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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Menyailo finally exchanged: care of the Governor was for Sevastopol holiday

“The day of St. Vladimir’s this year was a success!” – so reacted to Sevastopol on the news coming from Kremlin. The rapid movement of the Governor of Sevastopol Sergey meniailo in Novosibirsk — in the armchair of the Plenipotentiary of the Siberian Federal district — called the city’s revival. People are seriously going in the evening to hold celebrations near the monument to Nakhimov.

Not too warm attitude of residents of the sailors to his former head — is well known. The conflict of “people’s mayor” Alexey Chaly and the legislative Assembly with the Governor since the end of last year is not coming from the media strips. But the choice of a new destination for the Vice-Admiral of the fleet raises many questions. In the same way as the question whether the new head of the region appointed from Moscow, to find common language with volitality of Sevastopol.

photo: kremlin.ru

In addition to the Governor’s “place of registration” was changed and the presidential envoy to the Crimean Federal district Oleg Belaventsev, sent to lead the North Caucasus Federal district. This is due to the elimination of separate Crimean district in General: it will be part of the SFD. That is logical in light of the construction of the Crimean bridge, meaning a full infusion of the Crimea in structure of Russia. Important changes in Sevastopol took place on the eve of Navy day, which is essentially a city holiday. That already gave a reason to citizens to talk about holiday gift from the Federal government.

As stated in the official message on the website of the Russian President, the resignation of the Governor of Sevastopol adopted on the basis of his statements on their own (according to other sources, the resignation came as a surprise to him — about her Menyailo learned from the media). If you believe the reports of Sevastopol, Sergei Menyailo in mid-January, spoke with the President about his resignation. But then allegedly, his application was not supported. Although the conflict with the Legislative Assembly was in full swing: the “people’s mayor” Alexey Chaly in the Wake of disagreements with the head of the city announced his resignation from the post of the speaker of AP on the eve of the New year — 29 Dec. Chaly urged to do the same and Menyailo, but the Governor took the time to answer.

The conflict between the legislative and Executive authorities of Sevastopol was for the city to be a disaster. Hero Vice-Admiral assigned by the Governor at the behest of the creators of the “Russian spring” in Sevastopol, was suddenly a bad Manager. The views of former colleagues on the development of the city, quickly dispersed.

The government under the leadership of the IMF has not developed a coherent program. Moreover, it became clear that the former military prefers to solve urban issues, not listening to the voice of the legislators and the public. This “voluntarist” approach and caused resentment of the freedom of Sevastopol.

The Governor could not forgive land redistribution in the city, in a strange reconstruction, when the historic parapet or paving stones were replaced with cheap modern equivalents, and rarity was sold at a closed auction. Last year’s blackout in Sevastopol, as shown by the inability of the Executive power to respond adequately to the problem. For example, the Sevastopol can not forgive the Governor that a schedule of rolling blackouts was not respected, since, after allegedly issued a decree on ensuring the homes of civil servants round the clock electricity, but the rest of him just not getting…

If at the beginning of this year someone thought that conflict can still be smooth after Chaly still insisted on his resignation and on March 22, left the post of the speaker, and the Governor remained at the same place, it became clear that the situation is a stalemate. Lawmakers decided to get rid of the Governor through a referendum on the introduction of direct election of the head of Sevastopol. But because the city Charter says nothing about this form of democracy, the electoral Commission of Sevastopol in the plebiscite refused. A CEC decision affirmed on the grounds that “a regional law that reglamentary the procedure for the organization of such actions (referendum), as such, does not exist.” Legislators had to develop such a law, take it. But it was clear that the 18 September to elect the Governor of the city can not. But now the referendum may not be necessary. Although, scalded Menyailo, Sevastopol still want to get the right of the popular election of its leader.

Meanwhile, the city sent acting that are assigned a 39-year-old native of Omsk, Dmitry Ovsyannikov. Very little is known not only for Sevastopol, but rossina at all. His last position was Director of the Department of regional industrial policy Minpromtorga Russia.

Alexey Chaly has responded to changes in the management of Sevastopol: “From my point of view, for the city, this decision is definitely useful. This long-awaited. I am optimistic about the future of Sevastopol, especially because the acting was the Deputy Minister of industry and trade, a man quite young, but have a lot of experience”.

If Sevastopol something clear, the fate of Sergei meniailo, sent to Siberia for the post of Ambassador, is unenviable.. the fact that this district is not easy. To get along with Siberian governors, it is necessary to have considerable diplomatic skills. And just this quality in the role of Governor Menyailo did not Shine…

Read the story “Us, why Menyailo?”: users made fun of the new Siberian envoy”

“MK” interviewed experts about what is now waiting for Sevastopol and the former Governor of the IMF in a new position.

Oleg Nikolaev, Chairman of Business Russia in Sevastopol, a member of the popular front: “In Sevastopol, in my opinion, today will be a holiday. As for the election of the Governor, I believe he should be elected popularly. I think that in September we will take the local referendum law, and then all obstacles will be eliminated. The only thing we wanted to be able to hold a referendum until September 18, to coincide with elections to the Single voting day. But was not in time. What — wait. The acting is already assigned, it is Dmitry Ovsyannikov. We don’t know who it is. But we were afraid that instead of Menyailo appoint Veremeyeva, which is even worse. Therefore, the current decision — this is happiness for us”.

Konstantin Zatulin, Director of CIS countries Institute: “the Fate Menyailo was directly related to nerazreshiem to end the crisis in relations with the Chaly. Still between them there was a war of mice and frogs”, and it caused damage to the city and the participants of the fight. From their confrontation in the first place, suffering now under attack and turned the election campaign on elections to the state Duma. Now the Kremlin is removed from the political arena of Sevastopol both parties to the conflict and will work to restore dialogue between the Executive and legislative power in the city. That Chaly remained in him not talking about his win, as he no longer took any important posts and content with only those that survived from the city Menyailo. Now he will try to influence the new Governor of Sevastopol, and at first he would answer him, because no one is interested in fomenting a new conflict.”

Valery Khomyakov, General Director of the national security Council: “on the one hand, new appointments, the Kremlin tried to resolve the conflict between Chaly and Menyailo, and show the Crimean elites that they have room to grow in the rest of Russia. It can also be a signal that the President keeps his finger on the pulse and tries to channel the discontent of the Crimean people, who are increasingly asking where the money is.

On the other hand, a new assignment Menyailo, will likely be his last. For Siberians it is absolutely a stranger. The inhabitants of the Siberian Federal district is completely different mentality than in the Crimea and Sevastopol. They are somewhat similar to those who in time mastered the Wild West. They hang noodles on the ears does not work. Hence the result: in Novosibirsk and Irkutsk region to the elections came from the opposition. If in Siberia Menyailo mangled the same wood as in Sevastopol, the Siberians will eat him alive, and then complain about it to Putin.”

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