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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Astronomers saw stars-dwarfs staged a “shootout”

Observing binary star system AR in the constellation of Scorpio, a team of scientists under the leadership of Tom Marsh from the University of Warwick in the UK found that part of this system a white dwarf “fires” the second star streams radio. When the radiation hits “the target”, which is a red dwarf, its surface bright flash happen.

photo: pixabay.com

Although double star has been open 40 years ago, a long time in astrophysics when observing her did not notice anything unusual. Only recently, observations using high-speed cameras ULTRACAM and the telescope William Herschel managed to suspect that in this phase space breaks out the “real star wars”, as it is a joke to call this phenomenon.

Around a red dwarf whose mass is about 81 percent of the sun spinning white dwarf, which “weighs” about 30 percent of the mass of the Sun. Latest moving very quickly around larger stars, making a complete revolution in less than four hours. At a very high speed white dwarf rotates around its axis, spending only two minutes rotation around its axis. This, combined with a powerful magnetic field, makes him, from time to time to emit beams of radio waves and charged particles which, in turn, every two minutes at speeds close to the speed of light, bombard a red dwarf. The energy that gets larger the star, the subsequently emitted in the form of various types of electromagnetic radiation, ranging from ultraviolet to radio waves. As a result, scientists for some time, the brightness of a white dwarf is approximately tenfold greater than normal for such luminaries of values.

According to scientists, in the past, such “skirmishes” stars astrophysicists to observe this is not necessary. Thus, in order to fully explore the nature of such phenomena, according to the researchers, will require further study.

The work of scientists published in the journal Nature.

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