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Thursday, October 27, 2016

The mayor of Riga fined over Russian language in social networks

The mayor of the Latvian capital, Riga, nil Ushakov, said that he had been fined for blog of the Riga city Council in social networks is, in addition to Latvian and English, also in Russian.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

About it in Russian, announced to his readers.

According to Ushakov, whose blog in Facebook has more than 74 thousand subscribers, the fine was issued by the state language Centre, which has long been makes claims to Ushakov. And the politician knew about the incident from journalists.

The mayor said that “the law on the state language in one place does not regulate the language of communication of the government with their inhabitants in a foreign social networks, and the decision of the state language Center will be challenged in court.

In addition, the “Riga city Council will continue, as before, to communicate with their residents in at least three languages – Latvian, Russian, English.

Finally, Ushakov sarcastic comments about all the activities of the language Centre, advising his staff to really engage with what they do – for example, think about how English called pokemon. Anything else they are still not able”.

Recall that the long-running conflict between Ushakov and linguistic officials lasts for a long time, and the most high profile of its aggravation occurred in may 2015, when the mayor of Latvia’s capital city on may 9, gave a speech in Russian. Then, in response to claims he advised the language Centre to draw attention to the Duma the cat, as he is also not speaking English.

Recall that the Center has the right to record cases of “insufficient use of state language at the working place” and in this case to impose a fine of 250 euros. In 2015 the Centre thus joined the country’s budget for the 21150 euros.

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