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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Religious procession for peace in Kiev without war

Ukrainian religious procession for unity of Ukraine with a prayer for peace to mark the anniversary of the baptism of Russia, after all, was held in Kiev. Although in the morning some of the pilgrims, as promised by the interior Ministry, Vladimir hill took a bus, but from there to Kiev-Pechersk Lavra people walked. The procession of tens of thousands of people stretched for miles. The believers were guarded by reinforced police, national guard and volunteers.

photo: youtube.com

“What responsibility falls on the judges — stunned me with his awareness in the morning, a Kiev taxi driver, Sasha. — Because Poroshenko and Klitschko on vacation, and then the procession!” The possibility to take a taxi to hem 8 in the morning saying at least that the procession Kiev is not paralyzed. Before walking part of the procession could get to Kiev in different ways. The Eastern column was forced to take the bus and brought to the city, and the Western part (on the path where you found the grenades and dummy mines) entered the city on foot.

In the course of the faithful was launched with two sides. Correspondent “MK” was in the crowd on Independence square. Here in front of the four frameworks of metal detectors in the morning there were people. There was something to see — banners, numerous women’s scarves, signs indicating dioceses. Check for dangerous items, weapons and passports — he had to be only Ukrainian. The line moved under the endless singing of the Psalms. I turned to people from Kherson.

“We have seven buses yesterday had left the city, — sedately replied an elderly pilgrim Olga. — Only stayed in the toilet, no obstacle was. We are not in Odessa turned out! If you get lost, come to the prayer service to us — we have a banner with our Kasperovskaya Mother of God, can’t go wrong!”

In Odessa the night the activists of “Avtomaydan” tried not to let the column of the faithful in Kiev. Was going to go 500, but, according to the press service of the local diocese, to three dozen men in camouflage later that evening, threatened the drivers of hired buses. Threatened to stab the tire and a beat box on the spot and promised a hot meeting on the road up to the Uman. Believers in Kiev were certain that the Odessa pilgrims in the capital did not get on the page of the “Automaidan” in Facebook is also posted the top ten thanks to local organizations for the successful rejection of the “walkers” in Kiev, but the Informational and educational Department of UOC-MP reported that several buses on the procession arrived.

Odessa’s story is a bit of an outlier. The procession went from the Pochaev Lavra in the West and Svyatogorsk in Eastern Ukraine, but organized resistance was found really only on the way to the Kiev — Zhitomir and Boryspil.

And in the Kiev responded rather sluggishly. During the holiday season, terrible windless heat, cover the whitish haze of city smog, and numerous reports on mines and possible explosions held inoperative Kiev at home.

And the pilgrims should watch and listen. “We are for peace, peace — he is in the love of God, and the procession — a kind of prayer, don’t tell us about the war!” — convinced me countrywoman Elena from Yenakievo. From the conversation it became clear that the woman third year of living in children in Kiev at the beginning of the war does not happen and talking about it is not want, the heart immediately hurts.

In the crowd there was the priest from the suburbs of Kiev, an eyewitness of the siege at Boryspil. “Yesterday I was 10 miles in the terrible heat has passed, stood for a long time due to the blockade, and nothing, quietly drops father Alexander, rector of the Church in the village zazimya Brovarsky district, Kiev region. But I’m a man not developed, but my parishioners — entirely grandmother, yesterday the oldest was 84 years old. For us “fast” riding, and no support not addressed. Such strength of spirit! The Church, the priests, kept, we just fed her, the Church keeps the faith of these women. You look at them, at their faces today — each will ascend to the cross and be happy!”

In the column the reign of euphoria. Father Alexander — people in Ukraine and reputable enough. In 1989, he saved the local forest, was part of the environmental organizations in the fight against deforestation in the area Bykivnia discovered the mass graves of the repressed in the thirties. He was one of the famous five community members that contributed to the investigation of the executions in the Stalin era. Now he is in Kiev. “You are a journalist write that we have a March for peace — he teaches me. — We have it every year. This year, frightened, less people will come.”

Colon slows down in the prayer near the place of execution of Heavenly one hundred. The pillars have inscriptions: “Mom, I’ll be back!”. Father Alexander looks around and says: “you know, this year people are much more!”.

At 15.30, a statement was made by the head of the National police of Ukraine Khatia Dekanoidze. According to her, the procession took place without major violations. Even the chief of police has denied reports the confiscation of the metal detector from the believers of knives. March for peace without war.

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