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Monday, March 19, 2018

In Denmark discovered gigantic axe Viking

One of the largest axes of the Vikings were discovered on the Jutland Peninsula in Denmark, a group of specialists under the leadership of Kirsten Nielsen from Silkeborg Museum. The weapon, which is more than a thousand years, was found in a rather unusual tomb.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

The researchers argue that in the X century the axes used by the Vikings in the territory of modern Denmark was one of the most frightening types of weapons. In this instance, apparently, was very large and heavy. The wooden handle is, of course, have not survived until today, but scientists assume that it was very long, and keep the axe was only possible in two hands. No decorations on the axe is not detected, and this, according to the researchers, can be considered as another proof that he did not serve a “piece of furniture” and was intended for combat

In the tomb, which, according to the researchers, was built around 950 ad, was buried three men, and, apparently, originally, there were only a man and a woman, and then near them was buried another man. The first two buried in the tomb of a man, on the assumption of archaeologists was rich and famous. Between a man and a woman apparently was some connection — perhaps they were a couple or brother and sister. The woman was buried in a key pair is, according to exist in the X century tradition, was supposed to symbolize her influence, and some of the details of how exactly it had been buried, allowed to make an assumption about her high birth. Next to the man, moreover, next to him was found no items other than huge arms. According to researchers, this may indicate that during the life of the owner of the axe — or those who arranged for his burial saw him primarily as a warrior.

The second man was also buried with an axe, but a few smaller — perhaps this was a relative or heir, who was buried here before.

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