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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The head of the Supreme Council of Transnistria has caused an interesting visit to Moscow

After the coup in Kiev “ring of enemies” around Transnistria were closed. All the years after the Soviet collapse, Ukraine belonged to a small breakaway Republic quite well. Now on the one hand, hostile Moldova and behind it Romania, on the other — no less hostile anti-Russian Ukraine. In the Republic, too, are ripening changes. Last year in the parliamentary elections won by the party “Update”, which is in opposition to the President Yevgeny Shevchuk. What’s next? Whether Transnistria to survive in such difficult conditions? This “MK” told the speaker of Parliament of PMR Vadim Krasnoselsky.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

— Tell us about your visit to Moscow.

The purpose of our visit is to consolidate inter-parliamentary contacts between the Supreme Council of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic and the state Duma of the Russian Federation and to revive inter-party ties between the party “Renewal” (which is now headed by Galina antyufeeva) and the party “United Russia”. We believe these contacts are very promising. We are interested in a program of “United Russia”, which we want to implement. In 2006, the Supreme Council is working on harmonization of Russian legislation and legislation of the PMR.

I was in Transnistria last summer and was convinced that the economic situation in the Republic is very difficult. How are things today?

Today Transnistria was in the “interesting position”. We are surrounded by such States as Moldova and Ukraine. This neighborhood, of course, affects our socio-economic situation, which is very difficult. We are on the slowdown, unfortunately. But there is reason to assume that everything can be fixed. As speaker of Parliament I see the main task in the recovery of our foreign economic ties with Russia. We didn’t come to ask for money. We want to make Transnistria was economically interesting for Russia. We have something to offer. Russia might be interested in our products of light industry and agriculture. And in our interests and in the interests of the Russian Federation to resolve between us all omissions and misunderstandings. During a recent visit to Tiraspol, the special representative of the Russian President on Transnistria Dmitry Rogozin we in the Supreme Council voiced its vision of the solution to the problems that exist today. For example, citizens in Transnistria receive a certificate of the parent capital, but are unable to use it. Now, I think this issue will be resolved. Our children will be able to use the certificate upon admission to the University. It can be applied in the capital construction. There is also a problem with obtaining Russian citizenship for young people who were born after 1992. The issue is, I think, too, will be solved.

— How do you assess Russia’s role as a guarantor of the Transnistrian conflict settlement?

— Russia is fulfilling a peacekeeping mission in Transnistria. The format of the peacekeeping operation is unique. In 24 years of its implementation not a single peacekeeper was killed in the line of duty and there were no clashes. It is an indicator. The operation involved peacekeepers in Transnistria and Moldova. That is, the former warring parties, which together protect peace in our land. We have a common history, common culture, common language, common religion is the Foundation of the success of the peacekeeping mission of Russia.

But as far as I know, due to the current in Ukraine the situation there are certain difficulties with the rotation and supply peacekeepers…

— For Russia it is not a difficulty. Russia — a great power that is able to solve these problems.

— How difficult? Rotation takes place today?

— Of course, passes.

— Can you talk about that with the Ukraine Transnistria is completely blocked? The borders are closed?

— No, we cannot say that the borders are closed. The border is closed is when I put the blocks on the road and no one is allowed. There are problems, of course. The main problem is that Ukraine does not pass through its territory of Russian citizens from Transnistria.

Even those who reside in Transnistria?

Not even those, namely those who live in Transnistria with Russian passports. This is a problem. This raises the question of the freedom of movement of citizens. In my opinion, this is unacceptable.

— And the rest missing?

— Those who have another citizenship, passed. In addition, in principle, nothing prevents the trading relations of Transnistria with the Russian Federation through the territory of Ukraine. However, in order for us to freely traded through the territory of Ukraine or from Ukraine, we have to do double customs and phytosanitary registration. That is our Transnistrian enterprises to trade with Ukraine, EU or Russia, are forced to carry out the registration in Moldova getting there permitting the Moldavian documents and pay customs fees. This is besides the fact that they are registered on the territory of Transnistria and pay us taxes. Naturally, this increases the cost of production.

— A problem with the export of products is now not?

— I will say this: this problem can be addressed by Russia. When Moldova signed the Association agreement with the EU, Russia has imposed restrictive measures against it. And our companies were hit by these measures. Because legally all of our businesses for the Russian Federation is Moldovan enterprises under international law. But now that the situation concerning the Transnistrian enterprises is changing.

— In what situation today is the population of the Republic? I know that last year the government was forced to take unpopular measures, in particular a 30% cut in pensions and public sector wages. As is the case now?

— The situation difficult, but positive change is. Due to the position of the Supreme Council of the completeness of the payments recovered. Devaluation of the national currency today is not happening, there is no inflation at the level that was expected. And it allows you to maintain the status of pensioners and public sector employees at the level where it was two years ago.

— And the money was not paid, returned?

— Paid. All this happened after the election of a new Parliament.

— What about the tariffs?

— This year the growth of tariffs is observed. Everything remains at the level of 2015. But that’s not the problem. The problem is that it is necessary to develop new industries, create new jobs.

— Currently, the Transnistrian Parliament is conducting a series of investigations against various okololegochnykh “gray schemes”. However, the investigative Committee of the PMR refused to initiate criminal cases. Will continue the investigation, despite the fact that practical results yet?

— The results are there. For example, there was an investigation on non-payment of 30% of public sector employees. The decision was made. All debts paid. The same thing on currency crisis and a number of other cases. Parliament merely records the fact of violation, it shall not decide on the guilt of a person. He invites other authorities to make a final decision. In the Constitution of PMR written that the Supreme Council is not only legal but also regulatory authority. The Constitution clearly States to conduct a parliamentary investigation. Our goal is not the purpose of the perpetrators, and assessment of the situation and the establishment of a legislative mechanism for preventing abuses in the future.

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