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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Edgard Zapashny has made the girl with the moustache and the gait of a penguin

Confessing creative journalism, we decided to resort to the genre of “reporter changes his profession” — and not just anywhere, but in the Great Moscow circus. Usually our brother is a magician’s assistant or “decoy” (when the clown rips the “casual viewer” from the audience in the story, Reprise). We decided to dig deeper — what little things? So, does the employee of the Department of culture Ksenia Korobeinikova — 1 unit., thick eyebrows-caterpillar — 2 PCs, bristly whiskers (made of brow bone) — 2 PCs., the week of preparation, the day in finishing the costume, two — and-a-half-hour makeup and… and… we just lost our Xenia, which only opened at the crack of the door to the complex world of professional circus, did not want to go back there. The image of Charlie Chaplin, she worked with the audience an hour and a half to last night’s show “the Messenger”.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

“Yes, you do not knock a cane like a blind!”

It all started, of course, with the Edgard zapashnogo, the Director of the circus. Explained to him the idea that, say, in the arena and torn, but you can work out rouse in the foyer, greeting the audience, then move to the auditorium, posedovati there until the third bell, well, to return to the audience at intermission. (Rouse, by the way, is originally a balcony on the tent of the old circus-circus, which was zazevalsya the people on the view. Now Routh refers to any contact work of the clown before the show — the so-called Preshow.) Edgard appreciatively looked at us:

— Xenia — in Chaplin?.. Forward!

As a mentor, we recommend the magnificent master, clown and filmmaker-clown, honored artist Andrew Sharnina. He even out makeup and the image has to itself, causing laughter.

Andrew, Of Xenia:

— So-so. Chaplin, then… aren’t you scared?

— Andrey, — I say her here this morning, the police the night was knitting over the drawings on the walls, so fear — not her role.

Movies seen? Gait, facial expressions, habits? Come on, let’s go through route from the main entrance, where you greet guests, and circle the hall… move, Move!

Ksenia is trying to go as Chaplin putting his legs and staggering. Andrew gently “grinds”:

— Put on your clown shoes…

…Wears high-dimensional bots, and foot inside prudently rests on a soft sponge.

A properly put! Shoes right should to left, left to right, like Chaplin. For you to get in the way will be easier. Swinging is also wrong. You feet try and have duck, duck… the movement from the shoulder. The essence of what? You have to find Chaplin himself. And be as natural as possible. It is not the copy and not the cartoon…

Prop master brings the cane.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

— You don’t just knock it on the floor, like the blind, — continues Andrey, — and lean. Can’t rely on swing the chain in his hand. Functionally things should be. Come home to two hours before bedtime walk. Go and walk. It is necessary to catch its movement…

Then Andrew offers an assortment of all sorts of simple Reprise of the initial level, not even animation: a finger there, a flick of the wrist is not; “Boy, what color is your red sweater? Green?”; “And you, girl’s name? Bob?”; “You know my name? No? Well, you have a good mood!” And even on the buses carry a lot of Korean and Chinese delegations to the circus. You can go: “Du Yu SPIK Eglish Chinese? China parle vu Frances?” — our guests from Asia are highly responsive.

— You have in the yard of the kindergarten or school? Friends children? — Sharnin recommends. — Come at your leisure, try to communicate.

— So after the holidays…

— So, you will have to study here. See the broad-shouldered security guard? Waddles slightly like a bear? He can’t see you. Try to follow him, imitating the gait. So. Laughter ten to fifteen people provided.

Can I take the stick and move behind his hair? — retracts Xenia.

— It is possible. Just don’t kill. He hardly could be — and you have at the moment turned away, and going away from him…

The prop gives the gloves.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

“No,” dismisses Andrew — gloves limited all the tricks with your fingers, people need a living person, you just wash manicure and don’t forget to throw a pair of earrings. And it will be a new word in the clown — Chaplin — and with clips in the ears… Try the suit.

Ksenia tries on coats, pants, vests in five sizes larger.

— God, how hot! — complains five minutes.

— Hot!.. You a whole evening to work — from the makeup to the final seven hours, so that’s what I thought. It’s a given. Another thing is that the mustache can come off, but the makeup artist will take care of it.

We met Askold Zapashny, chief Director:

— Attached? Well, if Sharnin you leads, then the case I am calm.

“Never did the mustache of eyebrows”

…At the appointed day and time, we first run to the make-up to Irina-will need. Actors progressively; first the angel makes himself up in one of the acrobats of the group of walkers over the net p/R Roman Chizhov.

— At home I have these angel glitter is everywhere! she smiles, shaking himself.

— You — clear. But why do I find them in my insoles? asks the makeup artist Irina. It is a complete mystery.

Before her are two photos Chaplin. With a calm facial expression and with an idiotic smile.

— How are you? defiantly she asks for a hair.

— So, the girl did not read.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

…Ira takes a tapered brush, leaves cream layer by layer. Ten minutes, twenty… She purposely pushes Kushina thick eyebrows and trying to cover their powder.

Well that’s no face, ‘ Irina snorts when the mirror looks at us white-washed portrait of Poor Liza Karamzin, when that got out of the lake.

Begins sculpting a new image to the “blank” face: easy brush pounce the cheeks, around the mouth. Black trim around eyes and Vice versa, clarified the eyelids. Then the most difficult eyebrows. Ira pulls out his set of black hair material vystrugat the fragments for a long time looking for a place for eyebrow over the eyes, turns left and right, glue.

— Stronger glue, stronger, and you never know — touches, taking the pot… say.

Eyebrows, like Chaplin, glued just above their own. And if its right it is almost not visible, the left, the dog still strongly crawls.

Well I your eyebrow to do? — suffering in search of Irina. — To seal, eh, her? You can soap, you can glue. It’s a pity you’ll be a long time to wash…

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

— Gluing — not shave — reasonably responds Xenia.

A special tool eyebrow as a marker, prusakiewicz-polysaccharides. Irina gives the required TSU:

— I’ll give you alcohol. This.

— Yes you that?..

— After the show itself is going to wash away. No alcohol — no way. And then a richly — hydrating cream, because alcohol dries the skin badly. What do you think? Artists — every day or even three times!

Arches eyebrows done — it only remains to finish the ink spots. Some actor suddenly looked in the dressing room:

— What is this, Chaplin? It seems I am not drinking today…

The General attitude of the circus — the friendliest. Everyone will ask: “And you are with us today in the arena? Who are you? How are you?” there’s that brotherhood, that is the environment where people every day are actually risking their lives. And because reciprocity is the first rule.

The last stage — the moustache.

— Ever made a mustache out of the eyebrows, says about our hair and makeup — eyebrows rising up and moustache down…

Ksenia trying new facial expressions, doing “big eyes”. Main fits: initially, a sad face, performed with a smile, immensely charming. And finally a wig.

— Well, scream if this hurts! the wig is fixed to your own hair rolled in plaits) a dozen pins. Pot move smartly to the right, to the left “beaten” the sheaf unkempt hair… Done!

From the wardrobe are filed suit and black boots.

Our curator Andrew looks closely Ksenia:

— Well, tuck your shirt in your pants!

— So he’s sloppy…

— He’s sloppy, but not dirty. Refuel. Five minute warning! Get ready to drool. Though this is the most difficult…

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

“Charlie, where’s the toilet?!”

…Six nights at the circus all of the services declare that starts to run. By the way, Zapashny often come celebrity — a man of Medina… So, today welcomed Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko (who later hall applauded for a long time).

So, first kids, first contact Reprise.

— Girl, how are you? — asks the Chaplin of Xenia, Ohio.

I do not know.

— What is your name?

I do not know.

— Bet you don’t know me either?..

…The process went. “This prelude, the meeting with Chaplin removes a little tension from people, — says Ksenia. They drove all the way down they were looking for a Parking space, they inspect guard a little on edge, and you are suddenly urged on and liberate”.

Some kid is screaming:

Charlick, give me the pot! And you, my hat! — the start of endless photo shoots. Someone is sharing cotton candy, someone is trying to donate a toy…

Actually, this was our goal — to Charlick no one shied away, not waiting for him to catch, but, in contrast, was tuned in a positive way.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina
Work in the lobby before the performance.

— In the first minutes there was some tightness, — says Kseniya, — but when through the main entrance went national wave, I realized that nowhere to retreat. Maybe the alcohol is inhaled?.. Besides, I’m in the way, in the mask that really helps. You all waiting for something, you in the back whispering: “This is the famous Charlie Chaplin!”, children is unknown whether he lives or not… I had prepared an Arsenal of some utterances, but when I went to work — suddenly forgot about everything, shoots at a continuous improvisation.

With the check box in the door is a large delegation of Chinese students from Beijing, where a visit to the circus on Vernadsky — a must stay in Moscow.

— Where is the closet? Closet?.. — two Chinese huddle, not knowing whom to ask the most important question of life; seeing Charlick — rush to the mother. Toilet?! Chaplin habitually shows on the female…

Second call — it’s time to the gym. Andrey Sharnin on the radio asks the illuminator to put on Xenia gun, so she blended in with the crowd of spectators.

— Working in no case do not sit on the rail with his back to the arena! — gives final instructions to Andrey. — The arena must be respected! This is the Golden rule…

In a white beam of light Charlick to move up and down the hall, grotesquely looks at his watch, as if in a hurry, and trying to go through the whole series already tightly seated people.

— It would seem that for them the inconvenience and legs to push, ” says Charlick — but the “trick” was a great success, everyone was asking to take a picture, sit with them, telling some of the cities they arrived in Moscow…

…During the first branch of the rest in the rehearsal arena — there in front of each room warm up the artists; and it’s cooler here, with Charlie, then three sweat going. From time to time Creek uniformitarians: “Beware, for the road not to go!” And string running seals, drive cage with the lions, dragged on leashes wolves…

Intermission — back to work!

“Well, she is not tired? — interested in Andrew.

I think it will not drag, ” I said.

— In my opinion, too. Well, that’s great. The fact that Chaplin’s copy very often (and more often), but it is important not to slide into vulgarity. Lame funny from legless I want to cry… Fine line! He somehow Chaplin was incredibly educated and talented with the fiddle, the film was shot, the music he wrote. Charlie is the University for the clown; by understanding it, an aspiring artist can find their own style.

— Or not find.

— Absolutely. The greatest Pencil, only releasing from the circus College, dabbled in the way of red washi. Did not like. And then it worked real Charlie Chaplin. Gradually grew out of that mask, it’s “someone else’s coat, and found the characteristics of the Pencil that we all know. Moreover, a fundamental difference: a Pencil — the kid, Chaplin — no, he’s a gentleman. Generally a good clown is of three qualities, the drunk, the mad and the child. Someone has a better one from someone else.

…In the final performance of the circus decided to award the Xenia, and declaring it on a par with these artists. Secret passages the girl was led to the orchestral balcony; stepping over the desks, she got out into the open (without rails) platform above the entrance to the hall.

— Just don’t go near the edge, — whisper, — height, then what…

Sofit catches sad sitting Charlick — he suddenly jumps up. The microphone picks — what an honor for the “MK” — the real star of the modern clown Boris Nikishkin and defiantly declares:

And all evening with the audience in the way Charlie Chaplin — Ksenia Korobeinikova!

…After she met distant relatives who came from Europe and visited the show. And as if nothing had happened:

— And you said here now working…

Reporter MK reincarnated as Charlie Chaplin in the circus (36 photos)

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