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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Experts stated the growth of competition in the elections

If some strategists noted that the last regional elections can be called boring, the participants of the process with this opinion do not agree. The campaign was turbulent even for those who considered themselves the favorite. And the upcoming elections to the state Duma will become more severe and unpredictable they can give the regions a new political heavyweights.

In the framework of the media forum “Regions of Russia”, which took place in TASS, experts and politicians said that the current elections were held with the observance of the electoral legislation. In some regions, the struggle between the candidates was particularly tense, and the result was unpredictable, said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Fund of the Institute of socio-economic and political studies Dmitry Badovsky. “Dramatic” fight for the Governor’s chair in several areas and was named General Director of VTSIOM Valery Fedorov.

“The demand of the opposition is, but there must be an offer. None of the new parties have not been able to gain a foothold neither in the information nor in the political field”

We will remind that in the Irkutsk region for the office of Governor in the second round will fight, acting head of the region Sergey Eroschenko (“United Russia”) the candidate from the Communist party Sergei Levchenko. “The chances in the second round – 50 to 50. Especially given the fact that the acting Governor will be very difficult to avoid a debate one on one”, – said the President of communication holding “Minchenko consulting”, the political scientist Yevgeny Minchenko.

Favorites was restless

That the second round of elections testifies to the high competitiveness of the last campaign, and said the Secretary of the General Council “United Russia” Sergei Neverov. “It’s okay, it’s no big deal,” he added. It says that today there is real competition. If you nominate a worthy candidate, the competition in the elections is assured. If we look at the results in several other regions, there is an election, too, have a fairly competitive nature when the winning candidate got just over 50%, and second place has a very high level of support.” A similar recall occurred in the Amur region and the Republic of Mari El.

Neverov did not agree with the opinion that the results in the Irkutsk region may become an unpleasant surprise for the party. “Why it might be an unpleasant surprise if it is the will of our citizens?! – he was surprised. It says that it is necessary to perform the campaign, which was carried out by our candidate. Maybe were not accounted for some moments.”

“The choice of our citizens have been. Maybe it was boring for the scientists, for political scientists, but it definitely was not boring for candidates. The campaign was turbulent for those who considered themselves to be, can be, initially favorite. But for us it was important that the campaign was open and legitimate, and recognition of any result is not the percentages obtained, and the recognition of the interest”, – said Neverov.

Agreed, and the Chairman of the party “Fair Russia” Sergey Mironov. “For parties or candidates, of course, the election was not boring, and was the real competition,” he stressed. For the first time in recent years in the recent history of Russia’s most respected election law for all the shortcomings and at the stage of nomination and during the election campaign, and at the stage of counting”.

In turn, the LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky expressed confidence that the elections should not be like a carnival, “all life must be boring, then it will be long.”

The sad results of non-parliamentary parties

In a single day of voting in the elections at the municipal level among non-parliamentary parties, the largest number of lists of candidates passed from party “Patriots of Russia” – 36 lists. A good result, “homeland” – 18. From “Communists of Russia” was held on 12 lists, from the “Apple” – eight of the party “Pensioners for justice” – five, from “Right things” and “party of revival of the village” four, from party “Green”, “Civic platform “Party”, “labor Union”, “Lot of veterans” – one list. The results of the liberal opposition (in particular, PARNAS) was very sad, but the reasons for this is subjective, experts say.

“The demand of the opposition is, but there must be an offer. None of the new parties have not been able to gain a foothold neither in the information nor in the political field. Thus, a query on the opposition not meet the new party and the parliamentary party LDPR, CPRF and “Fair Russia”, – said Fedorov, noting that “none of the new parties have not been able to gain a foothold neither in the information nor in the political field.” “The political machine is not created, all that remains of the initiative,” he added.

Fedorov recalled that candidates of the “United Russia” also did not accompany the wind. “Economic problems and related social play a big role in shaping political choice. So, according to VTSIOM, in comparison with August of last year, significantly decreased the indices of life satisfaction (from 76 to 55 points) and social optimism (from 74 to 57 points). Against this background, the results of the elections for the current government was “less winning than last year, but they are sane, – said the expert. – No crash, there was a correction.” “If the political system gives an adequate response, not collapsing under the circumstances, therefore, passes the test, and the system is suitable”, concluded the sociologist.

Yevgeny Minchenko has noted that new parties became too much, more than 70. “Today, the Communists have become the main alternative to the ruling party. Many small parties tried to solve the problem through secret agreements with the governors. But the governors themselves have not a very good situation with the ratings of the ruling party. There is a extremely high rating of Putin, but the downside of the regional ratings, the ratings of governors across the country declining,” he said.

In addition, Minchenko said “deprofessionalization” of the campaign. “In these elections compared to last year, the cost of campaigns has fallen on average half to two times. According to our statistics, the next Duma elections will be extremely competitive, and today the market demand for managers of the campaigns covered by 10 percent”, he added.

The President of Fund “the Center of political technologies” Igor Bunin also said that “in the near future new strong candidates does not appear. “The only way “Apple”, if it manages to mobilise the whole European liberal constituency,” he explained.

In the discussion of competitive elections, the Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov called for the easing of the municipal filter for candidates for governors from the parliamentary parties. “If we make certain allowances for parliamentary parties, then remain at a disadvantage (with them) non-parliamentary parties”, – said Neverov.

“Competition forces us to think about quality”

According to Dmitry Badovsky, in the future, “the competition will be to develop and grow, and the competition is in the good sense of pressure on the position of regional leaders, forcing them to think more about the quality of his campaign and its policy. He also recalled that in the elections the opponents of the existing chapters have been pretty strong policies that rely on a strong party machine. “Next year, when elections to the state Duma will be held according to the mixed system and will be elected by single-seat districts, we have these new politicians such regional heavyweights will see even more,” said Badovsky.

Recall that in a single day of voting in the regions of Russia has been almost 11 thousand of elections at all levels. All were replaced over 92 thousand of mandates, the electoral campaign was covered 84 of the subject – elections were not held only in Kabardino-Balkaria. This election of senior officials was held in 23 Federal subjects, of which 21 were direct elections, and the heads of the two regions elected legislative Assembly.

According to the CEC of Russia, the average voter turnout in the gubernatorial elections with more than 50%. Preliminary results of the gubernatorial election is announced.

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