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Sunday, March 18, 2018

If the “Chinese way” for Russia?

On ways to combat corruption in China is legendary. Execution suspended for two years – that is, as we know, waits for corrupt officials in China. How effective such methods are and whether it is possible for Russia, “the Chinese way” – the “MK” talks with Yevgeny Kolesov, a professional lawyer, a man of almost 20 years who has lived in China, leading the First channel, and more recently a candidate to the State Duma of the Federal dozens from the party “Rodina”, as well as in Kuntsevo single-mandate district No. 197 (Moscow).

– How do you assess where the level of corruption is higher in Russia or China?

– Hard to say. About Russian corruption scandals we all know, I will not stop separately. As for China, the campaign launched against corruption, Chinese President XI Jinping, showed that its level in China is very high. It almost top to bottom party-state apparatus, state enterprises, both Central and local subordination, armed forces, power structures, etc. To date on corruption charges, lost their jobs (just imagine!) more than 20 members of the Central Committee of the CPC of the 18th convocation. But it is the party elite! It is obvious that both countries are facing similar problems, that kind of gives you the opportunity to use the experience of each other…

– However, apparently, there are some “but”?

– Of course. In this question it is necessary to consider the forms and methods of struggle, which are used in China, as well as the degree of their effectiveness. XI Jinping began the fight against corruption almost immediately after coming to power. In early 2013, they were nominated and the tigers and flies together to beat”, and in the summer of that year, launched a political campaign “fight 4 winds”. Officially, the purpose of the campaign was declared a purification of the party. The main instrument for the implementation of the campaign was the Commission of the Central Committee for control over the discipline, it is headed by Wang Qishan (part of seven top PRC leadership, the Deputy Prime Minister in the governments of Wen Jiabao and Li Keqiang). In the summer of 2014 was taken by a former member of the Politburo standing Committee, Zhou Yongkang, “fell from horse” the former Deputy of the Central military Commission Xu Caihou. XI Jinping announces that the fight against corruption, “no restricted areas”. The aim is to ensure that officials and party functionaries “was afraid – could not – did not want” to take bribes. However, it is recognized that while the fight is only at the stage of “afraid”. In early 2015, XI said that the fight against corruption is a “protracted war” begin conversations that we need institutional mechanisms to combat corruption. However, until they are established, and whether it is possible to create them in terms of monopoly of the party in power? The campaign against corruption in China, there is a downside. She was somewhat paralyzed the state apparatus, linked the initiative. What I have told you all this?

– To make it clear that the scope of the struggle and at such a high level, as in China, in Russia is impossible.

Exactly. I doubt it can work in Russia. Power is very localized fight against corruption. People do not believe that this is serious. Well no obvious results, agree? So today, if you pedal this topic, having no real leverage on the situation, you could obtain the opposite effect and reputation of irresponsible populist. Everyone’s shouting about the fight against corruption and that? Well, to be honest and real is the struggle? You can not answer, readers themselves will find the answer, not even straining.

– And you, when will be the MP that will fight corruption?

– Let’s be honest? First, the Duma – a representative body, with very limited functions. Second, the party “Rodina” has positioned itself as a “special forces” of the President. But the essence of the fight against corruption is to reduce administrative intervention in the economy, an independent judiciary, and frankly, in expanding the powers of the legislature, government. Meantime, all businesses, large and small, with a few exceptions, revolves around the budget that just creates exceptionally fertile ground for corruption. A corrupt tradition in Russia. Enough to read “Dead souls” Gogol, “a Profitable post” and “the wise man stumbles” Ostrovsky to see that not only the substance but even the appearance of techniques and scheme not too much had changed. So you need to change the environment. But I can say with confidence: the party “Rodina” – strongly against corruption. We realize that it is an evil that must be fought decisively. We must act together, support this fight needs to go, including, and from the people, from our constituents who believe that together we can fight corruption. I take this opportunity to appeal to all politically and socially active citizens – to report to the Central Committee of the party of corruption. The leader of the party Deputy Alexei Zhuravlev has repeatedly said that every corruption case, which will be known the “Homeland” will not remain without attention. The levers for this are available.

– Still, I can’t help asking this question: you almost spent 20 years in China. Why did you decide to come back, Yes, to go into politics?

– When I first came to China, knew that 35 years back in Russia. I set a goal to understand China, to gain experience and knowledge and then returning Home to apply them for the benefit of the country. Some time ago I walked away from the business in China I have a successful company, leader in its segment, I’m happy with my family, my wife and I devote a lot of time to children (in the family of Yevgeny Kolesov grow four children, the eldest son of Gordey in 2015, won a talent Show in China and is the Vice-champion of Russia on chess, and a member of the national team. – Ed.). I finished the book in the upbringing and development of children. It’s time to give back to the Motherland, to take care of, as Confucius said, “a big family”. I took the decision to defend the interests of their constituents, those who will support me in the election. You know, communicating with people, the impression that the current members forgot: the Deputy – the servant of the people, this postulate and to follow, it is necessary to work on conscience.

– The party “Rodina” put forward your candidacy for the post of Ombudsman for children? Where such credibility?

– This question is better to ask the Chairman of the “homeland”, it was him. Will say, it is nice, as said the President of FIDE Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, calling my candidacy worthy. Thank him at the meeting.

In the media leaked information that you are associated with intelligence, right?

We started talking about corruption, let’s not deviate from the main theme.

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