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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Scientists have discovered how men and women can’t refuse sex

British scientists from the University of Leeds has established, what kind of men women find most sexually attractive. The results of the study refute the conventional wisdom that women are attracted to brutal muscular “males”.

photo: pixabay.com

The study was tested 1680 women aged 23 to 50 years, which showed videos of men in different situations, given the opportunity to ask them questions and stuff. And to the surprise of many it appeared that the ladies like is not “macho”, as was previously assumed.

The vast majority of women (67%) are unable to resist the voice of a potential Beau. And the voice is not rough and growling, and soft, bland and supple. Combined with a big body and masculine features quiet soft voice can really deprive a woman of will and ability to resist their own.

The second important sign of sex appeal, researchers have described the presence of men a sense of humor. Young people who can make them smile, were willing to pay 43% of women.

Finally, 29% of the subjects were irresistible… feminine appearance of the representatives of the stronger sex. However, with one caveat: beautiful face, reminiscent of maidenly attracts the ladies only if the owner has classic male shape — broad shoulders, muscular arms and legs .

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