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Saturday, March 24, 2018

How much frontline for people

On the eve of the opening of the ambitious and widely hyped professional Aivazovsky exhibition in the Tretyakov gallery on the Crimean Shaft reporters “MK” has decided to take a look at the respected Ivan Konstantinovich, but not the one which now awaits the greedy eyes of the audience in the gallery, and “Aivazovsky for ordinary people,” a textbook whose canvases bought from street artists. Born Aivazovsky now, it is unclear where he was: in the gallery or on the street.

Street artists challenged the Aivazovsky (23 photos)

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

“No technique has value, and vividness of the picture”

…The Crimean shaft, sanctioned by art ranks next to the gallery. Just got through the crazy downpour, the artists (and often the sellers are not steaming, wipe away the droplets of paintings, so well spattered: “what can they be?”.

The legend is simple: a young family with a child (especially took a six year old girl) furnishes the apartment is after renovation, but in the living room on the wall for positive mood urgently require a copy of 90x70cm cm (or slightly more) one of the “Calm” by Aivazovsky or one of his “Black seas”. “Advise the good people”. Reproductions printed.

Here is the first nook in expressionistic colors; I note that the artist is not vulgar — Yes, on the wall the “target weighting” of the Bolshoi theatre and other “low places”, but the letter with a palette knife (spatula rushes to canvas paint) on a very even level.

Copy can do? — ask.

— And you? — responds to Idris (the name of the artist, as it turned out).

— Does it matter?

— Has. Somewhere in the office — one. Home if you live with this picture. A member of the family. (Considering our illustration.) You want to live with a monster? No, these dark — where there are heavy waves, leaden clouds — nothing, why, and so life is complicated. But the calm, the serenity… My paintings you say is not bragging, psychic one within checked. Here hangs my hangs near gorgeous copy of Rubens. So Rubens frame “silent”, and in my began to rotate. Hand good.

Street artists challenged the Aivazovsky (23 photos)

— And the price?

— Somewhere in the 50-70 thousand rubles. A month write. Yes, you believe me, here you are bred as suckers. As Chinese tourists, slipped print with drawing, and you will think that this artist tried-I tried… haha. Trust me. I won the Director of the Tretyakov gallery bought the painting…

“Really? Tregulova?

True. And I get to hang noodles? Came to me: food, says, to visit, a gift is needed, and your (i.e. my) Paris is just the place. So… once all the gift to cook very, very tall man, banned this picture anyone to show up to the sale. So. I would like to know what your room, ceiling height, lighting.

— Listen, but really you will not have any difficulties with the image of such a crystal wave, reflection of the sky?.. It’s Aivazovsky.

— Yes, there are some difficulties… Technically no. Conventional realistic manner. Another thing — there is a dead picture, but is alive. You see, I’m not going to do; it will be a copy of the form, and in fact I myself have to invest in this will. Himself. Himself. But what else?

…Curious that after the sensational exhibition Serov demand for it among street artists have not risen one iota. But Aivazovsky (or similar invoice marinistic) — with the exhibition, without — is more or less constant demand.

“What’s Aivazovsky, there is a technique of old Dutch!”

…Go ahead. Igor seller took the trouble still at the moment the rain cloth to remove, now hangs again, not indifferent; look at the date: the corner everywhere in the 2016, fresh. So the sales are.

— Interested?

— Yes, that’s the copy you want…

— Copy of a copy of strife. Exact copy, touch to touch you here, I assure you, no one would not write. Well it’s a work. And if you did not look, and save only the plot, so the difference is not noticeable at a distance of two meters — it is always welcome. And price: for ultra-precise copy take 50 000 euros, close to 50 000 rubles. Well, why should you ultra-precise home?

— We are embarrassed that the name of Aivazovsky no thrills… It’s what class!

That’s my artist Vyacheslav — I only sell, you understand, lives in Feodosia, in the Crimea. And life writing sea. So he better Aivazovsky. Between the two of us. He takes the technique of the old Dutch masters. First, it is clear there is underpainting, and then write out the different layers. So he writes the layer, then varnish covers says covers. And achieve an incredible effect of an inner glow… that bottom picture, the “green lawn”, do not look, they are parsed for all tourists, only some 15-20 thousand, but these seascapes is very strong. But painting to order is always more than willing… 70 000 somewhere will. What is the story you want?

— “Pushkin on the shore of the Black sea”. Poet in thought… He hand holds like on the mobile phone talking. You can paint a cell phone? Your master, believe, still, what a story to take?

— I don’t know, have to ask him. He’s got a lot of orders. He will not be day and night one picture to write. Layer says layer dries. But he sea salted, you know? He sends me out of their rolls, I pull the subframe.

…Everyone we met, considered it his duty “in confidence to warn that the neighbor will slip print (sometimes it is almost impossible to install because the original picture can be created of water paints, which are then dissolved in imposing on them the oil). Hence the jumping and timing: one claimed that you need at least a month to write the cloth meter on (“honestly”), the other gave only two weeks. Price range from 50 000 to 150 000 rubles.

— Why so expensive — 150? Other well 70 thousand… — ask a character named Valentine.

— Lecturer at the art Institute, a well-known author! That’s his “Venice” hanging over 200 thousand. In General, you walk around here yet — someone was, I saw, is ready and “the Tempest” and “the Ninth wave”. At weekends especially they trained…

— And “the Ninth wave” good people go?

Not really. It is used in every kindergarten hanging in reproduction in each canteen. The other paintings are in demand.

Help “MK”

Before the advent of Russian oligarchy Aivazovsky in Western markets is almost not quoted. And when our rich men began to go abroad — there’s an acute demand for Russian art, including Aivazovsky, extremely prolific, and whose works enough at all. The most expensive of them — “View of Constantinople and the Bosphorus” 1856 with a size of 124,5х195,5 cm — left in 2012 at Sotheby’s for £3.2 million Despite the fact that the case of the global art market in comparison with 90‑mi years progressively worsened in the course of the ship Aivazovsky remained virtually unchanged. Among his paintings sold in recent years at the highest price, the balance is: “American ships at the rock of Gibraltar, 1873 (108,2х133,8 cm) went for £2.8 million at Christie’s in 2007, “Pushkin and Countess Raevskaya on the sea near Gurzuf and Partenit 1886 (80х104 cm) for $3.6 million in 2006 at Sotheby’s and, finally, “the Varangians on the Dnieper” in 1876 (134,5х235 cm) — for $3.3 million at Sotheby’s in 2006.

“To forge the wizard, you have to get in the rhythm”

Finally (like a breath of fresh air) coming to sitting behind the easel of the master self-Gennady. He writes in a symbolic manner: the island in the form of a huge fish or Moscow city floating in the far distance on the key from the chest, then the iron giant, inhabited by people… Bright things, as a souvenir, but the price tag for 200 thousand rubles bites.

— No, guys, ” he says to us, — I for your Aivazovsky did not undertake, I have outgrown it, outgrown. I won one painting sell and two months with her live, why do I need these copies. Here any you will do it without problems.

— Annoying, as if we are talking about a mediocre author…

— Yes, of course, Aivazovsky we have in terms of the marine industry’s number one. Although, admittedly, he was still a molester was. Brilliant. He decided to invite to his birthday a bunch of people and sent out 80 invitations, and on each was painted the sea!

— And what is it genius, what do you think? Well, not platitudes.

I’m not a judge, but Aivazovsky is known for being incredibly prolific. In 80 years, 6,000 pictures and more than a hundred solo exhibitions. There was even a case when he came to class at the Academy in St. Petersburg and told the students: look, as it should, and in the shortest time here and now depicted a seascape, a masterpiece. It then criticized teachers for “superficial view”, saying your teaching… So based on its velocity me personally interesting apically rhythm Aivazovsky. It is something without which it is impossible to forge his work, even if you really want it. Vehicles, this is now a own. But to understand the logic of the author is the most important task. Why his paintings in the gallery of live and local copies of dead cats? Because a genuine — tense, them hidden wave incorporated. They Packed rhythm — as if placed under a frame a few of the compressed springs, which really want to straighten up!

— The show will go?

— No, I know it by heart. It should not see, and “think” you need to catch a single wave, and all that I want.

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