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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Companions of the commander of NATO in Europe provoked the conflict in Ukraine

The German publication Der Spiegel revealed card American strategists. Thanks to the opened mail ex-commander of NATO in Europe Philip Breedlove became known as the “Russian threat” has been used to justify tightening policy in relation to Moscow and to lobby for the supply of lethal weapons to Kiev. Whose support in Washington was used by the former commander in chief, famous for his anti-Russian attacks?

E-mail correspondence of a former commander of NATO in Europe, American General Philip Breedlove has shed light on the covert network of Western agents provocateurs surrounded by a warlord, which has helped fuel the conflict in Ukraine, risking to result in a war between East and West.

“The number of persons, opinions which Breedlove had used in the correspondence include: the Commissioner of the Department of state for European Affairs Victoria Nuland, the U.S. Ambassador in Kiev Geoffrey Pyatt…

This is stated in the publication of the German edition of Der Spiegel, referring to uncovered by hackers emails the ex-commander-in-chief. “Most of 1096 opened electronic communications dated 12 dramatic months of the Ukrainian crisis that followed the Russian annexation of Crimea in March 2014,” – says the publication.

Through correspondence it is clear from what questionable sources Breedlove, made a loud statement about large-scale movements of Russian troops, took information. “Apparently, Breedlove has exaggerated the scope of activities of the Russians in order to achieve arms supplies to Kiev”, – noted the authors.

In early July, an American online publication The Intercept with reference to the correspondence noted: General Breedlove has tried to put pressure on Barack Obama and his administration, achieving toughening of U.S. policy toward Russia and the start of deliveries of lethal weapons to Kiev. According to The Intercept, Breedlove sought a meeting with former U.S. Secretary of state Colin Powell, to get advice on how to attract the attention of Americans to the Ukrainian crisis, in conditions when the whole world is busy fighting with ISIS*). Breedlove also asked Powell to persuade Obama of the need for more aggressive stance against Russia.

According to experts, that Breedlove is the author of the mechanism of strengthening the Eastern flank of NATO, including increasing the number of troops and equipment in the Baltic States and Eastern Europe. Being commander in chief of NATO forces in Europe, he urged Washington to focus “on the growing military power of Moscow.

We will remind, in June Breedlove published in the journal Foreign Affairs essay “the Next steps for NATO: How to deal with Russia and other threats”, where he described Russia as an “existential threat” to the United States, their allies and the entire world order. In February, still being on a post of the commander of NATO in Europe, General said that US forces in Europe are willing to “fight and defeat” Russia. On March 1 the General again intimidated, saying that Russia is trying to become a world leader, limiting the ability of the United States.

American “patient” and Pakistani candidates

The defense Ministry said that in Moscow, the activity Breedlove long been viewed in the context of the “doctor-patient”. But we should not forget that the opinion of the “patient” share and share serious shape in Washington.

In the number of persons, opinions which Breedlove used in correspondence, consists of the predecessor of General as the commander of the NATO forces in Europe Wesley Clark, Commissioner of the U.S. Department of state for European Affairs Victoria Nuland, the U.S. Ambassador in Kiev, Geoffrey Pyatt, and President of the center for Potomac Philip Karber, the article says.

The last in the midst of the crisis in Ukraine sent an e-mail Breedlove, Clark, Pyatt and U.S. Deputy Secretary of state rose Gottemoeller that “there is a possibility to give Ukraine a weapon without the direct intervention of the United States.”

So, Pakistan is ready to “covertly” sell 500 portable systems TOW-2 and 8 thousand anti-tank missiles, and deliveries could begin within two weeks.

According to him, Poland is also alleged to have been “ready” to pass the well-preserved T-72 tanks and howitzers times of the Eastern bloc, which was not too noticeable on the background of similar Ukrainian weapons.

However, the poles and Pakistanis insisted, according to Carbera, that the U.S. secretly agreed to this. Moreover, Warsaw had allegedly expressed a willingness to establish a supply just in case, if in return she will receive NATO weapons.

Berlin under suspicion

Der Spiegel, of course, could not ignore that part of the correspondence, which dealt with Germany.

All attempts of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier to find a peaceful solution to the Ukrainian conflict was presented as an attempt to give Berlin the right of Russia to plague Ukraine, the article says.

Moreover, to even more pressure to achieve the desired supply of weapons, Clark and Karber was drawing all sorts of gloomy scenarios, saying that if the West will leave Ukraine in trouble, China will feel entitled to expand the area of influence in the Pacific region, or will disintegrate NATO. According to them, this could be prevented only by military force, the newspaper reports.

“Surely he wanted a supply of arms at any cost?”

Breedlove motives are not entirely clear. “Surely he wanted a supply of arms at any cost? Or he had other motives?” – analyzing the correspondence of the General, asking the authors of the publication in Der Spiegel. Thanks to the e-mails it becomes clear “as far as Breedlove and his supporters feared that the us Congress can reduce the number of American troops in Europe.”

In Berlin correspondence Breedlove read with great interest. A year ago, the office of the Chancellor talked about the “dangerous propaganda” NATO commander and now found there prove their innocence, the authors of the article.

“However, the fact that in may, us General resigned his post, hardly can someone reassure the German government, the authors write published in Der Spiegel. – Will soon go away and President Obama and his possible successor may be Democrat Hillary Clinton, who is considered a supporter of tough measures against Russia. In this case, probably, the Secretary of state will be ideological ally Breedlove diplomat Nuland”.

Direct economic benefit Breedlove

Director of the International Institute of the newest States Alexey Martynov indicates that in the United States and such a large structure like NATO, there is a huge amount of corruption and lobbying mechanisms. In this regard, he does not exclude that the actions Breedlove and his associates were not the evil political intent, but only the passion for easy money.

“Nothing personal, just business”

“Nothing personal, just business, as they say. What difference to whom to supply weapons? The main thing is to pay money. The more they talked about the fact that the States themselves for the money would be allocated to loans that will be paid by the Ukrainians. I think that there is no deeper meaning no, apart from direct economic benefits,” said Martynov newspaper VIEW.

The analyst admits that Breedlove could be affiliated with the American lobby organizations that produce and sell weapons. According to him, American reality “is quite normal”. “But the question is that this is incorrect and should not be when a senior commander is lobbying the interests of certain merchants and manufacturers of weapons,” he said.

Martynov also noted that the internal mechanism of NATO is designed so that it is completely subordinate to the Americans, all of the standards of the Alliance coincide with the us.

“Participation in NATO or the prospect of NATO membership entails the adoption of these standards, purchase of weapons systems security outfits. But if you have no money for that, you will be given credit on onerous terms. It is common practice that high-ranking NATO General is strongly recommended to start supplying weapons Ukraine”, – said the source.

Martynov said that the NATO forces in Europe, traditionally, that is the last dozens of years, in command of the American General, though, it would seem that NATO is not just an American organization. “But the Alliance has long become a political force and a tool in the hands of the United States. Usually, they solve their problems with their usual cynicism, ensure the principles of sustainability at the expense of others,” – says Martynov.

“To find a black cat in a black room”

That Breedlove was obsessed with the motives of personal profit on such supplies, said Vice-President of Academy of geopolitical problems Vladimir Anokhin. “Arms deliveries abroad is primarily the incomes of military corporations. This increase in the Pentagon’s budget. Therefore, it is possible to find a black cat in a black room, if you really want, and at stake are big money,” – said Anokhin the newspaper VIEW, stressing that any statements about the presence of Russian troops in Ukraine was a pure lie.

Anokhin added that such behavior Breedlove was in line with the current situation in relations between East and West. “Only children poop in the potty and everyone in the soul. This Breedlove, though, and was the head of NATO forces in Europe, was the inveterate scoundrel”, – concluded the expert.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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