company obtained the natural ending: Vadim Gagloev, the company’s CEO, from 1 August voluntarily left his post. Although what the hell, “desire”: do not rule out that he could politely ask parent friends, because there is a clear dissatisfaction with his team in a circus environment, about what he Gagloev wrote in a worthy farewell letter — “the Circus community is split. The situation has worsened in anticipation of vacancy for the post of the General Director of Russian state circus company. I would like to thank my colleagues for their support, and opponents indifferent to the circus.”

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

By the way, elections were to be held in July, but the Ministry of culture due to internal reasons decided to move them on a month — on August 24 (accepting applications from candidates to August 19). Before the election the acting will be one of the deputies Gagloeva — Dmitry Gausman. Hausman we are unlikely to see among the candidates for the seat, because the community doesn’t know, and besides, he is the team Gagloeva that does not add points. No wonder the second time talking about the team. One of, say, the nuances of the accumulating dissatisfaction with the policies Gagloeva was that it not seemed master of the situation: constantly followed by the shadow of his first Deputy Oleg Chesnokov, and who is whose shadow, in some situations it was even not quite clear. The leader should be the one. And as soon as sweetnest, gray cardinals, and so on. expect strife and scandals.

Chesnokov until set aside, but the fact that the Ministry of culture appoints the acting not him, but Gausman, hardly speaks to a deep trust. At the end of his message Gagloev wished the circus to forget about the differences, because “the work will not be easy” (I would like to add a “MK says is not unfounded, relying on personal contacts with many leaders of the circus: not that “hard work”, and it is necessary to take and hard to reformat the company, of course, if there are serious financial investments. Otherwise, no way).

Seems to us that the previous Director simply does not possess the scale to go to the government and firmly say: guys, we want to have a new professional circus with new ideas, expertise, programmes? Buildings, tents? We want you to have the same cool circus school (meaning the school), as in Montreal, or will all vamping with do not meet modern requirements of state? We want to cultivate first in themselves and then in the viewer a good taste or do we have to make room for the old patterns? Or we want nothing, and only as a “social mission” and the disability benefits are continuing to carry in a depressed city a depressed circus? What do we want? Let’s define.

Want change — we should invest. It is necessary to put a strong figure who can attract the budgets, not dopilival one that is; which team will experience the respect and trust.

While there is accepting applications. Among the possible candidates called the Director of Izhevsk circus Dmitry Ivanov, a well-known artist Boris Maikhrovsky (was already in swing Director), Director (and former canadian circus artist) Anton Chelnokov… but you never know who else is in reserve.

One thing is clear: you can’t drift, reforms are necessary as air, circus requires the state of close attention. The time has come for serious changes, restoration of artistic balance. Is it normal that using — say diplomatically — a systemic crisis in the Russian state circus company, China with great pleasure to engage for a LONG time a galaxy of our first artists? While we’re all judged-ryadili about Gagloeva—Chesnokova, China signed contracts Mstislav Zapashny (two years), the trainer Vladislav Goncharov, Majchrowski with a rare program of the penguins… And the company becomes poorer artists and top rooms. Left, even at all desire, so just in the bosom of the Russian state circus company will not be back.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev
Due to the enthusiasm of the artists, the circus is still alive.

No joke, before the ceremony of awarding the prize “Master” Sochi circus (almost in season!) two months idle without a program! Now again, all rescued Gia Eradze, it is, of course, the scrap, the audience stormed the circus. But will soon open the circus in Omsk and Ryazan — have to think what to carry. The number of programs already disproportionate to the number of circuses. That will become a headache for the new CEO. Along with finding huge sums to create new rooms and attractions, the acquisition of rare animals…

So I’m afraid this election is a few knocked out of the usual minculescu level. As the Grand theatre Director appoints the government, not less, and now in the highest offices should pay attention to the industry that we have not lost only because of the naked enthusiasm of the people, not thinking himself without her beloved art.

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