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Friday, July 21, 2017

Infants will be saved through thermal imaging camera

Childbirth is perhaps the most exciting moment in every woman’s life. In addition to the experiences of the process, the expectant mother is extremely important to the newborn kid was safe. It was the aim of the work of the Russian scientists decided to use a thermal imager — a device that can record temperature changes in the soft tissues of the human body, with the unexpected hand — to help figure out whether a baby in childbirth oxygen starvation of the brain. And if this was the place to be, to make quick action to save the life of the little body. About the features of a new invention, “MK” told academician of the Russian Academy of natural Sciences Professor Alexander URAKOFF.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

– To date, the problem of protecting the cerebral cortex of babies in childbirth, when women are weak labors, or early detachment of the placenta, ” says the Professor. – Yes, any reason for a few minutes deteriorates the blood supply to the fetus. All this first of all will damage the cortex of the brain because this organ suffers first due to lack of oxygen. What can cause problems in the future.

– How did you come up with the idea to use the infrared camera in the birthing process?

– I long time was engaged in the study of heat changes of the body at the Institute of mechanics, Ural branch, Russian Academy of Sciences. And the first in our city was in the hands of the thermal imager. And since my daughter is an obstetrician-gynecologist, she decided to use this device for diagnosis of hypoxia in newborns.

– How does the imager in the process of childbirth?

– Like camera, without direct contact with the woman. Works from a distance of several meters. The principle is that the main heat carrier in our body is blood. When the fetus emerges from the birth canal head first, it is possible to determine the temperature of the brain. Since the little man has on the head is not fused between the bones of the slit and the fontanelles. In these places the skin is very thin. And these areas can reflect the temperature of the brain. If blood enters, the temperature in these areas is 1.5-2 degrees higher than the adjacent “bone” areas, and may be the same. Normal is the one that is displayed on the screen of the imager is red and orange-pink flowers. Low temperatures will Shine orange, blue and green colors. In this case it is necessary to sound the alarm and to save the child.

And this device has no negative impact on the organisms of mother and fetus?

– No, of course! A thermal imaging camera does not emit anything, it only picks up heat waves from the object. And they are displayed on the screen in the form of sectors of different colors. The temperature is determined with an accuracy of a hundredth of a degree.

– What else can you do to save the life of a child who was discovered to have hypoxia?

– To prevent damage to the brain, the head should be cool. This, incidentally, explains the usefulness of water births and 25 degrees: the fruit appears and is suddenly cooled. Look: if you pull the arm tourniquet and stop the blood flow, then it depends on the ambient temperature will depend on how many will “live” limb. In the heat she will die within the hour, at normal temperature for two hours. But if cooling the arm to 20 degrees, it will last up to six hours. So with the fetus during hypoxia — if you cool the head, you can save more brain cells.

– And what to do to women during childbirth to soften the negative consequences for the child’s brain during oxygen starvation?

In this area we also have his invention. Interestingly, many midwives offer women to hold their breath during childbirth. The method is based on physiological principles: the uterus behaves more actively in stressful situations of the body. She would seek to save the fetus and to do it quickly. Here is the condition, and aims to provide a method of “breath hold”. We also offer maternity on the contrary to breathe “to drunk”, and then provide it with the oxygen mask. And thus to supply the fetus supplemental oxygen: this element will be in large quantities to enter the placenta, and from there to “climb” the fruit.

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