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Saturday, March 24, 2018

The “hand of Moscow” has become an integral part of the election campaign in the United States

Supporters of Hillary Clinton continued to point to the “Russian trace” in the scandals associated with her name. The relationship with Russia persist in imposing Donald Trump is a serious opponent of Clinton, but that does not prevent to grow its rating. Anti-Russian rhetoric has become an obligatory point election program in the United States.

President Barack Obama did not rule out that the attack on the computer systems of the National Committee of the Democratic party (nkdp) could carry out hackers from Russia to influence the course of elections. “All things are possible, – said the American President. – Do you know what the experts said about the responsibility of the Russians. What we know is the fact that Russia is hacking our systems, not only governmental, but also private”, – he stressed.

“In the Democratic party understand that the scandal will unwind further, and the use of the Russian card is very important for them”

“Madness” Democrats

Earlier, WikiLeaks published thousands of letters to members of the party, among whom was revealed the conspiracy of the representatives of the DNC … In the correspondence, they discussed how to help Hillary Clinton and prevent her opponent, the Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders. In the end, a national Committee was forced to apologize, in addition, the Chairman NCDP Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has promised that immediately after the Congress resigns.

Obama, in turn, continued that he did not know what were the motives of the perpetrators of the leak, but did not fail to hint at the alleged trump relationship with the Kremlin. “What I know is that Donald trump has repeatedly expressed admiration for (Russian President) Vladimir Putin. I base this on the fact that he said trump. Think about trump saying in Russia in a fairly positive way,” – said the President of the United States.

We will remind, on Tuesday, Donald trump said that if elected President is ready to cooperate with Russia in the fight against ISIS*. “If you think about it, isn’t it great to establish relations with Russia? Isn’t it wonderful if we would unite with Russia and destroy ISIS?” – asked trump, who was quoted by “Interfax”. He also denied the suggestion that the Russian government allegedly assisting him in the election campaign.

On Wednesday, Donald trump added: “it’s official, I have zero investment in Russia.” The charges against him in cooperation of Russian hackers trump called untenable. “Trying to distract attention from the terrible and stupid catastrophe with WikiLeaks, Democrats say that maybe it was a case of Russia and the tramp. Madness!” – said the Republican.

“Treated with a high degree of confidence

However, the hype around the alleged intervention of Russia in election campaign only increases. “The American intelligence Agency told the White house that they are now “with a high degree of confidence” in the information that the Russian leadership was behind the kidnapping of emails and documents from NCDP,” sources told The New York Times. The newspaper also noted that the hacker, known by the pseudonym Guccifer 2.0 and have taken the responsibility for the previous attack on the base NCDP, “as the investigators now believe, was a GRU agent”. This is despite the fact that the hacker previously said about his Romanian origin, that it has nothing to do with Russia.

However, the NYT insists on “a curious aspect of the presidential campaign of 2016 and the striking resemblance of Donald trump, Vladimir Putin, the increasingly authoritarian President of Russia.” Both say about each other admiringly, both demonstrate the features of the Strongman and the two shared certain views, in particular the contempt for NATO. “As strange as that may sound, but the chances of Putin’s election campaign in the US after the WikiLeaks publications should be considered seriously,” said the publication.

Earlier Tuesday, Reuters, citing a source involved in the investigation, also said that the investigation United States suspects Russia of diversion from the democratic party: “(the Data) clearly show that it (the attack) comes from Russia”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

“Traditional manic fun”

In response, the press Secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, stated: “We are still seeing attempts to use, as manic to use Russian theme in the course of the electoral company in the USA… unfortunately, the traditional such “fun”.

Peskov called such reports “absurd”: “We certainly think it’s not good for bilateral relations, but we understand that such a negative period, you need to go,” he concluded.

He recalled that on Monday there were also reports that the Advisor for international Affairs trump Carter Paige ostensibly in Moscow held a meeting with the head of the Kremlin administration Sergei Ivanov. “I asked Sergei Borisovich Ivanov, did it with a friend that Mr Ivanov said such crazy news it does not comment”, – said Peskov.

Not to give the Russians the green light

Another bearer of anti-Russian hysteria was a former U.S. Secretary of state Madeleine Albright. “The truth is that the winning trump in November will be a gift for Vladimir Putin. Given what we learned about the recent actions of Russia, Putin is eager for a victory trump, and that should worry every American. I know what happens when you give a Russian green light,” said Albright, which is quoted by TASS.

Speaking about a possible election trump, she said: “It would be a disaster. Many claimed that Donald trump would harm our national security if he is elected President. But in fact, he’s already done it, just joining in the race.” Albright chided the Republicans that ruined US relations with partners in Muslim countries, and has weakened our position in the world, threatening to turn away from our friends and allies.”

Former Secretary of state echoed and Dan Feldman is one of the foreign policy advisers to Hillary Clinton. “I firmly believe that if he (trump – approx. OPINION) was elected President, in Moscow will be a holiday,” he said.

Earlier Tuesday, the Democratic party of the USA by the end of the Congress at Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) have adopted electoral program – “the most progressive in the history of the party platform” according to Hillary Clinton. A whole section in the document devoted to Russia. In it, in particular, noted that the Democratic party is in favour of cooperation with our country, when it directly responds to American interests. “As we did with the elimination of Iran’s nuclear program, imposing sanctions against North Korea and supplying our troops in Afghanistan,” – said in the document.

However, “we definitely will to resist Russian aggression,” said the Democrats. “Russia is involved in destabilizing actions along the border, violating the sovereignty of Ukraine and trying to recreate the area of influence that undermined American interests,” reminded the members of the democratic party. In addition, Moscow supports the regime of (President Bashar) Assad in Syria, which continues its brutal attacks on its own citizens,” added the document.

The translation of the shooter

The chief researcher of the Institute of USA and Canada Vladimir Vasiliev has his own point of view on the scandal with the opening of the correspondence of the democratic party. “The Democrats are trying to blame external forces – that Russia is involved in this scandal that she’s trying to help Trump. But this position is a sign of weakness on the part of Democrats. The situation is that the scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton reaches boiling point and starts a politically incorrect political argument. Before all saw the “hand of Moscow”, and now Russia is to blame”, – he said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK.

Such tactics, according to Vasilyev, helps to muffle the scandal. “How to hush up its content side? To say that it intrigues hostile to the United States forces thus sent the signal to voters and public opinion, that they did not take seriously this issue,” says the source.

Vasiliev reminded – at the headquarters of the Clinton suddenly announced that they expect new scandals in the near future. “This is a tactic ahead of the curve – apparently, officials of the Democratic party something already know and understand that the scandal will unwind further. And use the Russian card is very important for them”, – the expert believes.

To hide internal problems for Russia

Meanwhile, within the Democratic party has serious problems. “The party today is split. The headquarters is itself a kind of amalgam of people – those who support Hillary and those, albeit the few who supported Sanders and his ideas. Since these fractions between the knives, then some of the National Committee was a very powerful motivation to inflict maximum damage to Clinton campaigns,” says Vasiliev.

The proponents of Sanders of the National Committee will most likely first learned that the Democratic party is a conspiracy against Sanders, said the source. “To hack the server of the party, it is necessary to know what is happening there. After all, the game may not be worth the candle. Hack is necessary when you know that there’s something interesting. It could only know the insiders,” he said.

The contradiction between Clinton and Sanders are superior to someone’s desire to help Trump said Vasilyev. “This is a continuation of the political struggle between supporters of Clinton and Sanders. Yes, it helps Trump, but not least, it helps the supporters of Sanders, because this escalate the situation on the exit and breathed a second life into their fight with supporters of Clinton. It matters much more than any foreign aid Trump,” – said the expert.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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