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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The exhibition Aivazovsky: sea covered the Tretyakov gallery

One Russian artist can reward comparisons on the “p” in the superlative degree — a prolific, popular, kidnapping, faked. Of course, it is Hovhannes Aivazian, in the world known as Ivan Aivazovsky. Master who is writing a nature not from nature, but from the head. For his exhibition, the most highly touted and ambitious project of the summer — the Tretyakov gallery were selected from more than 200 of 6000 (the same age celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Ivan Konstantinovich) different genres of work of 23 collections. Such a large-scale exhibition of the outstanding painter of seascapes. It seems that the gallery on the Crimean Shaft will have to increase security, not to repeat history with the exhibition Serov.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

Dip in water depths occurs at the entrance to the exhibition halls, where a group of contemporary artists “Blue soup” a video installation Black sea. Well, in full glory expanse of the sea appears on the walls behind glass doors. The water element is here taken as in the pre-dawn, tranquil, pale pink watch, and in the dark, in the storm. Many works familiar to the Azov sea (walking along the shore, with ships, sailors and without). But there are landscapes and foreign waters: the Mediterranean sea, the Gulf of Naples and even Niagara falls. After Aivazovsky — one of the few artists of the XIX century, who at the state level made a visit to the United States.

By the way, Ivan Konstantinovich was an ardent traveler — the passport has collected 135 visas. Traveled almost the whole of Europe, which hosted his solo exhibitions that bring to the master a substantial income. During one of these travels he nearly died. Between France and Spain in the Bay of Biscay, the ship that sailed Aivazovsky, were caught in a fierce storm and only miraculously sank. The next day, the Paris Newspapers came out with the title on the death of Ivan Aivazovsky.

About these and many other curious facts of his work on the second floor telling archival materials, family portrait artist, photography. Find Aivazovsky as a rare philanthropist, the first honorary citizen of Feodosia, a key figure for city and Crimea as a whole. One example of his philanthropy — the construction in 1888 of the water supply system in Feodosia, which was then experiencing a shortage of fresh water. The use of water was paid, however, to drink water from the fountain on the square Novobazarnaya were allowed free. There always stood a silver mug with the inscription: “Drink to the health of Ivan Konstantinovich and his family.”

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

In addition to the documentary component on the second level attempted to recreate the office masters: from floor to ceiling are placed with telescope, wheel, star globe, models of ships, appointed diploma of Alexander II to the artist. However, most paintings at the exhibition is rooted in the Royal collection. Emperors from Nicholas I to Alexander III bought them from the hands of the seascape. But the rare painting — “the coast of the Caucasus” — presented after the restoration, never before it was shown to the public. Side by side with her paintings of Aivazovsky, for the first time in amount 55. Speaking about this project can consistently and rightly to use the word “first”, because this scale Ivan Konstantinovich has never seen before.

Conversation with exhibition curator Galina Churak before opening day:

— Galina, what goal you set before them?

We would like once again to draw the attention of the modern viewer to the artist, who turned 200 years old. It was important to understand that today Aivazovsky whether we need it or not, as a modern man can perceive and read his works.

— For example, a visitor stops in front of the most well-known painting “the Ninth wave”. It is clear that it is insanely spectacular, but how to read its meanings unprepared audience?

— On the one hand, this is a romantic take-off, the crescendo, but at the same time, here lies the meaning of human rock of fate. Ability to rotate or save. All the paintings of Aivazovsky, you can explore from this point of view. Even the “Black sea”, where, besides the water and sky, nothing, overflowing with meanings. After all, water is a boundless ocean, ocean life, so this picture should be taken of people reading it in tune with present day thoughts.

— Why frontline does not lose relevance?

His works produce light impression and awaken good feelings in the soul of man is something that must always.

…Yet in the capital in a big way celebrate the anniversary of the seascape, the home of the artist in Feodosia, only going to fix it the Museum, open during the life of the master. Reconstruction requires a long time, but only now, when it came to the state of emergency (pictures threatens to destroy the dampness), promised to undertake the repair. Do you? Have to say, but it is easy to predict that the paintings of Aivazovsky will continue well sold on the art market. The average price work is $1 million. This amount would be enough for repair of the Museum, if not all, then at least partial.

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