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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Google will turn de-communization back

Serious problems had almost made himself one of the largest search engine Runet – Google. When the map of the Crimea in the app engine has a new geographical names, the corresponding decision of the Verkhovna Rada of decommunisation from Roskomnadzor demanded to understand a situation. After that, Google decided to rethink their priorities.

The beginning of the scandal has put the blogosphere. One of the bloggers took advantage of the Google service.map and found the unfamiliar name in the Crimea. It turned out that the service called settlements of the Peninsula in accordance with the decision of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Recall that the Ukrainian Parliament last year adopted a package of laws on de-communization, on the basis of which should change the names of settlements related to the Soviet period. Under this policy, Dnepropetrovsk became the Dnieper, Kirovograd – Krapivnitskaja, etc Decommunization touched and Crimea, which the official Kiev considers its territory, as well as Donbass.

“It will not allow the company to effectively conduct business in Russia”

Thus, in accordance with the decision of the Ukrainian authorities, Krasnoperekopsk became Yana tray, red – Kurman, Soviet – testes is, Kirovskoe – islyam-Terek, Kirovsky district – Islemlerinin etc in may 2016 Verkhovna Rada renamed the 143 settlements in the Crimea, as well as the DNI and the LC. In Crimea, the Ukrainian government renamed the 70 naselennyh points and five districts. It is easy to notice that on the Peninsula all the renaming done in the Tatar manner, even where the first name is not Tatar (for example, Krasnoperekopsk renamed in 1936 was called Posavad). Apparently, the Ukrainian authorities hoped thereby to influence the Crimean Tatar population of the Peninsula.

It is no secret that official Kiev considers the Crimean Tatars with their potential allies in Russia, despite the fact that over the past two years the Crimean Tatar community in this capacity does not show. Any anti-Russian shares from them after the spring of 2014 was not (and those that were in the spring was initiated by the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people – an organization whose impact on the community turned out to be exaggerated), even the mass Exodus of the Crimean Tatars on the territory of Ukraine is observed – have left only a few thousand people out of 260 thousand Crimean Tatar population of the Peninsula.

Whatever it was, the name appeared on the map, causing the indignation of the authorities of Crimea. “People probably suffer from topographical cretinism, and after they renamed everything, I think that those suffering from them will only intensify, but that’s their problem”, – told RIA Novosti the Minister of internal policy, information and communications of the Republic of Dmitry Polonsky. If the indignant words in connection with this situation enough, what to do with the most popular search engine of Russia and the world in this situation was not clear – at least from the speeches of outraged officials.

“What do you think, if the card shows is not what really is, what it do? Throw and take another,” sarcastically said the newspaper VIEW, the Ministry of internal policy, information and communications of the Republic of Crimea on the question of what sanctions would be taken against Google in the case that she still does not return to the cities their Russian names. The Ministry predicted that just happens to churn to the Russian map services – primarily to the competitor of Google, Yandex.

And here the Deputy of the state Duma Vadim Denikin considers that the matter need to connect the Roskomnadzor. “I’m not much for conflict,” he said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK. – Must be a constructive dialogue of the company with Supervisory authority. Let the company explain its position: on what basis she assigns some names of Russian settlements? It is that licensing authority? Maybe she renamed Moscow or, say, St. Petersburg? Based on the reaction of Google you can understand that we, the government will do, how to react to the situation, when we point out that in our country call”.

A bug that will be fixed called the action of the Minister of communications and mass communications Nikolay Nikiforov. “If Google applies so inattentive to the current Russian legislation and Russian names of settlements, it will not allow the company to effectively conduct business on the territory of Russia”, – quotes his words TASS. In the speech the Minister clearly felt a hint of decisive measures can Russia take to remedy the situation.

Decisive action, however, is not required. “We are aware of the situation and are working actively to return on the Russian version of Google Maps, previous names,” – said the newspaper VIEW the press service of the company, without explaining, however, why all of a sudden on the map of the Crimea there decompensirovanny names. It is worth noting that the company from time to time gets to similar scandals. For example, in 2010, the island of Perejil, which is a territory of Spain, was marked on a google map as part of Morocco. In 2009, card search engine and does almost not become a reason for armed conflict between Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Then the Nicaraguan military occupied a small area near the river San Juan. They explained this by the fact that on the google map it is marked as part of Nicaragua, although in reality this land belongs to Costa Rica. The conflict was difficult to resolve.

Claims to google.the map showed China and Japan (where, incidentally, unhappy with including the fact that the search Kuril Islands recognition is not controversial, and the territory of Russia), India, Palestine and Israel. The cause of all these disputes is the same: the company is trying to give geographical objects only official name, but may not always understand what is considered as such.

Thus the incident closed, but the problem remained. Because Ukraine has a law on de-communization is not going to cancel. While Crimea is under sanctions and the company do not have access to, say, the European market, where the geographical novel of the Verkhovna Rada recognized, this has no effect on business activity. But then the situation may change.

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