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Monday, March 19, 2018

The Syrian army drove the jihadists in reliable boiler

The command of the Syrian Arab army delivered an ultimatum to the armed groups in the Eastern districts of Aleppo – “to lay down their weapons and leave the city.” Thus, government troops came to the logical conclusion of the operation, which is opening up broad prospects. Only one problem – US.

“To avoid bloodshed and needless death of citizens, we offer to those militants who want to remain in Aleppo, to surrender and return to civilian life. Those who wish to leave Aleppo, should lay down their arms and leave the city”, – the TASS the contents of a document distributed by the state TV channel “surija”.

“The habit of thinking in stereotypes and to operate with them in the home completes the defeat of the American military-political thought”

The reason for the ultimatum is significant: the 4th division of the CAA finally took possession of the whole quarter of al-Linamon and went on the offensive in the direction of the intersection of al-Barrad. Advancing on the other side of elite PMC “Tigers” took the former amusement Park Castello, “the Complex of Castello”. Thus, in order to completely close the ring around the jihadis in the Eastern areas and a little further left to go from 500 to 100 meters. And now we can say that the largest group of jihadists was surrounded by the offensive launched by government troops and allies to the North and North-West of Aleppo.

This approach was originally developed extremely well and quickly to the CAA, despite the fact that took place in dense developments and in the industrial area of Aleppo. With the help of Russian troops, government forces have managed to release a few large blocks, but also create irreversible for terrorists, the situation on a broad front. The balance of forces and the configuration of the front is now such that neither al-Nusra nor the other caught in the cauldron part of the jihadists will not be able to take effective attempts to escape – their message with their own kind in the valley of Anadan, and in the region of Idlib permanently interrupted. And if five–six days ago, they have actively attempted counterattacks in the Central areas of the city around the railway station, now anything similar is not observed.

In areas controlled by the jihadists, has around 200 thousand people who can move in the government area through a small neutral block and checkpoint in the center. In Western Aleppo that is under the control of the legitimate government, at the moment, residents in 6-7 times more, and that’s not counting refugees. Despite the high intensity of the fighting in the town of mobile communication, and in the morning on 27 July, many residents occupied the jihadists of the blocks received a SMS in which they were guaranteed safe passage through the checkpoint. It is assumed that after the Exodus of civilians from East Aleppo, government troops can begin final sweep of the city from jihadists and mercenaries.

How good this idea is not yet clear, it is difficult to assume, and how many civilians still follow the advice to cross the front line. In Eastern Aleppo and its suburbs has accumulated not only “indigenous people” of these neighborhoods and towns, but also the family themselves jihadists who go into the government area only in a pinch. In any case, the whole story will require serious counter-measures for filtering the civilian population: the jihadists have repeatedly tried to mimic them and send their families to safe places.

All these days the Russian air force, relentlessly applied missile and bomb strikes on targets North of Aleppo, supporting the attack of the 4th division and “Tigers”. Particular attention to the group “Fatah Aleppo, located in the many small settlements in the area of “Castello highway and to the North. After the neighborhood of al-Linamon industrial area Shakif, Dahrat Abd Roubaud and the district of Beni Zaid main goal right now for the 4th of Mahdavikia and “Tigers” in the framework of the closure of the boiler in East Aleppo. The area has many small buildings, which the jihadists have turned into strong points, because the promotion of the government forces critically depend on fire support from artillery and aviation. In these battles involved and the Kurds, but their front is still limited, they are mostly forced to sit on the defensive, pulling the offensive outburst of “an-Nusra” and “Fatah Aleppo”.

We must understand that “Fatah Haleb” (Aleppo, the Liberation of Aleppo is not a single organization, virtual Union of fifty small and medium-sized armed groups “moderate opposition”, which in April 2015 formally United to fight with ISIS and the Assad government”. These guys are extremely complicated the situation around the largest cities of Syria, and that they are very worried the US, periodically demanding that the Russian HQs to stop the bombing of their wards.

Finally, it is with the “Fatah Aleppo are” linked all the talk about “differentiation” “clean” and “unclean” opposition and their theoretical separation from the “an-Nusra” and other cannibals. But in the world to achieve such a differentiation is almost impossible, including the fact that the “liberation of Aleppo” (sometimes they call themselves for some reason, “Center”) are confused in their composition.

It is known that in FKH consists of 19 units that had previously considered themselves the free Syrian army – the main Pro-American creation designed to represent the democratic opposition to Bashar Assad. But another 31 group from among the members of the Alliance for liberals and Democrats to refer well, not. Many of them in parallel are included in the Union of the jihadist Ansar al-Sharia” and how their now separate from each other – is not clear.

“Al-Nusra” in “Fatah Aleppo” is not formally included, but that is formally OK the usual camaleonte local warlords just showed US that they “distanced themselves” from “al-Nusra”. In reality, FKH and “an-Nusra are coordinating their operations in Aleppo, and to identify which of the groups included in the PFS, who at this time performs, is simply impossible.

USA or consciously playing this giveaway with a local, or do not realize that they cheated in a particularly perverse form. Second, by the way, it is possible, owing to the inability of the CIA and army intelligence to understand what is happening. The habit of thinking in stereotypes and to operate with them in the home completes the defeat of the American military-political thought. Representatives of the former “Free army”, and now FKH enough to wear the European costume, and at a relatively normal English to say something heartfelt about democracy and free elections, and the Yankees then lose the ability to assess the situation critically. Hence the inability to determine the coordinates of those whom the USA determined the allies and the jihadists, because those are easily swapped and repainted the flags, as it recently happened with “an-Nusra”.

To trust anyone in the middle East in this kind of games is a big mistake, but our Western partners behave in unusual situations as small children. And see what would happen if government troops, creating a sufficient safety zone around Eastern Aleppo, all the same will be accepted for Stripping jihadists in the city, and further East, until the Palestinian camps, the most cannibalistic of the zone behind the front line.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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