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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Special services begin and win: what the outcome of sudden changes in the regions

Thursday was a day of turmoil for the Russian political elite. Vladimir Putin made an unprecedented number of transfers, dismissals and appointments in the higher echelons of power, and changed the administrative division of the country.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova


Under personnel purges and reshuffles were a number of heads of the Russian regions. Resigned due to “loss of confidence” (the wording used for the first time Dmitry Medvedev Yuri Luzhkov) was sent to the head of the Kirov region Nikita Belykh, a month in prison on charges of bribery.

He, according to the lawyer Vadim Prokhorov, “was sympathetic to his dismissal.

In place of White was appointed the head of Rosreestr Igor Vasiliev. Note that from 2004 to 2010 professional activities Vasilyeva, was tied with another region of the Russian Federation in the Federation Council, he represented the Republic of Komi, and then until 2013 he worked as an auditor of the accounts chamber.

The following had been deprived of their office by the Governor, became the head of the Yaroslavl region Sergey Yastrebov. Putin has replaced the Deputy interior Minister Dmitry Mironov. Note that a large part of his career the last, from 1991 to 2013, was held in the Federal security service, which already gave recently other Governor who came in the Tula region Andrey Dyumin is also a native from there.

Characteristically, after the detector in 2013, MIA Mironov was there, in particular, anti-corruption operations.

The third dismissed by the Governor was the head of the Kaliningrad region Nikolai Tsukanov. His career, however, has been more happily: he got promotion in the Federal district, became the presidential envoy in the northwestern Federal district. It should be noted here that until recently nothing like the official was not planned, was re-elected to his post in September 2015, until this advance is specially resigned to hold elections ahead of schedule.

To replace Tsukanov, the President picked up the General-major Nikolay Senicheva, again coming from the structures of the FSO, only recent years have fallen into the FSB and headed it management across the Kaliningrad region.

Finally, the last Governor, who lost his seat, became the head of Sevastopol, Vice-Admiral Sergei Menyailo, transferred to the presidential envoy in the Siberian Federal district.

Recall that all Menyala professional career was connected with the Navy, and his leadership of the city turned into a string of scandals, the most notorious of which was the conflict with the staff of the Museum-reserve “Chersonese”. In the leaked video Vice-Admiral has been accused by the appearance of scholars and impose on them to reject the team’s new leader. The official representative of the IMF has said that a new position became official as a surprise, but he took it meekly. On his appointment he found out from journalists.

Menyailo his post was replaced by Deputy Minister of industry and trade Dmitry Ovsyannikov all professional activities which were related to regional governance and management of large industrial enterprises. Described in a series of appointments Ovsyannikov became the only professional Manager and an economist.


“Personnel earthquake” in the regions continued at a higher level of Federal districts, where the lost and found your post, many envoys.

As mentioned above, to the post of presidential envoy in the northwestern Federal district came Nikolai Tsukanov. But still Putin’s representative in the district, Vladimir Bulavin, went to an unexpected position: he became the head of the Federal customs service to replace sacked Andrei Belyaninov.

Recall that the latter, a longtime friend of Putin in Dresden residency previously searched FSB, put footage of the dwelling official in the Network, but the Kremlin said that Belyaninov is only a witness in the smuggling case, and his employee argued that the dismissal of officials impossible, “because it can never be”. Today, however, “never” has come, and a new chief customs officer of Russia became a professional officer of the KGB-FSB. Bulavin had a career in the organization, in 2006 occupied the post of its Deputy Director, and in 2008 was appointed Deputy Secretary of the security Council.

Read the review of the employee Belianinov.

The following changes have been skfo. Its previous head, Sergey Melikov, became the first Deputy Director of Regardie. This appointment seems logical due to the fact that his whole career Melikov were somehow connected with the Ministry of interior in 2011 he was installed as the commander of the joint force to conduct counter-terrorist operations in the North Caucasus Federal district.

Melikov was replaced by the former presidential envoy in the Crimean Federal district Oleg Belaventsev, and also close to the security forces: according to unconfirmed reports, in 1985 he was expelled from Britain for espionage in the last decade led the structure of the MES, and from 2012 to 2014 was the head of OJSC “Slavyanka”.

Read about “the strong business Executive” Ovsyannikov.

Finally, the last change affected the Crimean and the southern district they were merged into one administrative unit — updated South district. They took charge of the former attorney General and Minister of justice Vladimir Ustinov, who previously, in 2008, was headed by the SFD, while never having the experience of work of this kind.

And one Ambassador

The last person involved in personnel decisions Putin became Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov. As explained by the experts, he has been asked to send in his resignation, but the government did not think it possible to change it, because then it would be the approval process of the new piece could get caught up in coordination with the Ukrainian side. Now, perhaps due to the fact that the law-making process, envisaged by the Minsk agreements, Parliament still stalled, Russia’s policy might find that the resignation Zurabov and the appointment of the new diplomat is still on it will have no effect.

Thus, the result of all the permutations it is possible to draw some conclusions. First, the regional authorities of the Russian Federation has increased the representation of security officers and close personally to the President — from the circle FSO.

Second, the authorities intend denser to integrate Crimea into Russia, getting rid of the special district for it and on the Sevastopol and the Republic in the southern Federal district.

Thirdly, the conflict occurring in the higher echelons of power, won the FSB, achieving offset Belyaninov, previously discredited in the press.

In General it is obvious that the military component of the Russian authorities is becoming stronger.

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