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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Dovgy called the arrest nikandrova “divine retribution”

The scandal around the recent arrest of the first Deputy head of the Moscow Central Board SK Denis nikandrova and head of Department of own safety of SK Michael Maksimenko is now watching the whole country. This story will be steeper than any blockbuster.

How were you lately in a capital Central Board of the UK, (that’s followed and what is the main “lesson nikandrova” – about it our conversation with the former head of GSU SK Dmitry Dovgy.

Nikandrov and Maksimenko already was charged with receiving a bribe by a group of persons in especially large size. They stand firmly on the fact that “not take”, “did not participate”. From all indications both refused, citing article 51 of the Constitution. But at the time, the same Nikandrov is not particularly revered the Constitution, when investigating the case against the other. And the constitutional court of the Russian Federation is, by the way, in fact confirmed.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

From the file “MK”: “the Former head of Main investigatory management SK Dmitry Dovgy accused of bribe reception in 750 thousand dollars and abuse of power. The case was led by Denis Nikandrov. Dovgy has received 9 years of imprisonment. Case Dovgy called ambiguous — this Alexander Khinshtein wrote in the article “Who dared, and sat down”

In early 2015 Dovgy was released on PAROLE”.

– Dmitri Pavlovich, gloated when detained nikandrova? After all, it was he who led a criminal case against you.

– No, in any case. I just said to myself again: divine justice exists. When a person digs a pit to another, he is there, sooner or later he will be.

At the time when [I was arrested, he asked my close friends: “so how do you like it?”. They told me the other day called: “I wish now to ask this question to him”.

But I was never vindictive. If the case goes to court, and he will receive real time, ready to assist him.

– What was it?

Psychological in the first place. Tell him how to behave behind bars. I have in the colony remained good friends “on both sides”, so that will help him to serve his sentence in a more comfortable environment.

– And it is in jail they created?

– On the contrary. I think not without his “help” me put in jail in a cell with a prisoner accused of murdering 29 people and taken in a paddy wagon with the Georgian “thieves in law”. He, as far as I know, contributed to the fact that I was sent to serve his sentence in a colony where sat four convicted, the criminal case which I was. Thank God that I was able to find with all common language.

With one killer cellmate I still correspond with guys from prison, too, support link (help them to prepare legal documents). In General, such tricks nikandrova talking about how people can be petty and vindictive.

– And still you were surprised when you found out about the arrest nikandrova?

– No. I’m telling you, sooner or later it was bound to happen. I think Nikandrov – not professional, very poor investigator. He was not initially well prepared, he did not have the necessary experience. It took from the provinces, Volgograd, and was sent to Moscow specifically for my criminal case. For a 28 year old guy (exactly as he was then) it was a great honor.

– By the way, is it normal when the case of the head of a major division, with the state rank of counselor of justice, which is assigned personally by the President) and state awards, instructed to investigate the ordinary investigator from Volgograd?

– Of course, it should not be.

At that moment, all my subordinates refused to investigate my case. It was, first, unethical, and secondly, me and the collective a good relationship. And indeed how can the workers of the UK to investigate criminal case on fact in relation to ourselves? Initially this is the wrong approach. The thing to do was to charge of the military investigation Department, FSB or other authority. In the case with Nikandrova and Maksimenko was absolutely right. Their case is the FSB, so no one can accuse the investigation of being biased.

About nikandrova will say this — he was investigating my case as it was stated, and received a “reward”: after 8 months Nikandrov given the Colonel, six months later made him a major-General. He had just turned 30 and he was the youngest General in the UK!

– You consider him a layman. What exactly did they do that?

– Could he make up and design of the investigation documents that the court even then excluded some of them because they wouldn’t stand up well to scrutiny. Nikandrov was the protocols of interrogation of witnesses so tricky and convoluted that it turned out supposedly they blamed me. But on the court then these people said that they never gave such testimony.

Nikandrov was vindictive: those witnesses was arrested soon after for absolutely ridiculous, in my opinion, occasions.

Many of my friends, he threatened them too, for something will attract if they don’t agree with me. Thank God that they were worthy people.

– You do not confuse meanness with incompetence?

– In life one follows from the other. Besides here’s a striking example: [ do not even bother to initiate a criminal case against me. I was sentenced according to the materials of the preliminary investigation. This is a gross violation of the law, particularly the criminal procedure code.

I appealed to the constitutional court on this occasion. The highest court admitted that I was right.

Generally Nikandrov, in my opinion, was indispensable master when it was necessary to initiate the case without any evidence. Such a task he can perform well.

– But what about other high-profile cases, which he entrusted to lead? In the same case, protection racket prosecutors underground casino he showed himself isn’t as cool professional?

– Case prosecutors came to court, it fell apart. Here is the performance.

But according to one version, it collapsed on a call from above, not due to lack of evidence. By the way, how often in your tenure as head of the GSU received such calls?

– In the case of prosecutors like it or not, it is either not professional, or broke the law. “On call” can really ruin a criminal case, but this requires to remove and destroy the materials. Did nikandrova serious evidence in the case prosecutors or initially failed to collect — in any case it is his question.

About the “calls” from the General Prosecutor’s office with instructions to destroy the case – I personally such did not arrive. We had a very constructive relationship with this office.

There were many calls from influential persons with the wording “please take a closer understand. But usually these MPs, members of government, the Council of the Federation came calling, because to them, in turn, were asked by the citizens. I always promised to review such cases to ensure that everything is fair. Any fact could be. We have in production simultaneously was 120 criminal cases, a thorough knowledge of each I could not.

But the instructions from the government about the specific cases I did get. And I am sure that my criminal case was eventually the result of the fact that I refused to carry those of them that are considered illegal.

– You almost had to interact closely with Nikandrova, while there was a trial in your case. As he carried out interrogations, confrontations? There was something unusual?

– Nikandrov himself during interrogation felt very uncomfortable. It was evident in his behavior. But he had to be polite: the interrogations were always my lawyer, dear lawyer, major-General of justice.

Remember Nikandrov carefully recorded all my readings. Unlike nikandrova and Maksimenko, who took 51 article, I testified. I was not afraid to explain. Why now don’t want to do them? Is it because you feel guilty? Can be want to start to understand what is the evidence base?

– The truth is that both refuse to give voice samples for examination?

As far as I know, Yes. I immediately gave. But Nikandrov appointed the examination is not in Moscow but in Volgograd. Entrusted her to his friend. In the end, the results were those desired consequence.

– Forgive, but it is under your charge in the UK such “thing” investigators are not used?

Each investigator is responsible for himself. I haven’t used.

– Another of the favorite methods is not to give the prisoner visits with relatives, until he agrees to cooperate with the investigation. Here you Nikandrov allowed for once to see my wife?

– No, I didn’t even ask, because you know that refuse. We do not ask about any exemptions.

As Nikandrov concerned then in your home HUS the UK in the period of investigation of the case against you?

He was a rookie. It all avoided.

Even after my arrest, much has changed at GSU. Part of professionals resigned, some have returned to the Prosecutor General.

– And what tell about Maksimenko?

– It never worked. Now it is confused with another Maksimenko, Vladimir, who was with us in the management of “M”. But ours was from Moscow, from St. Petersburg, and they certainly are not relatives. They say that the arrested Maksimenko guarded family Bastrykin, but I personally do not remember.

– Neither for you nor for nikandrova head of the Investigative Committee of Russia Bastrykin did not intercede. Although at the time each of you were his protégé. As suggested, why?

– You will immediately notice our and Nikandrova cases still fundamentally different. In my Bastrykin not only stood up, but, apparently, was the initiator of involving me as a defendant (decree signed by him), he acted as a witness for the prosecution in court. It so happened that we disagreed with the guidance of the UK on some key issues.

When I give instructions clearly, in my opinion, dubious and legitimate enough, I was talking about the impossibility of its implementation. Or requested it in writing (and then I would execute the order, removing the responsibility). It didn’t like my boss.

Although in the end I was largely right. For example, the cases against Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak and General FSKN Alexander Bulbov has collapsed: they didn’t find crime structure. And that is what I initially insisted. Storchak, note, still working as a Deputy Minister.

– A case with Nikandrova than differ from your?

– He was not caught SK and FSB. If the IC detects a crime, then perhaps it would be announced on the first day. In this case, Bastrykin has already put before the fact (Nikandrov is sparsomycin. the placing on the initiation of proceedings against him under the law really needs to sign personally Bastrykin or his Deputy, but who came up with this petition?) I believe that it was a shock for him. Hence the silence of the UK, which lasted several days. And then a funny version that it was originally a purge, initiated by SK.

To stand up for nikandrova and Maksimenko would be to profane his name. So this one did not do. Do you know what is the “lesson nikandrova?

– And what then?

– Nikandrov fulfilled any wishes, thinking that this gives him a certain immunity. He felt that he now everything is allowed, it always will cover, to protect.

But the leadership of the IC do not and did wisely: defending someone who is suspected of the crime himself be in an uncomfortable position. Nikandrova and a lesson in never on whose orders do not violate the criminal procedure code, hoping for it to get further privileges. Instead, you can obtain rather a prison sentence.

There is a version that Nikandrov could be involved in the case of black realtors. Can you believe this?

I have no materials that would have confirmed or denied. But to be a fortune teller I don’t want to. Let’s just say that at one time we were doing the gang “black realtors and such OPG cannot exist without the support of district police officers, notaries, judges. We, by the way, judges of the Dorogomilovsky court has even prosecuted.

– Generally speaking purely hypothetically – is it possible to create a gang in the depths of the Investigative Committee? For example, gathered in one division followed, who dream to earn more money and develop a plan for how this can be done with regard to their job opportunities.

– OPG may appear anywhere and in any organ. And insurance investigators are people just like everyone else. But I know that I am personally most shocked in nikandrova? What they are accused of receiving bribes from representatives of the criminal world.

-What’s so surprising?

– At me was never, to the higher ranks of SK and in service of own safety, flirted with “authority”. This is nonsense. Even if it was an operational game, you lead it might just rank and file operatives, not the people representing the face of the UK. Investigators have nothing to do in the baths, at the table (including negotiations) with those on the “other side”. It’s up impropriety.

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