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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Attacks Obama only bring trump to win the election in the United States

The battle of Republicans and Democrats in the United States becomes more fierce: in verbal sparring clashed Barack Obama and Donald trump. The reason for the attack is already traditional is trump’s words about Russia. The Republican candidate answers jokes, but experts stress that the attempts of the Democrats to tarnish your opponent’s play to him.

Playing the Russian card between the Democrats and the Republicans continued. Comes into play the current US President, actively involved in the electoral process.

“It is unlikely that trump will ever make significant steps for the recognition of Crimea as part of Russia – he will not allow the political system of the United States”

“Sucking up to Putin and appreciates Hussein”

Started the debate with Hillary trump continued with Barack Obama. First, both politicians argue about the greatness of America. The US President tried to make fun of the motto of the campaign trump’s “Re-make America great.” “America is already great. America is already strong. And I promise you that our strength, greatness is not dependent on Donald trump,” said Obama. Almost immediately, trump said on Twitter: “Our country does not seem “already great” millions of wonderful people living in poverty, violence and despair.” This entry scored 20 thousand likes and 7 thousand posts in less than an hour.

In this debate Obama is not stopped and stated that trump “can’t hear the millions of men, women and children from the Baltic to the Burmese, who still expect that America will be the light of freedom, dignity and human rights. He’s cozying up to Putin appreciates (former Iraqi President) Saddam Hussein and said NATO allies, who have been with us since (the terrorist attacks on September 11, that they have to pay if you want our protection”, – said the President of the United States. He recalled that “we deliver on our commitments. And that’s one of the reasons why all countries in the world see an America stronger and more respected than eight years ago,” – said the head of the White house.

In addition, he added that trump lays out a political program whose implementation would have led to a split in society – Americans “is configured to be against each other and turned away from the rest of the world.” Trump statements do not contain “serious solutions to urgent problems”, they only provoke “inciting hostility, anger and hatred,” summed up Obama.

“The most ignorant President in US history”

In response, trump said that “Barack Obama – newinternalclient in our history.” Obama’s policy was a complete disaster – said the Republican. “When he took the post (of President), he knew nothing and, to be honest, now knows even less,” said trump. According to him, the current head of the Washington administration will be remembered as “one of the worst presidents in the history of the United States. While he added that the candidate from Democrats “Hillary Clinton will be worse.”

The success of trump’s concerned about not only the Democrats, but politicians on the other side of the ocean. In particular, the “strong concern” about a possible victory of trump and the future of the transatlantic partnership expressed the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier. “The presidential candidate trump challenged the whole political elite, despite the fact that he belongs to her, and that is what was supported”, – said the head of the German foreign Ministry to the newspaper Passauer Neue Presse. According to him, the situation is grotesque. Billionaire depicts US in the ring of enemies, foreign and domestic, is virtually an occupied territory. At the same time, he urged the country to stay away from world conflicts. “As one goes with the others, I can not explain,” – said Steinmeier and added that victory trump will be a source of uncertainty for the transatlantic relationship.

“We will examine this question”

Former U.S. ambassadors to Russia and Ukraine Michael McFaul and Stephen Pifer was deeply indignant with the statement of the candidate in presidents from Republicans of Donald trump about the Crimea. “Trump will consider lifting sanctions against Russia and the recognition of the illegal annexation of Crimea. No wonder he’s the favorite candidate of the Kremlin”, – said Pifer. “That’s why Putin likes trump,” – said McFaul.

“How can one serious Republican support trump after his today’s statements about Russia and Crimea?” – surprised and a specialist on the Russian economy, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council in Washington Anders Aslund. The editor of The Interpreter’s Max Fisher noted that trump is likely not exactly put it. “It’s possible that trump affirmatively declare support for the annexation of Crimea, but so far he didn’t do that,” explained Fisher.

Journalist for the New York Times Jonathan Martin, in turn, explained that “we will consider it,” trump uses as a rescue hatch”, say, a Republican was just in a hurry to get away from journalists. We will remind, on Wednesday evening responding to a question about whether he recognized the affiliation of Crimea to Russia and consider the issue of lifting sanctions, trump said, “We will examine this question. The authorities of the Crimea, meanwhile, has invited trump to visit the Peninsula.

Sarcastic jokes trump

Speaking about his opponents, trump recalled more than 30 thousands of emails that were deleted by Hillary Clinton after it became clear that she was official correspondence from your personal email account. The investigators ex-Secretary of state, these letters did not provide, stating that they contained personal information. “Russia, if you’re listening: I hope you could find 30 thousand missing e-mails, said trump, who was quoted “bi-Bi-si”. For this you will be generously rewarded by the American media.”

The shaft of the attacks from the Democrats in Congress not long in coming: “This morning he (trump) personally invited Russia to hack us,” said retired Admiral John Hutson.

“Today, Donald trump stood again on the side of Russia. He had asked Russian to intervene in American policy, added to the sound of the outraged audience, former Secretary of defense Leon Panetta. – Think about it! Donald trump wants to be President of the United States and requests one of our opponents to engage in hacking or intelligence against the United States to affect elections.” At the headquarters of the democratic candidate also said that trump’s statements are bordering on treason.

The tramp explained that the appeal to the Russian hackers – idle joke. “Of course I was being sarcastic,” said trump in an interview with Fox News. “They (US authorities) are even, frankly, don’t know, Russia. They had no idea Russia or China or someone else. Who knows?” – said trump. “But when 33 thousand deleted e-mails, this is a real problem, like what was in those emails the National Committee of the democratic party,” said trump.

We will remind, the day before Donald trump said that if elected to the post of President of the United States is willing to explore the possibility of recognition of the Crimea part of Russia and the withdrawal from Moscow’s sanctions.

Also, in the past trump has said that he would like to have with Russia friendly relations together to take measures for the destruction of the terrorist organization “Islamic state*”.

Trump has repeatedly stressed that the United States needs to improve relations with Russia. He noted that he has a good relationship with President Vladimir Putin. The billionaire admitted that he respects the President of Russia and considers him a strong leader, unlike the current head of the American state.

Policy contrast trump

According to first Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Committee on international Affairs Leonid Kalashnikov, if trump becomes President, “some steps toward improving relations with Russia, he will do, but it is unlikely he will ever make significant steps for the recognition of Crimea as part of Russia – he will not allow the political system of the United States. For this there is Congress, the Senate and so forth,” – said the Deputy in conversation with the newspaper LOOK.

Trump statements about Russia is understandable, as all his electoral program is based obviously on the contrast, the source said. “There is an establishment operating within a paradigm of rules in diplomacy and politics. But there is a guy who came and said that not accustomed to hear the peaceful Washington ear,” said Kalashnikov. He explained that such statements trump makes on the eve of elections for the layman, which says: “And why should Russia complain? Russia – scary, strong, evil – better to agree with her”.

Such rhetoric Trump helps more than no, said Kalashnikov. And it is unlikely that the Democrat-Obama will keep it and add after a speech at the Congress something new in support of Clinton, said the MP.

Doctor of law (USA), Professor of Economics Alexander Domrin in an interview with the newspaper OPINION stressed that the accusations trump the populism from the Democrats untenable. “Populists actually Clinton and Obama who can not a Cup of coffee to brew, not saying anything about the exceptionalism of America. Trump, despite all the outrageous, says that demand silent American majority, which is absolutely indifferent and Ukraine, and the Baltic States, who are tired of endless wars around the world,” he said.

In a statement, trump about a possible recognition of the Crimea Domrin sees nothing surprising. “It logically fits into the vision that he shares with his voters, and what they support him”, – the expert believes.

The active work of the Democrats to demonize trump by accusations of ties with Russia does not bring the expected result – the ratings don’t fall. “Moreover – on the front pages of Newspapers on the background of the Democratic Convention bill Clinton, which is much more popular wife. Hillary Clinton is not there – she annoys the majority of the population. 55 percent of the electorate hates them. The highest percentage of them are white men, their 78 percent. She has played with different kinds of minorities, and received support from them, but this is not enough,” – emphasizes the expert.

The latest public opinion poll showed that at the national level to the Congress of the democratic party, a breakaway from trump Hillary was 3%, now it increased to 7 percent, said Domrin. “But in the States the gap down to 17 percent, for example, in Kansas and Missouri,” said the source.

The entire democratic campaign, which they conduct, is clearly only for the benefit of Trump, I’m sure Domrin. “Accusations trump that his strengthening is strengthening Putin. Normal American such statements takes exactly the opposite,” he says.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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