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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Putin blamed the breeders: “Why wives and children to lay?!”

While the public digests information about high-profile personnel changes, their initiator Vladimir Putin listened to the calls to shoot all wild boars in the country and to fill up the pork Iran and the Gulf States. Also at the meeting on agriculture, which Vladimir Putin held in the Tver region, discussed the removal of food embargo from Turkey. Farmers asked the authorities not to hurry up, the President promised that the Russian market will be able to return only high-quality Turkish products.

photo: AP

“Breakfast with combiners” – a traditional event in the summer schedule of the President. Its procedure is well-known governors of the southern regions, where the GDP is usually sent to inspect the battle for the harvest, but for the newly appointed acting Governor of the Tver region Igor farm, with everything was a novelty.

– The tie can be removed?, proper it service Protocol, blankly looking like a barmaid disinfects placed on the table a plate of vodka “Imperial order”.

‘No,’ graciously given up looking – we are in an open field…

Rudest loosened the knot, but the tie to remove all the same did not dare. And he was right: Vladimir Putin appeared on the field in full uniform – suit, tie and favorite pointed shoes. To eat at home, the President clearly did not have time: seated at the table, he immediately went for the yogurt.

Real cranberries? Delicious! he railed.

However, the President was disappointed: the cranberry, as it turned out, not local. The agribusiness buys it in Lithuania. And its berries only enough for the manufacture of tinctures and other alcohol products.

– Come on! Vodka cranberry, I look produce. And for yoghurt for some reason it is impossible to obtain, – said the head of state.

At the meeting they talked about the specifics of agriculture in the Central regions. Unlike the South, proudly bearing the title of breadbasket of the country, the role of the CFO more modest but no less important. Local producers provide vegetables, meat and dairy products to the huge population of the Moscow region.

The head of the Union of vegetable growers Sergei Korolev told that we were very happy when the government imposed sanctions against Turkey, the Russian market is littered with cheap low quality tomatoes, and learning about reconciliation, did not expect. “And then there’s the Turkish Lira devalued the ruble by 30% , it will also give them a competitive advantage when you return,” the worried Queens.

Vladimir Putin gave to understand that no one with the return of Turkish agricultural products in a hurry is not going to. “In this case we will primarily look at the quality,” he said. According to Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, Ministry of agriculture will send to Turkey specialists for the inspection of agricultural products. “Each commodity position (and in addition to tomatoes, the ban applies to cucumbers, cauliflower, oranges, grapes, peaches, apples, etc. – “MK”) is subject to separate consideration . Then the decision will be taken”, – said the official.

In the field of animal husbandry, the main problem of the region, as it turned out, a wild boar. They are carriers of African swine fever – a disease that reduces the number of meat pigs.

I’m telling you on behalf of the community pig: wild boar in the Central part of Russia should meet less frequently than elephants and leopards, ” referring to the GDP, said the head of national meat Association Sergey Yushin. In Poland, according to him, the destruction of wild boars were attracted to the army. And in Estonia each dead animal paid 100 euros.

– Need to develop a program maximum of depopulation of wild boars – all discussions on this topic should stop, – convinced the President of Yushin – in Fact, to open pig-breeding complex, many at the time laid wives and children, and now plague have substantial losses…

– Why are wives with children to establish? – surprised Putin – Other property?

The head of the Ministry Alexander Tkachev, in turn, admitted that at the mention of African swine also have his “knees were shaking”, but in principle the case in the pig are not bad – in recent years, the security of its own pork in Russia increased from 60% to 95% and now there is a question about the conquest of foreign markets.

– We need to fight for China, Iran, the Gulf countries… with enthusiasm listed Tkachev than a lot of fun of Vladimir Putin and his assistant Andrei Belousov. “Pork? In Iran?” – uhohatyvalsya they are the next pearl another official. (However, to the Oryol Governor, sent to Petersburg of Ivan the terrible, Tkachev, frankly, is still far away).

The President in his speech laid emphasis on the involvement of unused agricultural land. Such throughout the country’s 12 million hectares in the Tver region is 2.8 million hectares. According to Putin, the amendments adopted by the deputies of the 6th convocation before leaving the state Duma, give the opportunity to remove the areas that are not used for the purpose within three years and transfer them to another owner. “The new owner must enter them into circulation during the year. It is important not to create artificial barriers – people do not need this year to run the offices and the paperwork,” – said the GDP.

He remembered the meeting about the cranberries. Tkachev proposed to issue grants to farmers who decided to specialize in picking berries and mushroom and their processing. So the next time the President will treat vitamins have domestic. “Of this kind in our woods, like dirt!” – happy Tkachev.

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