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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Belgians learned how to make beer out of urine using sunlight

A group of experts from Belgium, representing the University of Ghent, presented a new, albeit very controversial from an aesthetic point of view, the method of production of beer. They created a device powered by solar energy, allowing to divide human urine is suitable for drinking water and mineral fertilizers. Naturally, the production of beer is not the only possible use of such machines, however, it is expected that at first it will be used for this.

photo: pixabay.com

Initially, the urine is poured into the tank where it is heated by the boiler. Because of this urine evaporates water that is absolutely pure. After the water evaporates, using a special membrane of the condensate is allocated a number of substances that can be used as mineral fertilizers, including potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus.

Scientists suggest that in the future, the proposed machine can be useful in dry lands and developing countries, that is where the problem of shortage of drinking water is particularly acute, and also in rural areas, where they could be useful additional fertilizer. While the invention you plan to use at music festivals, collected on which water you plan to brew beer. As reported by experts, on a ten-day festival in Ghent, the device has successfully shown itself, allowing to about a thousand litres of water, it is suitable for drinking and for use in Breweries.

As promised by the experts, if a device for processing urine into clean drinking water will continue to show its effectiveness, they will begin work on the establishment of its enlarged version, which could cope with this task “on an industrial scale”.

In March this year, the world health organization introduced the report, which indirectly implies that since the beginning of the century the quality of drinking water in many countries has improved — this is evidenced by the decrease in the number of infectious diseases. However, in General the problem of shortage of clean water is still very relevant today

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