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Friday, February 23, 2018

Expert: Germany faces “terrorism nationalists” following the attacks in the South

After a series of Islamist attacks in Munich, Wurzburg, Reutlingen and Ansbach Germany will strengthen its intelligence agencies, however, are unlikely to reform immigration laws. To such conclusion the Russian and German experts, who also note that one of the possible consequences of attacks on the South of the country can be nationalist terror.

photo: pixabay.com

“The law in Germany to change no one wants — says living in the German political scientist Alexander Rahr. — The political establishment can’t do it because it means the end of a career. The state was based on the liberal model. For her there is no alternative. As stated by the Minister of Baden-württemberg, even if the Syrians were guilty in the attacks, to send we can’t. According to German law it is impossible to send people to where there is a war. What will the German authorities is to strengthen the security forces. Anyway, in Bavaria, we see the strengthening of police on every corner. In Belgium I noticed how on every street there are soldiers armed to the teeth. Maybe in Germany it will be the same”.

According to the analyst, against his past Berlin feels a moral responsibility to those who left home as a result of war and came to Europe. “Germany is not an economic issue, but humanistic, moral — said Rahr. — So she wants to show that it is open, that is not racist and tolerant nation that protects the rights of minorities and follows this course.”

“The independence of the security services have to be impossible, — said Alexander Rahr, answering the question “MK” on the reformed security forces of the FRG. — We have different intelligence, and they are all under democratic control. There is an external intelligence, which reports directly to the office of the Chancellor, each land has its own internal intelligence. There is a Federal service. These three agencies should strengthen cooperation between themselves. Should also strengthen intelligence cooperation in the European area, which was violated by the wiretapping scandal. Terrorism threatens Germany from two sides. On the one hand, it is Islamic terrorism, which is partly supported from the outside. On the other hand, there is a danger that reaction to the terror of the Islamic extremists appear terror nationalists”.

Recall that 18-year-old Ali Sonboli who opened fire in a shopping center in Munich, had extreme right-wing views and was an admirer of Adolf Hitler and Anders Breivik. Among his victims were three Turkish citizens and three Kosovo Albanians.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was one of the initiators of the open door policy” towards refugees. “The concept of multiculturalism was a failure, the so-called integration is not working, — said the German writer Thomas Fasbender. — I see in the context of attacks two points. The first is the issue of refugees. Among the millions of people who came to us last year, there are thousands, about which we know nothing. About 70% of the arrivals were undocumented. We fully rely on what they tell us. There are many cases where the migrants said they were from Syria, and in fact they were from Afghanistan. And anyway among them were members of ISIS (a group banned in Russia. — “MK”). The second point: we live minorities from Turkey, from other countries in the Middle East, and we see how second and third generations of these migrants is even less than the first, ready to adapt to German conditions, as they begin to show their displeasure with our lifestyle”.

“All crimes were committed by the Germans, the French, not the Belgians, and those people who, long ago or recently arrived in Europe from other countries — Tunisia, Turkey, Iran, Syria, reminds the Professor of European law at MGIMO Nikolai Topornin. — Very easy to associate the upsurge of terrorism with migration flows. 2015 Merkel announced a policy of “open doors,” said that Germany accept as many as will arrive. Last year there were about one million two hundred people. Now the flow is weakened due to the agreement with Turkey, but it is still… sorry, to people who are in trouble, “cling” a large number of migrants. Among them, there are definitely those who fell in the terrorist network and were recruited by ISIS or al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia), that we forget”.

According to experts, the end of his political career Merkel to speak while early. “Until now, the Chancellor supports a large group of Germans, — said Thomas Fasbender. — However, it’s clear that the rules are changing. For example, among journalists there is a growing understanding that it is impossible to keep silent when it is obvious that crimes are committed by foreigners. Previously it was thought that to name the nationality of the perpetrator is not good, but now ordinary people need to speak the truth. There is a growing dissatisfaction with our media among the common people.”

Shooting in Munich . Chronicle of events

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