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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sukhorukov has told how he chose the role of Himmler

A new film by Andrei Konchalovsky’s “Paradise” selected in the main program of the Venice film festival; Director, okay, good, he will go to present your work. Went a little incident: because of the tape (apparently, the joint Russian-German), little is known (the Second world war, the entrance of German troops in France, all the media a blueprint began to list the main actors — Yulia Vysotskaya, Victor Sukhorukov, Christian Clauss, Philip Dyukena…

— I have not the main role, but only bright, but a small episode — says Sukhorukov “MK”, and I don’t know what’s left of it: the film is not seen!

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

However, Victor shared with us the amazing story of his entry into the band.

— This character in my performance — a kind of sensation. In my creative life sensationalism, many of Lenin was, Paul First played the monk played… And here — do not think, do not guess, it was just a miracle. Andrew S. was looking for his character among the German actors. But no. Then searched in the Baltic States, France. Again, no. Finally, the experts insisted — it would have to be Russian!

— So who to look for someone?

— And you are in a hurry. Director calls me late at night. “You know, Hello, it’s Konchalovsky” (and we had not worked). And I’m glad to have unheard of! “Can I play?”. I heard someone, so at the moment say, “Oh, snap!”. What Konchalovsky said: “to Play you play, yeah I need a portrait likeness”. And in the morning I start to analyze. And I think — well, what of me a German leader? Call colleagues at “Mosfilm”: “No, my friends, to the make-up I won’t come.” “Yes you’re crazy, shout at me,” come over!”. Well, the food, sit down at my dressing table. And after a while at me through the mirror looking… Himmler!

— I thought Hitler. You have taken?

— Yes, the hotel with a symbolic name “Ukraine” in Simferopol Konchalovsky announced that he was taking me for this role. Then went to work. He repeatedly changed the task. Was selected lenses, makeup… but Andrey left me with my eyes and my essence. He gave extraordinary story, he risked, he went to experiment, I after filming begat as if some huge child, was so excited… God knows I do not deserve such creative pleasures. Get to know me, seeing Himmler in me, he rewrote the whole scene of meeting with the main character, which at first was interpreted as a dialogue, but in the end it was as long as my monologue for three pages under the five cameras…

— And what language?

In German I was not able to play would not be pulled. So the camera is allowed to speak a kind of gibberish, knowing that I will be redubbed German artist. By the way, do the Germans then saw my photoprobe and shouted: “How? Who is it? Who dares?”. In short, they recognized. But it’s worth it. I repeat, I don’t know what will end up on film, but it is an incredible event in my life. Saying goodbye, he patted him on the shoulder — “I’m glad we met, the best candidate I can find!”.

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