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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Ukrainian radicals have declared war on religious procession near Kiev

News from Kiev reminiscent of ominous reports – the city from the West and the East are moving two Hiking columns of the procession of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate). Apparently, the Procession could turn into a “religious journey” – discovered mines along the roads of the Ukrainian interior Ministry requires pilgrims to take the buses and serve in the place of worship.

photo: youtube.com

The meeting of two of the columns in Kiev will take place 27. But on the eve of both columns blocked the radicals and local authorities. From West to Zhitomir highway up the checkpoint volunteer battalion of organization of Ukrainian nationalists (OUN banned in Russia). From the East a column block at Boryspil. The city Council of this city yesterday received the decision on non-admission of the procession into the city.

The radicals gathered not to let the move in Kiev, in social networks actively complained about two major problems – the passivity of the residents and activity of the police and the National guard. Before the arrival of the columns of the Moscow Patriarchate in Kiev won the point of view of conservative religious Procession, it was decided to maximally protect.

The head of the Ukrainian police Khatia Dekanoidze said that the pilgrims will protect the 4,500 police and national guard soldiers. Successful experience defending unpopular with the radicals of the shares of the Ukrainian police is already there. Huge groups of police officers able to effectively protect the recent small gay parade in Kiev. One of the participants of the parade told the MK Parade then just killed. A fun event can’t go surrounded by a thousand policemen. It they just drowned”.

Likely the same authorities decided to do with a procession. He was drowning, to dissolve thousands of law enforcement officers. Guard the procession called on the eve of the Primate of the Ukrainian Greco-Catholic Church Svyatoslav Shevchuk. In a situation when the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko is just faithful of the UOC-MP, a broad coalition against the procession to expect and was not necessary.

But everything changed with the death of journalist Pavel Sheremet. His unmotivated, incomprehensible, cruel death from the explosion in the heart of Kiev city plunged into shock. Terrorist act began to be linked in a single chain with possible provocations in the course of the procession. Weapons, explosives and, most importantly, trained and evil deminers in the country over the two years of the war became too much.

So the morning of the adviser to the interior Minister of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko about the discovery of explosive devices along the route in Kiev Svyatoshinsky district of Kiev region (Western branch of the procession – “MK”), few believed a hoax. Dog found first dummy explosive devices. And under the guise of dummy 3 metres from the road was a real, professionally installed bookmarks with grenades f-1 and smoke bombs.

After this there was a strong statement of Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov “Forces of national police and the national guard under the Ministry of the interior blocked the passage through the streets of Kiev, – said Avakov – the Safety of citizens above religious rituals.”

At the time of writing this material, a press-the service of the Church was not informed about the termination of the procession. Protest against the blockade was expressed by the party “Opposition bloc”. “We urge the authorities to give believers the opportunity to hold a Procession in honor of the anniversary of the baptism of Russia “- reads the statement – Is a constitutional right that cannot be taken away anyone’s orders”

You need to understand that on 27 and 28 July in Kiev on Vladimirskaya Gorka annually celebrate the anniversary of the baptism of Rus. And they are accompanied by sacred processions of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kiev and the Moscow Patriarchate. It was a year ago, it had to be July 27, 2016.

Entrance procession in Kiev expected at 20: 00 on July 26. On July 27, the national police have announced the closure from 6 am to traffic, on 21 streets in the city center and one subway station in connection with the celebration of the anniversary of the baptism of Russia and the possible procession of the faithful.

On assistance in the organization of law coalition of a dozen postadavshih organizations. Unfolds medical staff and mobile press center. All this is like preparing for battle.

“MK” asked the experts whether anything to provocations against religious procession “the war party”. And how strong she is in Ukraine today?

Vadim KARASEV, the head of the Kiev Institute of global strategies:

– Authorities are trying to prevent the escalation of religious action in a political protest. Therefore, they seek to avoid any provocation. If all goes peacefully, then I don’t think the image of the “party of war” will be dealt some serious damage. But any other format of the procession will lead to a deeper split in Ukrainian society, and who would not benefit from it, the country will lose in any case. Meanwhile, a large part of Ukrainian society is hiding from the incredible heat and the increased tariffs in the cottages, now them not to protest.

Konstantin BONDARENKO, head of the Fund “Ukrainian politics”:

– Personally, I think that the Procession should not have been carried out, in order not to split the society. But to cancel it now, too, as it angered a part of the society and give radical elements more confidence. Thus Avakov impedes the procession of the cross, because he needs to prevent a new proof of the low popularity rating of the “party of war”. In addition, if the July 27 action of the Ukrainian Church of the Kiev Patriarchate will gather less people than the Procession of the Moscow Patriarchate, this will be another blow to the credibility of the current regime.. However, whatever happens over this time, the result of the next election “popular front” will not be able to break into the Verkhovna Rada, and therefore Avakov, Parubiy, Turchynov (the so-called “hawks”) will cease to be part of the ruling elite. Their place will be representatives of the “Opposition bloc” and “Batkivschyna”. This will be a powerful blow to the “war party” and a chance for the implementation of the Minsk agreements and the establishment of peace in Ukraine.

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