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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Alexei Zhuravlev: Officials should “compel the conscience”

The Deputy of the state Duma told about how to teach modesty provincial officials

22 Aug 2013, 18:01

Text: Arsene Hizriev


Government officials drive Mercedes cars” C-class, and the school lacks basic amenities. But “bungling” it did not name” – said the newspaper VIEW Duma Deputy Alexei Zhuravlev, commenting on the purchase of cars for regional officials. His initiative has already reached 157 thousand signatures of Russians in their support.

The Deputy of the State Duma, member of Committee on defense Alexey Zhuravlev in July, has drafted a bill that prohibits the purchase of personal vehicles for the needs of regional civil servants more expensive than 1 million rubles.

Local officials will be allowed to travel by car luxury exclusively after hours and only if they were bought with personal money. According to Zhuravlev, this week, the bill got already 157 thousand signatures in his support.

About why it is necessary to limit the appetite of provincial officials such amount, in an interview with the newspaper VIEW the member of the Duma Committee on defense Alexey Zhuravlev.

OPINION: Alexey, are you saying that for a million rubles, you can buy a normal car. What, for example, cars need to drive local officials?

Alexei Zhuravlev: Please “Skoda”, for example. All members driving them. To begin with, who or what is meant by Executive, if a Deputy of the State Duma, which is equivalent to the rank of Minister, to drive it, probably, it is a luxury car.

OPINION: Your colleagues say that when choosing cars you need to take into account the possibility of the region. Perhaps in some regions and one million is too much?

A. J.: of Course, but now they have no limits at all. I think that if people with a head on his shoulders, they are buying cheap cars. But if without a head, we’ll have “coercion of conscience”. And limit even more does not make sense, if the budget is not enough funds, then it should do the deputies of the local self-government, which is necessary to stop say a large amount on transportation costs. All we in the country do not adjust, but there are deputies of the municipal level.

OPINION: Why does your bill only applies to provincial officials? And Moscow?

A. J.: If all of us will be living in Moscow, that limit is not necessary. But the fact that we have in the capital, for example, virtually settled the question with kindergartens, clinics, hospitals, and horseback ten kilometers from the Moscow ring road and you will see that kindergarten is not enough, no school sports and Assembly halls – children are engaged in the corridors, no more. There is a need to restrict in the first place. Officials drive Mercedes cars” C-class, and the school lacks basic amenities. But “bungling” is not called.

OPINION: this week the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov has criticized the republics of the North Caucasus for large expenditures on civil servants and bureaucratic fleet. In particular, according to him, the fleet officials of Chechnya – about half of the fleet the officials of the North Caucasus. As the Federal government needs to respond to it?

A. J.: I fully support Siluanov. I do not say, I mentioned only the regional officials, but if we’re talking about Chechnya, the North Caucasus, it is a complete mess. They are there, in my opinion, except for “Porsche Cayenne” and “Mercedes” other brands don’t already know. It’s crazy – for the budget of that Republic earns, they buy themselves such a luxury limo. Unscrupulous people, differently will not tell.

OPINION: Former Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov was once offered to make officials go to the “Volga”. Now developing the project “Cortege” to create machines for the first persons of the state. Is there any reason to create the project “Official” and release the cars for the officials?

A. J.: No, I wouldn’t approach the problem that way – for the reason that it is impossible by the laws restricting the consumption of the bureaucracy, to regulate the market. The market must exist. If our domestic auto industry will do better cars than Skoda or Opel, people will be able to choose our machines.

At the time, when I worked as the Plenipotentiary of the Governor of the Voronezh region, we had such a case – the Chairman of regional Duma bought a new “Volga”. So this “Volga” broke down almost every other day. So I had to change it to a foreign car, it was simply uncompetitive. Let them make the cars competitive, and they will begin to choose.

OPINION: the Candidate in mayors of Moscow Alexei Navalny, for all his rhetoric about the closeness to the people moving around the capital on car cost 4 million rubles. How would you comment on that?

A. J.: Bulk, too, came out with an initiative such restrictions officials let Mr. Navalny starts with yourself. He just doesn’t notice the log in your own eye, but sees the speck in another’s. Once Navalny is running for mayor, let him think first of all about Moscow.

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