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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Pacific ocean discovered a mysterious luminous sphere

Mysteriously glowing from the inside a purple sphere with a diameter of several centimeters found at the bottom of the Pacific ocean off the coast of southern California experts representing amerikanskiot ocean research. A strange object, which most likely represents an unusual living creature, was discovered through scientific research vessel “Nautilus”, broadcast from cameras which can be seen on the Internet.

photo: youtube.com

When scientists stumbled upon a mysterious sphere, the spectacle brought them into some confusion, because to determine what exactly they are dealing with, turned out to be very difficult. A take from the original assumptions of experts was the version that sphere represents an unknown species of plankton, or a kind of “egg” in which a developing embryo. The researchers also joked that the discovery is reminiscent of the disco ball, especially against the background of two green lights, which shone before a research vessel.

The Internet is broadcast from the chambers of the Nautilus, so the audience could learn about the discovery at the same time by the researchers.

Simultaneously with the scientists of purple glowing ball became interested in a nearby crab. He approached the area, poked her one of the limbs. Although scientists had feared that the animal will violate the integrity of the unusual finds, in the process they interfere tried. Soon, however, the crab itself has changed his plans, and then scientists using special equipment took away the detected object on Board the vessel.

Reportedly, shortly after scientists in the laboratory have taken the required samples, field split into two hemispheres. At the moment it is assumed that professionals are faced with a new species of marine gastropods from the squad golosemennyh.

Scientists sometimes assert that the depths of earth’s oceans to date in many ways studied by mankind is worse than, for example, the Moon, Mars, Venus or Jupiter. One of the recent and fairly the clearest examples of this can be seen in the recently announced interim results of the work of the underwater research unit Oceanos Explorer. He studied the life forms inhabiting the bottom of the Mariana trench, the deepest point on Earth, and found there are a lot of completely unique organisms, many of which with great difficulty could fit in a modern classification.

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