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Thursday, July 27, 2017

The head of the FCS explained the origin of the found million

The searches conducted by the Investigative Committee, the Federal customs service, linked to the smuggling of expensive alcohol, which is now actively involved in testifying. The case against of customs chief Andrei Belyaninov has not yet opened, but sources in the investigation reported very interesting results of a search in the house of the official.

Investigators give a legal assessment of the facts found during the searches at the head of the Federal customs service (FCS) Andrei Belyaninov. While it is impossible to speak about the criminal case, said a source in law enforcement bodies, and the imposition of a legal assessment “will take a long time.

“For a long time, when there was talk about the fight against corruption, we are all a little smirk, keeping in mind that someone must remain untouched”

Meanwhile, the investigators of the support of FSB operatives discovered during the search in the house of the chief customs officer large sums of money in rubles and foreign currency. According to the revised data, it is 9.5 million rubles 490 thousand dollars and 350 thousand euros. In addition, the investigation establishes the identity of the discovered during the search of collectors ‘ pieces and works of art.

The income of the head of the Federal customs service (FCS) Andrei Belyaninov in 2015 amounted to almost 13 million roubles, it follows from the Declaration published on the website of the Federal customs service.

He Belyaninov explained to investigators that was found in his home, money and family savings. “This explanation appears in the documents,” said a source in the investigative bodies.

Russia’s investigative Committee has officially confirmed the searches in FCS, including in the office Belyaninov and his deputies. Initially it was said that the searches took place only in FCS and not affected by the head of service.

Several media outlets have reported that Belyaninov has written a resignation at own will – and it was argued that the petition was drawn up about six months ago. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin did not know about the statement Belianinov.

It was also reported that “searched the place of residence and work of the President of OOO “Insurance company “Arsenal” Sergei Lobanov, who is the founder of no less than 15 different companies whose activities are closely linked to the FCS of Russia”. During the searches police seized objects and documents relevant to a criminal investigation.

Statements about the searches in the FCS and in the house of the head of service was accompanied by reports of “sources close to the investigation” about the investigation of cases of smuggling of elite alcohol with the connivance of customs officials.

Customs has given good?

The case was initiated under part 3, article 200.2 of the criminal code (Smuggling of alcohol”) “on the fact of illegal movement through customs border of the Customs Union of alcoholic beverages in the large size and non-payment of obligatory customs payments.

According to the official representative of the Investigative Committee Vladimir Markin, the prosecution in the case about the smuggling of alcohol brought against the four defendants.

Was the General Director of the holding company “Forum” Dmitry Mikhalchenko, Deputy CEO of the same company Boris Corevski, the Deputy Director of firm “Contrail Logistik North-West Anatoly] and Director of the South-Oriental trading company” Ilya Pichko.

Dealing with a tart flavor

It is reported that, according to investigators, it was large St. Petersburg businessman Mikhalchenko, detained on March 29 in Moscow, was the organizer of the scheme for smuggling of expensive wines and other premium spirits. According to media reports, a businessman from Northern capital was detained after a large-scale operation of the FSB for opening containers with a dubious cargo in the port of Ust-Luga.

Led by Mikhalchenko holding company “Forum” has a “broad specialization”. Under his control are such assets as a plant for the production of oil and gas equipment “Izmeron” or restoration company “Baltstroy”, “Port Bronka” multifunctional loading complex in the St. Petersburg Big port and trade management on all railway stations in St. Petersburg. In addition, the holding company “Forum” owned “restaurant unit”, including restaurants and railway stations.

As reported July 22, the St. Petersburg edition of “Fontanka”, in the case Mikhalchenko was questioned on the eve of the St. Petersburg sommelier Alexey Mishchenko. He was summoned from abroad. According to investigators, he was purchased at European auctions elite alcohol, which, as follows from the materials of the case, under the guise of building materials subsequently transported to Petersburg, in the interests Mikhalchenko.

According to the publication, the answers Mishchenko wasn’t quite satisfied with the result. “He was released with the obligation not to leave the region and a clear hint of what his status may change,” – said “Fontanka”.

The plea

As the Agency “Prime”, one of four defendants in the case about the smuggling of alcohol – Andrei] – I made a deal with the investigation. This was announced by the lawyer of another defendant, Boris Koretskogo, Igor Reshetnikov.

“]… Gave the result of extensive testimony, but their essence is not known to me. My client Corevski exactly nothing about Belyaninov didn’t, he refused to testify, taking advantage of the 51st article of the Constitution of the Russian Federation”, – said the lawyer.

Reshetnikov also said that the Director of “South-East trading company” Ilya Pichko was released from prison on bail of 10 million rubles.

“Did he give a testimony and he cooperated with the investigation, I do not know”, the lawyer said Reshetnikov.

“Shadow on the whole Department”

Honored lawyer of the Russian Federation Ivan Solovyov recalled that in recent times the public shows the iron line of the establishment of a clear anti-corruption standards among senior leaders.

“When things like that happen with the first heads of departments, there are two serious moment. First of all this disappointment, there are things that should not be inherent in a leader at this level. It casts a shadow on the entire Department, thousands of honest employees who do their duty. On the other hand, in the minds of the people almost had a breakdown. For a very long time, when there was talk about the fight against corruption, we are all a little smirk, keeping in mind that who should be kept intact and to spit against the wind… But now policies and the political will to implement the law enforcement agencies, designed to show people they can be quiet,” Solovyov said the newspaper VIEW.

In addition, he said, such actions have a powerful preventive measure. The same of Singapore’s economic miracle started with the fact that the new Prime Minister has thrown his former thieving friends. Nevertheless, Solovyov urged not to rush to label and diagnose, the guilt of those or other persons can only install the trial.

“We all remember when people were returning to their posts and worked on. If it has found a confirmation of the received operational information, then the scenario will be implemented, which will be given the necessary procedural evaluation of the head,” he said.

Vnukovo scandal and other stories

Current searches – not the first high-profile episode connected with accusations against officials of the FCS from the Investigative Committee and the FSB. Three years ago in Central office of Federal customs service of Russia in Moscow, and Vnukovo airport suddenly appeared suddenly with searches representatives of the UK and the FSB.

According to the UK, they are investigating a case of fraud, which is suspected high-ranking member of the FCS. Customs officers themselves said that investigative actions were carried out in violation of the Criminal procedure code.

The Investigative Committee said the searches were carried out in the framework of the criminal case against a high-ranking officer of the FCS.

“Investigations conducted in the framework of the criminal case against the head of the Department of forensic science Central forensic customs administration of the FCS of Russia (ZACTU) Vladimir Makarenko suspected of committing a crime under part 3 of article 30, part 2 of article 159 of the RF criminal code (attempted fraud)”, – said the newspaper VIEW, representative of the office.

According to the investigation, Makarenko and unidentified employees of the FCS misled Director General, OOO Flagpoles” about the need to transfer 80 thousand rubles for obtaining a preliminary classification decision on the code of commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activities in the management of commodity nomenclature FTS of Russia, without having the authority to make that decision.” 31 Jul 2013 in one of the Moscow cafes Makarenko has received the required funds, said the investigators.

On 8 August of the same year, the Investigative Committee reported that a criminal case of abuse of authority. The case was brought to the first Deputy head of the Moscow customs CTS FCS of Alexey Pavlov and his Deputy Igor Sirotkin, as well as the head of the office for the protection of intellectual property rights to the same customs Alexey Mitrokhin.

According to investigators, Pavlov, Sirotkin and Mitrokhin, wanting to create the appearance of positive performance for the detection of illegal cross-border movement of counterfeit products, has developed a plan providing for the shipment of counterfeit goods from non-existent sender from Moscow to address a non-existent recipient in Tallinn, which was then assumed to identify the officials of the customs post.

25 Jun 2013 customs officials caught in the supply of counterfeit goods under the guise of humanitarian aid. According to the investigation, the chief of a customs post Kubinka Elena Spektor, her Deputy Konstantin Prilipko and six inspectors, were released without checking the goods of charity Fund “Unity”, which is then implemented as a commercial. In the same month, the chief of one of departments of the FCS Dmitry Kuznetsov was declared a suspect in the case of the illegal issuance of documents for exemption from inspection of transport and cargo, the so-called all-terrain vehicles.

Later FCS accused the investigation of violations during the searches in this case.

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