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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

After a furious speech, Putin took the weeping Isinbaeva at Golden door

Yelena Isinbayeva was crying. The fighters angrily clenched his fists, promising to avenge missed the Olympics, comrades. The failed hope of the Russian national team Sprinter Sergey Shubenkov admitted that the last days has two States – either terribly depressed or very angry. And Vladimir Putin called on all to keep calm and to believe in their country. So, at the peak of emotion (and some almost on the verge of a nervous breakdown) have been seeing Olympians in the Kremlin.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

At a meeting with Vladimir Putin the members of the team came in full dress, sewn especially for Rio. Men in white pants and a Burgundy bow ties, women in pleated skirts and sailor. And all in blue blazers with contrasting piping. “You like the ball was going!” – Putin joked, but the joke turned out sad: many athletes use this form and put the first and last time in my life. And are unlikely to want to keep it as a souvenir. As explained to journalists, Dmitry Peskov, the meeting with the President decided to invite all “clean” athletes and those who are going to the Olympics in Rio, and those who by the decision of the federations because of a doping scandal.

The situation in the St. Andrew hall, needless to say, it was stressful. “Lucky” tried once again not to speak with the “cultural” and not even meet them eyes.

Some avoid accidental contacts was staring at the ceiling – the benefit of the state rooms of the Kremlin is something to see. Sprinter Sergey Shubenkov admitted that is in a difficult psychological state – we need to make efforts to restrain themselves.

“Athletics is a bunch of egoists. Some types without the participation of Russian athletes will not lose at all, and some will lose everything,” said Shubenkov, hinting at least at running hurdles, in which he is the current world champion. The recipe for how to maintain composure, the runner have already came up with: “athletics watch will not be accurate, the rest not yet decided”.

Women keep calm was difficult. Many came from brand, and occupied myself with the fact that he fondled them in his hands, opening and closing unnecessarily. However, coming to the podium (and without saving bags!) Yelena Isinbayeva in tears.

– We dismissed without evidence, blatantly rude. We went to it for four years, did not spare himself, and we have selected the dream is confused speech of renowned divers found a warm response in the audience – at these words the athletes wildly applauded.

Isinbayeva complained that the “clean” athletes have collectively responsible for the mistakes of those who broke the rules. And can’t do anything about this outrage. Those traveling to Rio, Isinbayeva wished to “walk with your head held high and their victories “make the world tremble”. And remembering those who remain, again deeply moved. “Please protect us iniquity! – with an anguish she had gone to the President, We believe in you, we love you!”.

Watch the video on “Posted a video of Isinbayeva, burst into tears at the meeting with Putin”

Putin promised. In his speech, he stressed that Russia will do everything to defend the honor and dignity of the athletes unfairly excluded from participation in the Olympic games.

“Now many athletes and coaches, representatives of athletics and other sports, of course, bitter and hard. Want you to know: without a doubt, we are proud of you and will do everything to defend your good name. Justice must prevail,” – said the GDP. According to the President, the absence in Rio Russian athletes in many disciplines will reduce the intensity of the struggle, and spectacle of the upcoming event: it’s one thing to win equal strong opponents, and quite another – those who are below you in class. “This victory tastes different or maybe even bad taste” – bitterly said the President.

However, the head of state did not quarrel with the IOC. The Committee, according to him, did not succumb to outside pressure and did not split the Olympic movement. Full responsibility for the lawlessness around the Russian Olympic team GDP put on “short sighted politicians that do not leave alone sports and the international Federation.

“Although the Olympics just a few days, still not clear the number of our athletes who go there. It definitely affects training”, – said Putin. He stressed that Russia is already among the athletes that have received approval in Rio, as heroes. No matter they will bring back medals or not. “All our athletes are leaders we will look like winners. With all the ensuing consequences of administrative and financial nature!”, – assured the President.

Watch the video on “Putin said angry speech, seeing the Olympic team: “Blatant discrimination””

As soon as he spoke, the faces of the athletes had disappeared – they had gone cautiously-worrying expression. (And many, apparently, not only worried about the suspension from the Olympics, but also seriously feared a scolding for doping. However, Putin stressed that the attitude of the athletes there is still no evidence).

“I was filled with optimism, – rejoiced after the meeting, Shubenkov, Once the head of state says he will not leave us, so all is not lost!” Volleyball players also stated that, while in volleyball there is no doping, they came out inspired support of the President: “We will make every effort to realize its full potential!”. And the head of Federation of wrestling Mikhail Mamiashvili in no uncertain terms stated that every Russian wrestler in Rio will fight not only for himself, but for someone that was not allowed. “Our cause is just – victory will be ours!” jamming heavy fists, chanted it.

Vladimir Putin, meanwhile, made a sign to Elena Isinbayeva, inviting her to follow him behind the gilded door. He obviously didn’t want the accomplished athlete and just a pretty woman was leaving the Kremlin in tears.

The Minister of sports Vitaly Mutko and other sports officials, pointedly exchanging glances, rushed over.

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