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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Experts on the initiative of the Director of the FSB: open Internet is necessary

In Russia there are more than 220 potential suicide bombers, a North Caucasian bandit underground is asleep and sees how to resume their activity, and international terrorists all penetrates deeper into the information space and establishing close ties with the underworld. A working “map” for the Russian special services are “painted” on Wednesday at the workshop, the Director of FSB Alexander Bortnikov. To prevent the proliferation of terrorist plague in Russia, Bortnikov believes that it is necessary “to solve the problem of anonymity and lack of control of the global virtual space.” Experts of “MK” has evaluated the necessity and sufficiency of the measures undertaken by the security forces.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

The environment in which the security forces have to work now, Bortnikov described as follows. The leaders of ISIL, jabhat an-Nusra and al-Qaida (an international terrorist organization banned in Russia – “MK”</strong>.) far beyond the zones of terrorist activity created “sleeper cells” that literally “come alive” with the influx of fighters, along with immigrants penetrate into the European States. And the terrorists who received “military testing” abroad, return to their countries to recruit people into extremist organizations. They preach ideas of Jihad, prepare and carry out terrorist attacks.

Also the world is the merging of criminal groups with terrorist. “Increasing sharing bandits illegal migration channels. Emerging facts from acquiring militants forged documents from criminal organizations”, – said the head of the FSB. Only in recent months defused several international criminal groups, who helped the militants to cross the border. Thus, in 2015, intelligence agencies have established more than 2 900 Russians who could participate in the fighting in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. The operational control of the Russian special services are more than 220 potential suicide bombers, declared in the international search of over 260 people, “most of them are in foreign countries, continues its efforts to transfer its terrorist activity on the territory of Russia and some other countries”.

The terrorists, according to Bortnikov, deeper penetrate informsreda. The circle of their goals is quite broad. First of all, it is establishing connections with the hacking structures and the use of their capabilities to organize massive cyber attacks on the critical infrastructure and fuel and energy complex, communications centers, life support systems,” – said the head of the FSB. Describing the situation, Bortnikov said about the need to “solve the problem of anonymity and lack of global virtual space which is actively used by terrorists”. He explained that “first and foremost it is about the constant monitoring of national information spaces to identify and block terrorist cyber threats, as well as the immediate response to the appropriate treatment of partners.”


Semyon BAGDASAROV, the Director of the Center for the study of the Middle East and Central Asia:

– We must assume that 260 people – those about whom it is not known where and why they are, and 220 – those about which there is accurate information on the country. First you need to prevent the entry of these 260 people in Russia. To enter for them the ban and to cancel their passports. As for the 220 potential terrorists, under the operational control of, I will say this: the European, particularly the French experience shows that such control is not always effective. Witness the recent terrorist attack in Church when 19-year-old Algerian, was controlled by the intelligence agencies, was wearing an electronic bracelet. I believe that people about which there are suspicions of involvement in terrorist groups must not be in operational control, and they need to be arrested and isolated. And after all at us often happens, that some 42-year-old “boy” came back from the war zone, and with it engaged psychologists and religious leaders.

Alexei MUKHIN, Director of the Center for political information:

– The degree of danger posed by so-called “wild” by hackers, the FSB understands and appreciates adequately. I would like to draw attention to the fact that recently sounded a similar statement of the head of the RCDS Alexander Bastrykin, who also believes that restrictions on the Internet is vital. These words caused greater resonance in the Internet community. This audience is well aware that the coming difficult times and the state of permanent freedom, which exists now in Russia will be limited. But such restrictions now exist in all developed countries, including the “lights of democracy” USA, UK, France, Germany… moreover, the law against users of the Internet there is very hard. In Russia it is now one of the most soft. It is clear that in the Internet environment, these measures met with hostility, however they are essential. The cries that freedom of speech is in danger hear from infantile people who don’t know anything about the organization of national security. Example — France. There is legislation in this area is even tougher than ours, but frequent attacks. For us, it should serve as a signal.

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