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Friday, March 23, 2018

Gypsy life Doro Pesch

It’s not easy being the most successful but still the most beautiful woman in metal, but this singer from Germany still carries the banner happily and cheerfully. In the past year, she has loudly celebrated the 30th anniversary on stage concerts in different countries of the world and continues to travel with performances in cities and villages. In the 1980s, Doro Pesch was the lead singer of the band “Warlock”, and then founded his own project, which, without further ADO, called his name. In an interview with “MK”, the actress said about friendship with the fans, the first German song in the history of metal and his constant life on the road.

– Doro, congratulations with the release of the DVD “30 Years on Stage”. In honor of the anniversary, you made a great festival. Do you plan something similar for the 35th anniversary?

– Of course! Though while early to speak about it. 30 years… I never thought that we would so long to play, and thankful for all these years. When we started, we were children, our drummer, for example, was only 14 years old.

– Are you still active as then, and give fans fresh work. In addition to DVD, you have got the EP and self-titled clip “Love’s Gone to Hell”. What is the idea? Is there any connection with the real love story?

– Yes, there is. This song was created during the recording of the album, and when she was born, I heard so much magic, I understand that – I want to release it right now to make a really classy, expensive clip. This is the story of dramatic love. I love dark ballads, great melodies. Castle clip – one of the most beautiful in Europe – I love palaces and ruins. The clip was filmed in Hamburg in a very pleasant atmosphere. We did many versions of this song, and the first I put on a Maxi-single. I really love this thing, it is special to me, and I hope the listeners feel it, too.

“You look wonderful in this video. How do you manage to maintain this form? You still do sports, Boxing…?

Is simple: when I make music, always feel full of energy. I do martial arts, quit Smoking. The latter was very difficult: I like to pick up a cigarette before speaking. I still have stage fright, and I always get nervous, but I already began to feel that Smoking is much injurious to health, and my body can’t take it anymore. Now, although I have a hectic schedule, free time I devote to the sport. I have a great coach, sometimes I do in a group, sometimes alone. This helps in creativity can learn to focus on something, recharge your batteries for the tour and manage the pain, gives more strength to the scene.

– Many of your fans are interested in how you select the clothes, makeup for the stage and what kind of image do you have in real life?

“My make – up on the stage and in everyday life are almost always the same, except that the statements are brighter eye. In clothes I prefer dark colors, but when it’s hot, you can wear a white t-shirt and high heels. If we talk about the stage performance, I really has been helping the costume lady. We worked together for many years, and she feels me, but of course I can buy something myself, if I see a cool or sexy t-shirt. I like to combine things depending on my mood.

– Returning to music, how do you feel about tribute bands playing your songs?

“It’s wonderful that my songs inspire people. This shows that they are interested in. I’m always happy when I can share with someone a part of their energy.

– Why did you choose to live in new York and not remain in Germany? Do you miss your hometown?

– I have 2 houses in new York and düsseldorf. We spend 8 months a year on the road in a tour bus. This is another my house, like any club, festival, where we are waiting for fans. So I’m not tied to one place, and in new York, just temporarily leave their suitcases, records. I love hotels, I love that feeling when you realize that tomorrow you will be in another city or country. This Gypsy life… Tours are very important to me, and we always go where we expect. Very soon we will again get to your capital – July 30 peak on “Aria fest” at the Green theater with an hour-long program, which will perform the best songs – “All we are”, “Raise your fist” and the new “Love’s Gone to Hell”, which we have already talked about. Also I am very interested to hear a Russian band that will play there.

– You communicate with your fans? Has it ever happened that someone of them became your friend then?

– Yes, many times. For example, in Russia I have a friend Victoria. She is from Moscow and then went to the concert in Kiev, which was cancelled. Then she has come a long way to arrive in Los Angeles on our performance, where we met. It was quite a long time. We are good friends. After meeting, we walked a lot, went to restaurants. When at a Mature age unexpectedly meet people who become your friends, it’s worth it.

– Recently we had an interview with your compatriot – the leader of the metal band S. D. I. He noted that you, in fact, become an innovator and the first in the history of the German metal scene performed the song in their native language – it was all sung in English. Remember this story?

– Yes, it was the ballad “Fur Immer”. I was in new York and was very homesick. We mixed English, German and a little Spanish in the text – it was an unusual move for metal music. The song is very “clean”, it was written from the heart, from the heart – just magic. Already, many sung in their native German to take at least Rammstein, but nowadays it was a rarity, so we really were the pioneers. I often play “Fur Immer” on some key events. This is one of our best songs.

– Which album do you consider the most successful?

– If to speak about the times of the band “Warlock” (Doro was her singer – approx. “MK”), it is “Triumph And Agony”, and for the last 10 years – “Raise Your Fist”. We have released a very successful DVD, which took second place in the charts in Germany, the third in England, Sweden and first in Finland. I am happy that this work proved to be in world top ten.

– Do you think that social media and the Internet in General help musicians promote their creativity?

– In General, Yes. Personally, I’m not often in social networks: official page of the group and the website are our drummer johnny Dee and the Manager Hans. There are also people who work on our Russian website. Sometimes I look at the videos, photos, but I have to concentrate on other things, so don’t give the Internet enough time. Fortunately, it actively makes johnny so that’s all right. It is important to maintain communication.

Today Europe, and especially Germany, your home country, suffered from numerous terrorist attacks. Do you see any solutions to this problem?

I don’t know… I can only trust and pray that these were temporary. Now everything is very difficult. I hope that in the near future the situation will change. Sometimes a band is afraid to go to speak somewhere: the situation has never been so critical. I can only say that we try to support people with their music, give them pieces of hope, kindness and positive energy. We need to help each other. Every day we try to live as the last, each concert to play as the most important, and I take this opportunity to say to all our Russian fans that I love them, they are special for us and we are always happy to meet with them.

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