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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Family secrets Hillary Clinton: bill has said about it

When the democratic Convention in Philadelphia ended with a vote by States, and at 6:39 PM the delegation of South Dakota filed 15 votes for Hillary Clinton that allowed her to gain 2382 votes necessary for the nomination of the candidate in US presidents, the very “culprit” of this historic event was the Congress live from new York, “breaking the glass ceiling”.

photo: AP

“Break the glass ceiling” in American political folklore means the first or the first to do something that had never been done. So Hillary Clinton on July 26, made history. Literally the entire Congress rose to his feet. And the youth began to jump.

The main ally of the Clinton Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont played in this historical drama, a symbolic role, joining a delegation of Vermont, and urging the democratic party to unite around Hillary.

But of course the Congress the most has been shaken by the speech of former U.S. President bill Clinton, who appeared on the podium after 10 PM. He said about 45 years of marriage with Hillary that their political enemies tried to pass off as a caricature. Hillary Clinton is one of the most unpopular nominees in modern America, and her husband had to work hard, creating an image of the indomitable political fighter, a gentle wife and mother.

As if recollecting himself, he spoke for 38 minutes, breaking the rules, Clinton said it was time to return to the agenda.

In his lengthy speech, the former President said Hillary never throws to the fates of people. “So she never gave up on me,” he continued.

That meant former American leader, it’s hard to say. Most likely threw it.

A few earlier young boys Sanders conducted a coordinated protest against Clinton and her nomination. They said it was their first Assembly and they don’t feel any party loyalty to Clinton, the progressivity of which is questionable. “I don’t support Hillary because her words are only words. And I totally don’t trust her, or our agenda,” he said, for example, Ingrid Olson, a delegate from the state of Iowa. The results of the voting in the States are as follows: Clinton — 2842 votes, Sanders — 1865 votes. 56 delegates abstained.

In the hall of Congress and on the streets were huge protests against the nomination of Clinton. They many times outnumbered the protests against the nomination in 2008 at Denver. But the contradictions between Sanders and Clinton at this time much deeper than that between Clinton and Obama.

But back to the speech of bill Clinton. His main task was “to humanize this iron lady”. He spoke about his first meeting with Hillary in Galskom University in 1971; honestly counted already well known and professional achievements of his wife. He also tried to draw a portrait of his wife as a mother, this side of her life is little known. The story of how Hillary was carrying his daughter Chelsea in a student residence at Stanford University, was touching.

The Congress gaining momentum, but it was noticeable that Sanders almost no one mentioned. It was a special decision taken by the leadership of the headquarters of Hillary. The fact that she had been nominated and so she wanted all the speakers focused on its nature and on the need for a resolute struggle against trump.

Touching was the performance of nine African-American mothers whose children were the victims of violence with a firearm. Women chanted: “Black lives matter, too!”, they had an election work in favor of Hillary Clinton. One of the mothers, Lucia, Macbeth, whose 17-year-old son Jordan Davis was killed after what someone did not like the loud music coming from his car, said of Hillary that she is not afraid to say “black lives matter, too”.

The Congress is not spared and religious beliefs of Clinton. It was specifically played a video in which she asks for people to pray, and then she joins worshippers.

This video is in sharp contradiction with what was on the congressional Republicans. There is a problem of religion and religious views trump remained in the background.

Looking at all the melodramatic escapade, I thought about how easy it would be to ruin it, if Donald trump is the main rival of Clinton, decided to send to the Congress of the Democrats of their scouts, who in the most sentimental and pathetic moment of speech bill Clinton began shouting from the audience: “you’d better tell about your sex life, for example, Monica Lewinsky!” And even more — if he managed to incite this very Monica. Of course, not for nothing, but for a substantial fee.

And then the “change maker” — a Creator of change — he would be himself.

God knows whether trump is not smart enough to guess it, whether he did not the devil of Dante’s Inferno.

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