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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

“Putin decided to replicate the successful experience of the Tula”: the expert explained the shuffling of personnel

Thursday was marked by a series of loud personnel shifts in the higher echelons of power. “According to the head of the state, these people possess the necessary potential to continue the development of these regions”, – said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, explaining the fact that the new presidential appointees were just a few of the security forces. We will remind that the post of head FTS appointed the former Deputy head of the FSB, the place of the Yaroslavl Governor – the Deputy head of the Ministry of internal Affairs, Kaliningrad – General of the FSB… is it Possible a different explanation for these changes?

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

His vision of the situation shared with us the first Vice-President of the Center for political technologies, Alexei MAKARKIN:

First, the security forces are perceived as a personnel reserve of the President. People from this environment he trusts. Although not for everyone. By itself, belonging to the security forces is not a guarantee of career growth. You may recall that he dismissed the head of the Federal customs service also comes from the environment of the security forces, but his public career, I think, complete.

Secondly, I think the President is interested in building a balance of interests between various groups of security forces. This balance is not stable, it changes continuously. And the President acts as the chief arbitrator, who decides who is right and who is wrong, whom to promote, whom to punish. In recent years, this balance has changed. It is connected including with the criminal case against the generals of the Investigative Committee, with the recent elimination of the Federal drug control service, in General, was made a lot of decisions. And now we see a new stage of building a balance. Noteworthy is that the new head of customs Vladimir Bulavin has long worked under the supervision of the Secretary of security Council Nikolai Patrushev and FSB and SBP.

Third: let me remind you that at the beginning of this to the post of acting Governor of the Tula region was displaced General Aleksei Dyumin. It was an unexpected decision, because just over a month before Dyumin became Deputy Minister of defence.

As I understand it, Dyumin quickly managed to consolidate the elite Tula: all the major players are now working on it during the election campaign, no problems are seen. And, probably, had the idea to repeat the experience.

Well and fourthly, it was necessary to solve some specific problems. For example, the departure of the Plenipotentiary in skfo Melikov in the National guard was planned long ago. Just waiting who will replace him. In addition, it was necessary to resolve the situation in Sevastopol is associated with the conflict Chaly and Menyailo, who was patronized by the presidential envoy to the Crimean district. Accordingly, the issue decided by permutations: Menyailo transferred to Siberia, and Belavenets in the North Caucasus Federal district”.

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