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Sunday, March 25, 2018

The fighter of the Ukrainian Nazi battalion “Azov” was a Russian spy

The security service of Ukraine likes to report about the capture of Russian spies and saboteurs. If you examine the press reports of this Department, it turns out that for two years, the Ukrainian security officers detained somewhere around 200 Russian agents. Meanwhile, the most secret and effective agent a year and a half was at SBU literally under the nose of the volunteer battalion “Azov”. But exposed it does not “independence specialists”, and their Russian journalists.

photo: pixabay.com

We are talking about Aleksei Filippov, who served in the battalion with a call sign of “fog”. In may, he returned from Ukraine in his native Vladivostok, where he calculated televizionschiki, making it a material called “Betrayed, but come to repentance.” And here came the surprise of the DNI. There reported that the Filippov — not a traitor and not a nationalist, and the “undercover agent”, who has brought many benefits to the forces of new Russia. Project coordinator humanitarian aid to the Donbas, the volunteer Alexander Zhuchkovsky wrote a great post titled “He was our spy in the rear of the “Azov”, which outlined the entire history of Filippov. According to him, Alex arrived at the DNI during the second half of 2014 as a volunteer. But because he had special skills in Russia, he commanded a platoon of Marines, composed of 30 people were trained in the training Centre of the MIA main Department in Moscow region, was a member of the Special rapid reaction unit (SOBR) in Vladivostok, participated in special operations on detention of members of various organized crime groups — it was decided to use “on purpose”, that is in the rear. To do this, Filippova sent back to Russia, and from there he is across the border with the Sumy region moved to Ukraine and said he wants to fight on the side of Ukrainian nationalists. “The main challenge Alexei was collecting and sending to the DNI of information about the Nazi Ukrainian battalions (in particular, “Azov”, where he “served”), information on funding and logistics, deliveries from abroad for the APU equipment and weapons, about the movement and deployment of forces and means of the enemy, and more. etc. Being in the first half of 2015 in the area of “ATO” Alex was related to the elimination of some active members of the “Azov” and other war criminals in the ranks of the Nazi battalions and Mat.” writes Zhuchkovsky. As evidence of espionage Filippova, he posted a series of secret talks with him on Skype and reports on the situation in the battalion “Azov”. In the spring of this year, according to Zhuchkovsky, Alex was on the verge of exposure. It was decided to return it to the DNR. And from there back to Russia and for the Ukrainian side to spread the story of his abduction. And even death. But since intelligence work for the DNI was homemade, and it was not coordinated with the Russian party, upon arrival home Alex was under the scrutiny of the Russian intelligence services.

Zhuchkovsky worried that Fillipova may now be at risk, and therefore hopes that the situation will soon become clear and he can return to the DNR. I must say that Zhuchkovsky as Filippov relates to the Russian nationalists, which, indeed, enough of the battalion “Azov”, who are fighting there against the people of Donbass because of ideological reasons.. Why the interest of Russian special services to the person of the former “azovets” understandable and justified. The fate of the “voluntary agent”,alas, not always it turns into recognition at home.

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