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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Protest in Yerevan degraded: the rebels lost their leader and captured doctors

Ten days after the capture of the PPS regiment on the outskirts of Yerevan, the situation for the insurgents has not improved. They ran out of food, no light, what to do next, no one knows. Instead of police they decided to take hostage the doctors.

photo: AP

In the night of July 27, the rebels seized the police station on the outskirts of Yerevan has again taken hostages. This time they were employees of “Ambulance”, came to the besieged, to provide medical assistance to the wounded during the night of the shooting. In the hands of the radicals were doctors Norayr Tevanyan and Salvador Khechoyan, Davit Tonoyan paramedic and a nurse Raspberry Margaryan. While the wounded rebel leader Pavel Manukyan and his son Aram was taken to the hospital where they are given all necessary assistance. Minister of healthcare Armen Muradyan on Wednesday afternoon attempted to exchange himself for the hostages, but the police did not allow him to go to the besieged.

The incident has already caused serious damage to the credibility of the rebels. Their supporters at first could not believe that the new hostages were doctors, but opponents said that such baseness have not used even the Nazis in the Great Patriotic war.

Realizing that thousands of supporters of the “Sasun brave” can at any time turn away from them, the radicals said that doctors were not the hostages, as part of their new conditions: on-site PPS regiment should always be doctors who can replace each other. However, it is not convinced even the U.S. Embassy in Armenia that on July 27, has extended its statement that doctors should be released immediately.

But the invaders continue to insist on. Moreover, they demand that to them to the police station came the deputies of the National Assembly of Armenia, which radicals are supposed to negotiate. But after the capture of the doctors in that few people believe. However, the “Sassoun Braves” continue to demand that the Republican authorities release their leader, Iirira Sefilyan and the resignation of President Serzh Sargsyan.

How long will the confrontation on the outskirts of Yerevan, nobody knows, but the besieged ran out of food and no lights. After the radicals released the remaining police officers, security officers ceased to give in to them. Not surprisingly, in the night of July 27, two militants, Gagik Yeghiazaryan and Aram Hakobyan agreed to lay down their arms. Given that the result of sporadic exchanges of fire with the police was already wounded 4 rebels, of the 31 invaders continue to hold the building only 25 people.

No better situation with the protesters, who stands in front of the building PPP to support the rebels. On Wednesday they demanded the police to establish a telephone connection to the besieged, as there were doubts about their well-being. But security forces said their refusal, and, contrary to expectations of many observers, the demonstrators rushed to break through the cordon, as it was before. The initiative clearly passed to police that same night detained 64 people suspected of possessing weapons and organizing mass disturbances, but only 1 of them was not released — he found a homemade gun.

The participants of the protest acknowledge that they have no leader, no clear program of action. For example, the Deputy of the National Assembly Nikol Pashinyan proposed to abandon the violent struggle and switch to peaceful protest, which must be distributed from Yerevan on the whole Armenia. However, other leaders of the demonstrators accused him of trying to usurp action to achieve their private interests. First Pashinyan was offended and said that will not appear at the evening meetings, but then changed his mind and returned.

Watch the video on “Posted a video of the captured police station in Yerevan”

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