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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Attempt to control the Internet is costing the country a fortune

To combat terrorism it is necessary to solve the problem of the uncontrolled Internet. This was stated by FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov, speaking at the opening of the 15th meeting of heads of special services, security agencies and law enforcement. However, as experts explain, attempting to establish control in the global network could further slow the Russian economy.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov


Stanislaw Werner, Vice President of IFC Financial Center:

– Attempt to control the Internet is akin to the fight against the Lernaean Hydra. The amount of created content in the global web grows exponentially. So far the most effective solution is to create a restricted list of resources that contain only proven information. This was implemented in the DPRK. If you do not resort to such draconian methods, the suppression of terrorist cyber threats can be compared with running in a circle. This requires constant improvements of search algorithms to information and the constant increase of computing power. For complete elimination of anonymity on the Internet will require coordination among regulators in all countries. After all, what happens now? Power structures can “shut down” extremist websites if the server is in Russia. But if the hosting is carried out abroad, then you need to block access to all Russian providers. To create a new page criminals in the shortest possible time will not be difficult. With user identification: all kept under “surveillance” by intelligence agencies is not enough resources. You can certainly try and adopt the US experience, where after the terrorist attacks of 2001 created the Department of homeland security. The budget of the organization for the year amounted to $64.5 billion. a quarter of all expenditures of the Federal budget of the Russian Federation. Yet the Agency failed to prevent the tragedy in Orlando this summer. We have recently adopted the “Spring law”, which ordered to keep the conversation on the Internet and all telephone calls within three years. According to experts, the initiative will involve the creation of data storage centers at a cost of $70 billion of no money, no mobile operators and service providers, nor in the Treasury.”

Robert Bagratuni, Director General of the company “Source”:

– The share of the Internet economy in Russia’s GDP amounted to 2.3%. Moreover, according to conservative forecasts, in the next decade, this figure will increase to 5-6%. Attempt to establish control over the Internet may cause an even greater slowdown of the technology sector, as companies will have to expend significant resources to store information and deanonimizatsiyu users instead invest in the development of new technologies. In the end, the Russian economy may deprive themselves of significant potential in the IT sphere, as Russian start-UPS will simply move to other countries more loyal to the law. To estimate in figures the damage is quite difficult, but it can deprive the Russian economy in the short term to 0.5% of GDP per year.”

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