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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The leader Therr Maitz Anton Belyaev: “the Format is evil”

Delicate melodic structures of live and electronic instruments, stylish English texts, which in the case with this team rarely cause complaints about their foreign origin and organically fit into the concept of sound – all music lace weave members of the independent team Therr Maitz. Intelligent playing of the song “not for everyone” these guys still got on the big stage and collect no less impressive halls than the top pop old. This year the group celebrates its fifth anniversary. “ZD” congratulated Anton Belyayev with the birthday of his offspring and learned about what it’s like to record an album on the roof of a Japanese skyscraper, why the market is working against the musicians, what’s wrong with the definition of “actual music” and what it takes to succeed, besides talent.

Photo: press service of the group.

– Anton, what thoughts you approached the first anniversary Therr Maitz?

– You can, of course, to remember all received regalia, won and not won the nomination, but I think our main achievement is that we managed to keep our original lineup over the years. Teamwork, teamwork is always very difficult, and the ability to establish contact, the ability to productively develop together are expensive.

– Do you have clear roles in the group: for example, you are a leader-visionary, Ilya Lukashev – sound engineer, sound designer, others do their work…?

– Yes, of course: the creative process is not complete without some kind of totalitarianism, democracy, we are not encouraged (laughs). In fact, we are still together just because I found the right proportion, the balance in our creative relationship. There are some things with me in the group not arguing, others I listen to colleagues. Not everyone is equally well – it is a utopia, but the Golden mean, I think found.

And it happens that someone of the participants suddenly offers a brilliant idea that you accept and support?

– It happens all the time. Anyone can offer an idea, then they just need to realize, and here already includes managerial mechanism: all should work. Are creative people always so: they used to gush with ideas, but when it comes to their implementation, the problems start. To implement the idea of good, one hundred percent – even more difficult. So you need a clear understanding of who manages the process who is responsible. In Therr Maitz I carry it, but otherwise I’m open to various proposals and, by the way, this is also one of the important qualities for the team leader to be able sometimes to give other people ideas as their own (laughs).

– It is clear that the group is not a factory producing songs, working as a mechanism, but it is clear that Therr Maitz ambitious and clearly put before itself specific targets. Some of them for five years yet remained unfulfilled?

We have long been unable to produce one great concert recording, because the schedule becomes more relaxed, and besides, we don’t really like the way we played in that time. We’re trying to find a solution to make all of it sounded decent, and really suffer for this reason. Here, perhaps the only unfulfilled. Everything else, fortunately, happens organically and in a timely manner.

Photo: press service of the group.

– What moments were especially significant in your history?

– Most importantly, we all gathered together. It happened quite suddenly: originally we did not aim to gather a group, we just met in some Studio work in various guises and realised that we are interested in each other. At some point it became obvious that we already are a single organism, a community. Then there was a period when we have felt the future path of development, determined empirically, what we can do together and with music in General. In this state, we were about a year, after which it became clear that everything works, but we also realized that our audience at that time was very small. We have put a lot of effort to change the situation, but it happens slowly. Then I consciously took part in the show “the Voice” in order to expand the audience Therr Maitz. And it gave us the audience we wanted, which we work now, although I still remember in the face to the fans, those 200-300 people who came to support us at the beginning. Subsequently, they brought new fans. And I really want to see their eyes at the concert on 5 August in the center of modern art Vinzavod. The next landmark event after the show and expand the fan club was the release of the album. For a group that does everything slowly enough, it happened not so long ago – last year. We also played some big concerts, which helped us to gain a foothold in a certain status, the status of artists, who are able to collect many thousands of halls and entertain people in large numbers.

– Today, many musicians refuse to release full-length records. The pace of life is increasing, and the attention of the audience wanes: they are easier to obtain music information gradually, so today it is so popular EP. What gave you the album “Unicorn”?

“It was a difficult situation: we are a big visible group, don’t have any copyright material. The people who came to our concert, not hear what we play, so it was necessary to correct this “error”. I had to go and record the record to create a material that people could identify us on some records. Then over the last five months brought a “Unicorn”, and, in my opinion, get it right.

Photo: press service of the group.

– How affects you success – it discourages or motivates?

It turned out that success is not relaxing, on the contrary. While you play the guitar sitting on the sofa with his friends, it seems that will have big halls, thousands of people will come to your concert, and you’ll finally be able to relax. In fact, you become more focused, because the more responsibility, the more feel it. I realize that my every step forward deprives me of the opportunity to do something worse, but always do a good job seriously. This is a kind of trap into which you get absolutely realized. And you can’t afford to be at the bar in front of a hundred people, but sometimes like. There are also pluses. We do a lot of self-education, sound engineering. The development is noticeable and the better everything happens technically, the more I relax energetically. While I am quite critical in operation. Again returning to the album “Unicorn”, it hastily collected 50 days version, and I hear that we did not all that was needed. Now we learn to do better.

– What study?

– We have long wanted to do a job, which would be more soul than grinding synths, and finally we managed to record an acoustic mini-album “Tokyo Roof”. As is evident from the title, we wrote it down in the Japanese capital, having participated in the curious project “Positive leads on.” There is a team that helps people realize their dreams, of course, removing the whole process on camera. When they asked what kind of dream I have, of course, I immediately said that I wanted to do a concert at Madison square garden (laughs). They said that while this budget they have, and then there was Tokyo. The idea was to record an EP on the roof of a skyscraper. This trip has not been easy and relaxed, we had to cope with many difficulties, but we still climbed on the roof, supplied the necessary equipment and recorded 4 songs, which were included in the micro-album. I like how it turned out. It’s such a clean, unpolluted intelligent sounding story. I always strive to ensure that the music was warmer, and this album turned out exactly. In fact, the record was attended by two people – one plays the piano and sings, plays the second guitar. Around Tokyo: the wind blows into the microphones, someone in the background of a decisive brace falls equipment – and it’s all there in the record, that living breath. It details reports that with us, it happened, and I think it’s unique. For Therr Maitz – it’s a big step towards the shower. Such records have not been yet.

– In the video there is a moment when you stand on the roof and ask the Japanese man in the suit to allow you to play there. First, he sharply denies you, but after hearing you sing, smiling, gives good, and you happy, even cuddling with him. It is clear that this footage is staged, but it seems that you really had to deal with a difficult Japanese mentality…

– The way it was. Imagine what the capital of Japan to agree on how to drag a Grand piano, equipment and record on the roof of the office building, which is a huge number of companies employ people. It is clear that those responsible for the building, it is absolutely not necessary. So we had to solve many “bureaucratic” issues, go through various approvals. First, we found it quite difficult to communicate with the person you saw in the video – he was really the organizer of the process, but once we went with him to a bar, drank a lot of sake, and we are very close. So, actually, what you saw in the video, the history of the development of our relations for a week, compressed into a few seconds. Was also that this man is a friend of Sigur Ros, we have many points of contact, and we now have a great dialogue.

– Creativity Therr Maitz – international and may be interested audience from different countries, as you yourself have repeatedly said. How are you doing in this field?

– This year we, as planned, actively selected into the international arena – in August, for example, performing at major European festivals in September release new song and video for her to trainees from different countries. It will be another of our transformation: I usually tend to be serious and “spiritual” music, but this track is quite casual. In this we are not just trying to look serious, he aimed at the entertainment of the audience. The video is very funny, but we’ll never be able to remove a simple clip, like the “Leningrad” – we still always have any hidden codes. I think this movement in the direction of the audience is important for a group who believes that she is worthy of much attention. We are not breaking ourselves, we also sometimes want to have some fun.

Photo: press service of the group.

– You say that a lot of attention paid to the sound engineering, Studio work, while Therr Maitz – actively touring band. How do you find a balance of time and energy?

– Heavily. But the beauty is that it’s completely different activities. I’m glad I have the opportunity to alternate. By switching from one task to another does not occur intellectual fatigue. Sometimes it’s physical fatigue, but this is a natural process.

– To talk about the different types of activities: you spent quite a long time musical producer and was on the other side of the fence. What gave you this experience?

– Actually I haven’t been on the other side, I was the same. I was always irritated by the influence of the workers of the markets at work. I believe that music must first show the uniqueness of man, it is impossible to drive in the narrow confines. The format is evil. I sincerely think so, but was forced to work there, because for this I was paid money. I recognize that his own hands have created some very terrible things, still blamed myself for it and Wake up in a cold sweat. This is absolutely wrong and breaks the psyche as artists and listeners. It is desirable that each successive accomplishment, the emergence of a new artist was radically different from the previous one, but the market works a little differently. It’s like fast food, where all the same people come to feel the taste to which they are accustomed to paying a certain amount of money. The law of the market is to sell the consumer what he wants. Same with music: people paying for a song, wants to make something recognisable, where is his usual “tynts-tynts”, clear vocals and a familiar, simple melody. This system works very well on the money, and does not work for musicians and creativity.

– Therr Maitz his example were able to reverse this history and to show that making high quality, intelligent music, you can also collect many thousands of rooms. This exception to the rule?

– Unfortunately, Yes. And it’s not only our merit. When the artist thinks he has become successful solely because of his genius, he is mistaken. A big role in our business, luck plays. Five years ago, I essentially did the same thing today, but nothing happened. It is important to show yourself at the right time and right place should match a lot of different factors. Then everything, of course, depends on how you will be able to hold the audience’s attention for a long time, not to bore people. Here already come into effect a few other laws: to make it work and then it is important to love what you do. The audience is very easy to get freaked out by fatigue, and yet not a burden to travel around the city and sing the same songs from concert to concert. People feel it and keep coming back for performances by Therr Maitz. The ability not to lose the feeling of freshness is a kind of craft, and our very presence in the large and modern stage – this is pure fortune.

Many musicians say that the audience in the Russian regions are very different. Are you feeling it?

– Of course, but there is an important “but”. We identify your audience not by age or gender, rather it is in the intellect and intelligibility. People who come to our shows, want to understand a bit more than those who are, for example, the speech by max Korzh. Our audience is both men and women, children and even the elderly, but they are all the same stock on the same wavelength, from what city they may be.

– Therr Maitz often referred to as “relevant group”. You do feel the legislators of musical trends?

I don’t like the definition of “relevant” – is it dangerous, it sounds like “fashion”, and I believe that to be fashionable is bad. If we get into a goal is great, but we never had the goal to create opportunistic music that would be relevant here and now. We play very different things and not trying to be at the height of fashion: our songs can like it or not… I think this development is a more durable option for the group. That is why we are now five years old. If we were trendy, our music will very quickly become boring to people.

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